BIG vs. EG Betting Predictions: ESL Pro League Season 14 Match Analysis

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BIG vs. EG
BIG vs. EG Pick – BIG (-233)
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Group B is all wrapped up! OG, Complexity, and ForZe are through to the playoffs, joining Heroic, Vitality, and ENCE from group A. Group C is next in line, and we’re proud to present you with our first pick! BIG vs. EG picks are what we’re here for, the opening match of the day. Let’s deal with the formality first before moving onto the important stuff!

BIG vs. EG Picks & Betting Predictions

Obviously, BIG and EG aren’t in the same region. It’s the good old NA vs. EU mix on display here, meaning there haven’t been that many H2H clashes. They met twice this year, with BIG taking the win on both occasions.

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Map Depth

Mirage is definitely the map EG will hope to get. If BIG don’t ban it, which is likely since they typically ban Ancient, EG will have an ace up their sleeve early on. Should they win on Mirage, the third map could be a real show… especially if it ends up being Inferno. But, every other scenario, including Ancient gameplay, should end with a straightforward win for the Germans.

Recent Results

Neither BIG or EG have particularly good results in recent months. BIG won Gamers Without Borders 2021, beating FURIA in the Finals, as well as Funspark ULTI 2020, beating Extra Salt in the Finals. But, those two events are the only titles in BIG’s books. It’s disappointing considering the way they’ve played last summer.

Unfortunately for EG; the daps effect hasn’t worked out for them. The NA organization assigned daps as their coach in June, only to go through a disappointing campaign on IEM XVI Cologne. But, hopefully they’ve had a training-packed summer and are set to turn a new page on ESL Pro League S14.

Individual Qualities

Even though each team has at least two outstanding players, I have to side with BIG here. Even though XANTARES got replaced by gade last month, the Germans still have SyrsoN and TabseN. The former is not only excellent in support, but a world-class in-game leader too.

Evil Geniuses have oBo and MICHU. But, they won’t be enough to push EG through against BIG. They’ll need Brehze and CeRq to wake up if they are to string together two map wins against the Germans. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of a gameplan daps sets up for this one. Once again, if they get Mirage, they should be able to extend this one to full length.

But, is that enough for us to go with a crazy bet here? Well, it depends on what you consider as crazy:

BIG vs. EG Picks

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here. Nothing fancy here – we need to build our momentum for group C, and there’s no better way to do it than with a straightforward bet for the opening round. This match is crucial for the Germans; they need to kick this event off on the right foot and prevent elimination for as long as possible!

Pick: BIG
Odds: -233
$100 Could Win You...$142.92

But, if you’re interested in a riskier option, perhaps correct score 2:1 for BIG will be your cup of tea. At +210, I’m loving the value here. If BIG stay true to their bans, Mirage could end up going EG’s way. So, for all you risk-takers out there, this one might be worth it!

That brings us to the end of our BIG vs. EG picks.

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