Dignitas vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio EU Betting Predictions

Let’s try to keep up with our perfect record and nail down the next match on our bucket list. Yep, as the title of this piece suggests, we’re focusing on Dignitas vs. Nip predictions here. These are two promising Swedish sides that want a way back into Europe’s top flight. It’s going to be difficult, though, seeing as they’re in group A which already has a tightly packed list of playoffs’ ticket holders.

Things to Avoid During Your ESL One: Road to Rio Betting Campaign

There are things that can make or break one’s esports betting career. We’re talking about nasty habits that can ruin one’s finances and make him/her resent betting on esports. Obviously, you don’t want that happening to you, which is why I’ve gone out of my way to explain two nasty online habits you have to avoid at all costs:

Betting on Your Favorite Team

Never, ever bet on your favorite team! Not even when it’s the only match you can bet on, and your team is playing against Kentucky’s Boy Scout All-Star team. When betting on your favorite team, your judgment is clouded. You are not able to think straight and your emotion towards your favorite team always gets the better of you. It’s a nasty habit, though, so it’s best to pretend your team doesn’t exist when you’re placing wagers online.

Relying on Luck

There’s no such thing as luck in the world of online betting. I feel like I should say something like this, but it sounds like a cliché, and I’ve decided not to. What I will say is that you shouldn’t rely on luck. Yes, it might tap you on the shoulder every now and then, but if you start doing halfcocked wagers with little to no research, relying solely on luck, you’re inviting trouble.

Always base your wagers around facts. Cold hard facts! And news, news is good too, especially when it comes to transfer rumors and roster alterations/acquisitions. These sorts of things seem irrelevant but can often result in significant upsets. Long story short – never skip stats-crawling day, do plenty of research, and luck will follow.

Dignitas vs. NiP Predictions

Let’s start off with the fun stuff – four out of five Dignitas’ starting players have played for Dignitas for years on end. If I’m going to be precise here, they’ve played for roughly 25 years combined. Yep – 25 years! Feel free to double-check that if you believe me! With that in mind, it’s no wonder people are already calling this match the battle of two NiPs…

But, that won’t help us get our Dignitas vs. NiP predictions right! Instead, we have to dig through their recent matchups, assess their forms, and try to predict if any of their standout players are going to step up tomorrow!

Recent Matches

Starting off with form, Ninjas in Pyjamas showed off a brilliant performance against ZywOo’s Vitality. The win itself wasn’t that surprising, if we’re being objective, but the way NiP went on with their stuff definitely was! Even though ZywOo accumulated superb 73 kills (second-best was shox with 47 lol), it wasn’t enough to beat the likes of in-form REZ and nawwk. Both were pretty close to the best player in the world, which was enough to see their team through.

As for Dignitas, I can’t believe they lost against Heretics yesterday. Honestly, it was the biggest shock of group A thus far, even more significant than Fnatic’s defeat against ENCE. Just when I thought this Dignitas roster will start to shine, they go and embarrass themselves like that…

Concrete CS:GO Picks

It’s difficult to talk about concrete Dignitas vs. NiP predictions just yet! We should asses and compare some of their key players first. Unfortunately, that’s even more difficult as it feels like comparing apples to oranges.

On one end, we have NiP’s past – true legends of the game that dedicated the best years of their professional CS:GO careers to NiP. On the other hand, we have a potent squad containing raw talent and young blood ready to make their mark on the grandest of stages.

With all that in mind, I really can’t tell these two apart. Even though bookies see NiP as clear favorites (and I can understand where they’re coming from), this match will be much more complex than that. The only feasible pick I can emphasize here is total maps over 2.5 At +120, it brings forth optimal value!

Pick: Total maps over 2.5
Odds: +120
$100 Could Win You...$220
Pavo Jurkic

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