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Pick: NaVi
Odds: -196
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The second day of ESL Pro League S13 playoffs is going to be just as intense as the first one! Complexity and NaVi are kicking things off at 3.30 pm CEST on Saturday, with and ENCE rounding off the Ro12 at 7 pm. We’re here for Complexity vs. NaVi predictions; a thrilling clash that’s going to decide who goes up against the winner of VP vs ENCE.

Coming into the match, the CIS side is the on-paper favorite. They’re a level above Complexity; form, map pool, individuals – on paper, NaVi are looking good. But, CSGO games aren’t won on paper. They’re won on the server, and things can get pretty chaotic out there…

Complexity vs NaVi Betting Predictions

Over the last few years, Complexity vs NaVi h2h clashes brought forth several proper thrillers that awed CSGO betting enthusiasts all across the globe. There was plenty of value to be extracted too, so let’s try to ride that way as we move on with our Complexity vs NaVi predictions!


As far as the group stage goes, nothing much separates these two. They had two wins and three losses, in what were pretty solid group stage performances on both ends. Complexity took care of FPX, OG, and Renegades; NaVi did the same to C9, MIBR, and One.

If we zoom out a bit, we’ll notice NaVi’s fine form. They managed to string together ten consecutive events on which they placed in the top four. IEM XV World Championship was a proper oopsie, they finished on the fifth/sixth spot after losing against Gambit.

NaVi and Complexity already had one head-to-head match earlier this year. It was on the BLAST Premier Global Final. NaVi took the big W thanks to a pitch-perfect performance by electronic and eliminated Complexity from the event. Needless to say, S1mple and the boys went on to win the event by defeating Astralis 2:0 in the grand finals.

This time around, the tensions are even higher! It’s an equally big event (perhaps even bigger), and they’re once again in an elimination scenario. The losing team is out of the equation, as simple as that… and we can rest assured there won’t be any love lost on either end.

Map Depth

NaVi shouldn’t have any issues with Complexity on Dust 2, Nuke, and Train. Everything else is open for debate, and I’m certain we’re going to have a good one! So, as far as our Complexity vs NaVi picks are concerned, the map banning phase should go in NaVi’s favor.

Last time out, S1mple and the boys took Complexity down on Nuke and Inferno, but that was only after they had lost Mirage after overtime. Complexity was a tough nut to crack back then! They blocked off S1mple too; electronic had to step up to the challenge. Can jks and the boys stop S1mple yet again, but this time handle electronic too? It’s going to be an uphill struggle, that I can tell you right away.

Individual Qualities

Obviously, S1mple is not the type of player you can successfully contain for two consecutive matches. He’s coming into this one following several brilliant (I’ll dare to say near-perfect) group stage displays… I can’t wait to see what sort of a show he puts on this Saturday!

As for Complexity, the most important thing is the return of blameF’s form! He’s by far the best player in this Complexity roster right now. But, on the other hand, jks just can’t seem to get his old form back. If Complexity are to eliminate NaVi and push through to the next round, I’m afraid they’re going to need both blameF and jks to show their true strengths.

Complexity vs NaVi Betting Pick

I guess it’s time to wrap everything up and call it a day, boys and girls! Here’s what I have in store for you:

Prediction: NaVi to Win (-192)

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Even though most people believe this will be a close encounter, I’m pretty sure NaVi are going to stomp all over Complexity. Even though they both had three wins and two losses in the group stage, NaVi is in better form, and I’ll dare to say they have better dueling capability too. The likes of S1mple and Electronic are unstoppable once they get rolling… and I don’t think Complexity will find a way to stop them.

Realistically, -196 on NaVi to win this one is a proper steal! I know the map pool is a bit tricky, but the CIS side isn’t known for making ban phase blunders. Plus, they have plenty of time to prepare for what awaits this weekend. Obviously, Natus Vincere are going to need S1mple at his best, and I for one believe he’s going to deliver an outstanding display!

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