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Artur Mann And Mairis Briedis Boxing Background
Briedis vs. Mann Pick – Briedis

The IBF Cruiserweight championship is on the line this weekend! Mairis Briedis will be looking to add yet another impressive title defense to his record against Artur Mann. Now is the perfect time to check out this in-depth Briedis vs. Mann betting pick with a deep analysis of how both fighters will approach this title fight.

There is an argument to be made that Mairis Briedis is one of the best fighters in the world right now. Artur Mann has an opportunity to steal that thunder here.

Let’s get into the details of this upcoming title fight!

Briedis vs. Mann Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under 4.5
Mairis Briedis -3300 Over: -135
Artu Mann +1400 Under: +105

I am not shocked to see these odds set the way they are. Mairis Briedis is one of the biggest boxing favorites to compete in quite some time. He is truly elite, however, and deserves his status as a massive betting favorite in this matchup.

With odds of -3300, it’s clear that the oddsmakers feel he will get the victory here. Briedis has only lost once and that came in a close decision to Oleksandr Usyk. Another win here is likely to move Mairis up the pound-for-pound list considerably.

That is not to say that a win for Artur Mann is completely out of the question. The German power puncher has a stellar record and several wins over solid opponents. He is facing an uphill battle to get the win in this matchup, though.

The cruiserweight division is loaded with talent right now. This Saturday’s fight is featuring two of the top fighters in the weight class. Many fans are still doing what they can to form their own Briedis vs. Mann betting pick.

One of the best ways to start is to look at the statistics these men are bringing with them into the ring. Here’s a look at some of the most important figures leading into fight night.

Briedis vs. Mann Preview

Since Oleksandr Usyk’s win over Anthony Joshua last month, has been more attention placed on boxing’s cruiserweight division lately than ever before. Usyk was an elite cruiserweight, and his victory gave legitimacy to many of the top fighters in this division. Mairis Briedis and Artur Mann are now hungry to show they too are capable of greatness.

It’s always smart to begin a betting pick by comparing fighters based on their stats. Below is a look at some of the important numbers these men bring with them into Saturday’s fight.

Mairis Briedis Artur Mann
Age 36 31
Height 6’1″ 6’1″
Reach 75″ 64″
Total Fights 28 18
Record 27-1 17-1
Knockouts 19 9

As many fans are pointing out, this is a very even matchup. These two fighters are very similar in their physical attributes. Both fighters stand six-foot-one and just a single inch separates their reach.

Mairis Briedis is now 36 years old. He may be inching toward the end of his career as a professional boxer. He still has incredible speed and reflexes and seems determined to continue competing at the highest level of the sport.

Artur Mann is now 31 and could be in the middle of his athletic prime. He is far less experienced than his opponent, though. At 17-1, some feel that this massive championship fight is coming a little too soon for him.

Both fighters have solid knockout ratios. Mairis Briedis currently has 19 finishes on his record. Artur Mann is coming into this matchup with just nine career knockouts and is telling the media he plans to earn another this weekend. Briedis feels differently, telling the media his victory over Mann will be one to remember.

None of these figures are necessarily enough to completely affect my Briedis vs. Mann betting pick. They certainly had an impact, though. Now, let’s talk about how these two fighters will approach this upcoming title fight.

Mairis’ Goal

Most hardcore boxing fans are very aware of Mairis Briedis and his skills. The Latvian champion only has one loss on his record and that came against the aforementioned Oleksandr Usyk. Briedis is truly one of the world’s top boxers and the vast majority of online sports betting sites list him as a massive favorite to earn the victory in this bout.

I expect Mairis will try to pick Mann apart throughout this bout. He has an extremely technical boxing game dating back to his amateur days. He has also developed some real power, yet is often content to win dominant decisions rather than hunt for a knockout. A common Briedis vs. Mann betting pick is on Mairis winning via decision this weekend.

Artur Mann is likely to come out extremely aggressive in this fight. Briedis can counter his aggression with solid footwork and a strong jab. As the fight drags on, the champion’s experience will likely allow him to take over.

Artur’s Goal

Many casual boxing fans will be far less familiar with Artur Mann. He has competed as a professional since 2015, yet has struggled to generate widespread interest. He is now facing the biggest test of his career by far in this bout against Artur Mann.

Mann is not nearly as technically sound as Mairis Briedis. I expect him to come out firing big shots early on in this fight. Most analysts seem to agree that his best opportunity to win will be by catching Briedis with a knockout shot.

Artur should try to cut off the ring and get Mairis against the ropes. From here, he can look to unload with hard punches to the body and head. It won’t be easy to win a decision, yet Mann has the skills and power to earn a knockout here.

Final Briedis vs. Mann Betting Pick

A huge number of fans have expressed excitement to see this Saturday’s cruiserweight fight between Mairis Briedis and Artur Mann. Both men are elite, yet the odds are swinging heavily in favor of Mairis. That’s not a shock when considering he is more experienced and has wins over some of the best fighters in the world.

I spent a huge amount of time coming up with my specific Briedis vs. Mann betting pick. In the end, I felt that everything points to one fighter winning a clear decision.

Check out my official prediction below!

Mairis Briedis wins via unanimous decision

At 36-years-old, Mairis Briedis may not have much time left in his professional career. He needs a win this weekend in order to earn a big-name opponent in his next bout. I believe he knows that and will do everything necessary to win this weekend.

Don’t expect to see Mairis taking any crazy chances, though. He is the more technical boxer and will likely be happy to pick Artur Mann apart on the outside. A late stoppage for Briedis would not shock me, yet I think safe money is on the Latvian winning via a clear, dominant decision victory.

Artur Mann is a hungry young fighter looking to earn a big win. This fight may have just come a little too quickly. Aside from a surprise knockout, I don’t see a way for the German prospect to get a victory this weekend.


Coming up with my Briedis vs. Mann betting pick took some careful studying. I can see why some fans of Mann feel this is his time to shine. Anything is possible, but I expect Mairis Briedis to earn another solid defense of his IBF and The Ring cruiserweight titles.

There are a huge number of exciting fights scheduled to take place this weekend. BetOnline is the best site available to bet on these upcoming matchups. Make sure to check this site out and take a look at some of the unique prop betting options, too!

What do you think of my Briedis vs. Mann betting pick? How do you see this upcoming title fight playing out? Let me know in the comments section below!

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