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OG vs C9

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! I took a short pause from CSGO to concentrate on other things. But, I’m back now and I’m ready to get things rolling with Cloud9 vs. OG betting predictions! Yessir, we’re jumping straight back into the fire with a fiery Flashpoint S2 elimination match. The new Cloud9 roster goes head to head with a tough-to-beat OG lineup. The losing team faces elimination, with everything to play for on both ends.

Realistically speaking, both C9 and OG had been the favorites coming into the opening round, but and Gen.G surprised everyone with two impressive blowouts. True, C9 was inches away from securing the third map, but that doesn’t really matter that much for our Cloud9 vs. OG betting predictions.

Where to Bet on Flashpoint Season 2

Before we jump into the action, let’s take a moment to talk about the best online bookmakers that support betting on esports matches. Since we’re looking at a CSGO matchup here, finding a bookie that offers betting odds shouldn’t be that difficult. CSGO is the most popular esports title in the gambling sphere, which means there’s an abundance of online odds to be found.

However, not all bookies are the same! Some take good care of their customers and do everything that’s in their power to improve customer experience. Others are in it to maximize profits, and you should avoid that bunch at all costs!

How will you know which bookie to opt for? Well, it’s simple – head on over to our esports bookmakers guide and we’ll explain everything in more detail. Now, we have to switch our attention back to Cloud9 vs. OG betting predictions and see which way this matchup is going to go!

Cloud9 vs. OG Betting Predictions

As mentioned in the intro, we’re looking at an elimination match here. The losing team is out of the equation – as simple as that. The winner isn’t through to the playoffs just yet. They’ll have to play against the loser of vs. Gen. That match is going to decide the second playoff tickets.

What about our Cloud0 vs. OG predictions, though? What sort of things will they cover?

No worries, we’ll be using our traditional approach based on three factors – form, map pool depth, and roster quality. Nothing too fancy here, yet we need all three to understand the complexity of the matchup.

Let’s start with the form!


The high point of OG’s 2020 happened last month on IEM XV New York. OG catapulted themselves to the grand finals where they got struck down by NiKo’s Faze Clan. Prior to that, their best run was on CS_summit 6 in July. Overall, they seem to be improving, but they’re still a relatively fresh team. Looking forward to seeing them establish themselves in the tough European CSGO scene.

Cloud9 had several solid campaigns this year but failed to win a single one. They did well on ESL One: Road to Rio NA (finished third), and took fourth place in the inaugural season of Flashpoint. Other than that, their 2020 has been pretty unimpressive… which is basically the reason why they opted for such massive roster alterations.


Unfortunately, we can’t say a lot of things about Cloud9’s map depth. They’re deploying a completely new roster here, one that’s yet to prove their worth. As you probably know, they failed to do so in their debut match against They did put up a proper fight on Overpass and took it to the last round, but they eventually lost it as well as the match.

We do know OG’s strengths. They prefer Dust 2, Mirage, and Inferno – three old school maps that emphasize their collective power and dueling abilities. Overpass seems to be going pretty good too. They’re not comfortable on Train and avoid Vertigo at all costs. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of bans these two opt for tomorrow.


I’ll dare to say it guys! I’ll dare to say Cloud9 has a better roster here. OG will be no pushover either, but we have to give credit where it’s due, and C9’s roster looks far superior here. They’re yet to hit their maximum, given that four of them joined in the last two months. But, some of them are already showing off all their might – woxic and es3tag is the duo everyone wants to see succeed wearing C9 colors… so staying in Flashpoint S2 for as long as possible must be their top priority!

Mantuu is leading the charge on the other end of the server. The 23-year-old UK star is living hist best life, showcasing great clutch potential and exceptional aim. NBK is still in a pretty big slump… if he’s bottom fragging tomorrow, I reckon he’ll have to look for another gig soon.

We’re Going With the New Cloud9, Boys and Girls!

Yep, the once glorious NA org is making its best effort to complete a long and painful rebuild. They finally have a frightening roster with woxic and es3tag rounding off the entire project. We’re talking about two potent fraggers here; fraggers that should use their dueling skills to swing past OG.

I really don’t think there are good alternatives here. This is too tough of a contest to call correct score wagers for. A match-winner on C9 at +110 is just enough in my books. To be honest, I’m not sure why OG are the favorites. I mean, sure, showed class in the opening round, but OG’s performance against Gen.G was outright awful.

Anyway, that’s all from me! Our Cloud9 vs. OG betting predictions end here. Thanks for sticking till the end, with the hope we start off on the right foot with this one.

Pick: Cloud9
Odds: +110
$100 Could Win You...$210.00
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