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Complexity vs Navi

The opening round of BLAST Premier Global Final is all wrapped up. The first lower bracket match is in full flow, with two NA sides (FURIA and EG) battling it out to remain in the tournament. However, we’re here to talk about the second lower bracket contest – Complexity vs. NaVi. Predictions are here, just like all necessary info required to get a good grasp on both sides!

The winner of this match goes up against the loser of Vitality vs. Liquid, meaning we could be in for a rerun of an opening-round matchup if results align a certain way. But, we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here for Complexity vs. NaVi predictions which are coming right up!

Complexity vs. NaVi Betting Predictions

How did these two end up in the lower bracket right off the bat? Well, everyone expected Complexity to finish here… though I had a feeling (false positive, in retrospective) they could create an upset against Vitality. As for NaVi, not a pinch of my body thought Liquid would get the better of them in the opening round. Damn, was I wrong about that one, huh…

What went wrong for NaVi? Well, it definitely wasn’t s1mple’s fault. He was at an admirable 1.39 HLTV rating, 47 kills and 31 deaths over the two maps, one of which was tightly contested.

How did Vitality deal with Complexity? It was all ZywOo, ladies and gentlemen! 46 kills and 27 deaths – not bad considering this match had a lot fewer rounds of play.

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Potential High-Value Special Bets

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Needless to say, NaVi are expected to go through here. They are the heavy favorites coming into this match, and our Complexity vs. NaVi predictions need to reflect on their superiority. I mean, Complexity will put up a fight; they have nothing to lose, no pressure on their shoulders… but it’s going to be nothing but a tough uphill battle for the NA team.

S1mple and the company ought to reign supreme following tomorrow’s lower bracket r1 contest.

Am I allowed to say that prior to the end of our Complexity vs. NaVi picks?

Map Depth

NaVi is the superior team as far as map pool depth goes. The only map complexity could have as sort of an ace up their sleeve is Mirage, and that’s not even a remarkable superiority to begin with. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two end up with Dust 2 as the decider round. Both are well beneath the 50% win rate on that one, which would give us a proper show, for sure!

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

NaVi’s roster offers a lot more depth than that of Complexity. Depth aside, NaVi still takes the crown in this portion of our Complexity vs. NaVi predictions because… S1mple! Yep, the one and only Ukrainian CS deity kickstarted the seasons with a marvelous performance against Liquid. NaVi did lose the opening match, but S1mple’s display wasn’t half bad. As for Complexity, jks was nowhere to be found. Plus, JUGi’s debut didn’t go according to the plans, to say the least.

With all that, I’m afraid we’ve reached the end of our Complexity vs. NaVi predictions. It’s time to give some concrete guidelines, right:

Complexity vs NaVi Pick

Pick: NaVi
Odds: -351
$100 Could Win You...$128.49

Since we’ve had a 50% win rate in the opening round, let’s keep things simple going forward. There’s not going to be an upset in this fixture, so let’s not go on a search for one. Natus Vincere had a slight hiccup against Team Liquid in the opening round, no one could’ve predicted that one… but they sure as hell won’t get eliminated right off the bat, without winning a single match on what ought to be the biggest CSGO event in the first half of 2020.

So yeah, a sleek match-winner on NaVi is what our Complexity vs. NaVi predictions are all about. Take it or leave it; at -351 I know it’s not the greatest value, but it does provide some oomph for your Wednesday accumulators.

Oh, I almost forgot – It’s Wednesday my dudes!

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