Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan Betting Pick, Preview, and Odds

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Chris Eubank Jr And Wanik Awdijan Boxing
Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan Pick – Eubank Jr.

Boxing fans around the world are set to witness an exciting middleweight grudge match this Saturday night. Chris Eubank Jr. will be looking to earn his fifth-straight win against the relatively unknown Wanik Awdijan. Today, I’ll be offering an in-depth Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick with an in-depth analysis of how both fighters can come out victorious.

Many are expecting a battle between these men. The odds are set and are offering fans some real opportunities to win big.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting clash!

Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under
Chris Eubank Jr. -2000 N/A
Wanik Awdijan +1000 N/A

Every weight class in boxing is filled with talent. There is an argument that the middleweight division is the best in the sport right now. It’s here that true superstars including Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, and Caleb Plant made their mark in the sport.

Chris Eubank Jr. is the son of the legendary middleweight champion, Chris Eubank. He has gone on to have a fantastic career with wins over many elite fighters including Avni Yildirim, James DeGale, and Matt Korobov. It’s not a shock to see Eubank listed as the -2000 favorite in this matchup.

Wanik Awdijan is mostly unknown to casual boxing fans. He is a good fighter, yet is taking a massive step up in competition in this bout. He’s been trash-talking Eubank Jr. leading into this matchup and certainly appears confident he can earn the win. Most online sports betting sites feel differently, listing him as the +1000 favorite to earn a victory on fight night.

Just by looking at these odds, one might think that forming a Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick would be easy. That is not necessarily the case. It’s always smart to look at what two fighters are bringing with them into the ring.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important statistics for this matchup leading into this Saturday’s big fight.

Eubanks Jr. vs. Awdijan Preview

Every fighter in the middleweight division seems to have a fire lit underneath them right now. It only takes a few impressive wins at the top of the division to earn a huge fight. A truly standout performance by Chris Eubank Jr. could be enough for him to earn a world title fight.

Here’s a look at the numbers these men are bringing with them into the ring this weekend.

Chris Eubank Jr. Wanik Awdijan
Age 32 26
Height 5’11” 6’2″
Reach 73″ N/A
Total Fights 32 29
Record 30-2 28-1
Knockouts 22 11

These numbers are likely to surprise some fans. Perhaps most noteworthy is the record of both men. Many would have guessed that a largely unknown fighter like Wanik Awdijan would have a sub-par record with very few fights. That is not the case, as he is 28-1 as a professional.

Chris Eubank Jr. has a tremendous record in his own right. He is currently 30-2 and has taken on some truly elite fighters during his run in the sport. Chris is taking a risk in this matchup and needs a win in order to remain in the hunt for a world title.

From a physical standpoint, the edge seems to go to Wanik Awdijan. He is three inches taller and likely has the reach advantage. Wanik is still just 26, as well, and is likely only beginning to break into his athletic prime.

Eubank Jr. is now 32. For the middleweight division, that is starting to get up there in age. Some of the best fighters in the world are in their early thirties, however, and it would be a mistake to say that Eubank’s better years are behind him.

Are any of these numbers enough to affect my Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick? No. They have helped me to better come up with my prediction for this bout, though. Now, let’s talk about how both of these men might approach their upcoming fight.

Chris’ Goal

Chris Eubank Jr. had some big shoes to fill the moment he laced up the gloves as a professional. For the most part, he’s been successful. Chris is still hungry for another world title and is in serious need of a win on Saturday to accomplish that goal.

I expect Chris Eubank Jr. to look for the knockout in this bout. He’s been training under Roy Jones Jr. and seems more fired up than ever to earn a victory. Roy claims he’s happy with the progress that Eubank is making and expects a fantastic result this weekend.

Chris should look to get inside of Awdijan’s range where he can land hard hooks. He showed some tremendous power against Matt Korobov back in late 2019. That should give him confidence that he can score a knockout win over Wanik Awdijan on Saturday.

Wanik’s Goal

Wanik Awdijan has proven himself to be a solid fighter during his time as a professional. Looking at his record, however, it’s clear that he has not faced nearly the same level of competition as Chris Eubank Jr. That means no one really knows how he will respond when faced with real adversity inside the ring.

I believe that Wanik will want to try to pick Chris apart on the outside of the ring throughout this fight. He is not a knockout artist and instead relies on his physical size and solid footwork to outclass his opponents. Most online sports betting sites list him as a major underdog to do so.

Can Awdijan stop Eubank Jr. with strikes? It’s possible but unlikely. Chris has yet to be finished as a professional, despite facing several true power punches. Wanik’s best opportunity to win is by frustrating his opponent over 10 rounds.

Final Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan Betting Pick

Just about all boxing fans enjoy watching the best fighters in the middleweight division. Chris Eubank Jr. is looking for an opportunity to prove he is still in that category. A loss to Wanik Awdijan would be extremely detrimental to his fighting career.

Coming up with my Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick was not necessarily difficult. One fighter is coming into this bout with a much higher likelihood of winning. Experienced matters in boxing and that is what swayed my pick the most.

Check out my official prediction below!

Chris Eubank Jr. wins via 4th-round TKO

Many still do not consider Chris Eubank Jr. to be one of the best middleweight boxers in the world. That’s somewhat surprising when considering he’s lost just once since 2014 against high-level opponents. This should be a showcase fight for Eubank to send a statement that he is ready for another world title.

I believe Eubank will prove his boxing superiority fairly quickly in this bout. Wanik Awdijan is a tough boxer and should be able to last in the early rounds. By round four, Chris will have found his range and will close the show with a finishing flurry of strikes to the body and head.

I can see why some would disagree with my Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick. There is a chance that Wanik’s size and movement could give Chris trouble. I simply do not count on that being the case.


The middleweight bout between Chris Eubank Jr. and Wanik Awdijan is just one of many taking place this weekend. It should be a very exciting night of action for boxing fans around the world. Those in the UK will likely be keeping a close eye on how one of their best boxers fares this Saturday.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to find a complete list of odds for this weekend’s matchups. Don’t forget to check out some of the unique boxing prop betting options here, too. There are real opportunities for fans to cash out.

What do you think of my Eubank Jr. vs. Awdijan betting pick? How do you see this exciting fight playing out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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