Evil Geniuses vs. 100 Thieves Picks – ESL One: Road to Rio NA Betting Predictions

Our first ESL One: Road to Rio pick went according to plans. EG vs. Orgless was the matchup, and we guessed the correct score (EG to win 2:0 at -180) with ease. Brehze and the boys had a superb outing, stomping over poor Orgless in what was a pitch-perfect display of dominance. Tomorrow, though, they’ll have a tougher task on their hands. They are going up against a much better team. As the title suggests, this piece is all about EG vs. 100T predictions, which means Brehze and the company are going up against the mighty Aussies!

As most of you know already, 100 Thieves lost the first-round match against Gen.G. It was not a surprise really – I had Gen.G to win in one of my ESL One accumulators that ended up losing due to silly Fnatic…

Be that as it is, it’s time for us to focus on EG vs. 100T predictions. It’s going to be much tougher than the first-round pick, but I think we can handle it! But, before we start digging through the teams’ stats, form, and individual performances, let’s check out the most common mistakes you have to avoid if you want to be profitable in the esports betting business.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Betting on CS:GO

Here are three common mistakes esports bettors make when betting on CS:GO or other esports titles:


What does BUI stand for? Am I just making stuff up at this point? No I am not! Well, yeah, technically I am, but this abbreviation makes total sense. You see, BUI stands for betting under the influence. Drugs, alcohol – it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you shouldn’t bet when under the influence of either of those things. Both of them cloud your judgment and lead to making rash decisions… decisions that will put you in a world of trouble.

Chasing Losses

Never chase losses! It doesn’t get any simpler than that. But what does chasing losses represent? Well, let’s look at it this way – you’ve just lost three consecutive high-stake wagers and you’re left with nothing but scraps. We’re talking lunch and rent money here. What are you going to do? Well, if you’re starting to develop a gambling problem, you might think going all-in just to get back on level terms is a great idea. Needless to say, this will only lead to more problems, and could come back to bite you in the ass…

Betting Too Much

Lastly – never bet too much money! But, how much is too much? Let’s rephrase that – never bet the money you can’t afford to lose! It’s as simple as that – do yourself a favor and keep tabs on your personal finances to avoid getting yourself into serious problems that could affect your relationships, both business and family-wise.

For more info like this, please refer to our CS:GO betting guide!

EG vs. 100T Predictions

As mentioned above, EG kickstarted their Road to Rio campaign with a solid win against Orgless. Brehze and CeRq were dominating the server once again. Ethan was right behind them, enjoying a proper two-map spell with a total of 43 kills to his name. 100 Thieves weren’t so impressive – they lost against Gen.G in a similar fashion. While the Aussies were slight favorites in the eyes of numerous CS:GO bookies, many experts predicted Gen.G’s hot roster to take the big W. That loss will definitely affect my EG vs. 100T predictions!

Recent Results

Let’s dig a bit deeper than the last match. 100 Thieves, for instance, have won just one out of their last five competitive matches. However, that one was against Evil Geniuses, which ought to boost the Aussies’ confidence ahead of this matchup.

As for Evil Geniuses, they haven’t been all that good either. Three defeats in the last five matches; but all three of them were against Team Liquid, arguably the best NA team at the moment. A loss is a loss, there’s no other way around it, but we shouldn’t be too critical towards EG because of their Liquid mishaps.

Wrapping Our CS:GO Picks Up

Map-pool-wise, EG should have the upper hand on Vertigo, Train, and Inferno. It will be interesting to see these two teams play the decider map. From the looks of things, we’re most likely looking at Mirage as the third map. 100 Thieves haven’t won a single map in the last five encounters, while EG won just one in three.

Individually, though, the likes of Brehze and CeRq are miles better than anything 100T can bring to the table. I’m not trying to belittle jks and jkaem who’ve been playing pretty well lately, but the truth is that EG’s roster is on a whole different level in terms of individual brilliance.

That leads us to the final piece of the puzzle, the actual EG vs. 100T predictions. Evil Geniuses are the favorites coming into this match, and a simple match-winner on them would do the trick. If you’re looking for more risk and better rewards, you can go with something like maps over 2.5 at -109 or EG to win 2-1 at +210. Choose wisely and let’s continue building up our winning streak!

Pick: EG 2:1
Odds: +210
$100 Could Win You...$310
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