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Michael Conlan vs. TJ Doheny
Conlan vs. Doheny Pick – Michael Conlan (-600)
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On August 6, two of the best Irish boxers in the world will square off in the boxing ring. Michael Conlan will be looking to extend his undefeated record against the veteran fighter, TJ Doheny. Today, I’ll offer up an in-depth Conlan vs. Doheny betting pick with an analysis of how this fight could play out.

This fight is extremely important for both men. A win for either will likely set them up for a world championship at some point in the future. Before breaking down this interesting clash, I will quickly explain how fans can wager on this entire event online.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s How to Bet on Conlan vs. Doheny Online

The sport of boxing is in an unusual position right now. Some truly world-class title fights have been unable to generate major public interest. Meanwhile, YouTube stars have been able to generate a huge amount of viewers to their celebrity fights.

Next weekend’s fight between Michael Conlan and TJ Doheny represents the former type of matchup. Both of these fighters are truly elite. A huge number of hardcore boxing fans from around the world are now showing an interest in betting on this exciting clash.

Conlan is one of the most experienced amateur boxers in Ireland’s history. He has since gone 15-0 as a professional boxer and seems ready for big-name opponents. He needs to get past TJ Doheny first, a man who seems determined to bounce back from a tough loss in 2020.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at how these two Irish superstars match up against one another.

Michael Conlan vs. TJ Doheny: Tale of the Tape

Hardcore boxers are most likely well aware of Michael Conlan and his accomplishments in boxing. He famously won gold medals at various international tournaments as an amateur. He decided to turn professional after a controversial bronze medal win at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

TJ Doheny doesn’t have quite as big of a fan base as Conlan. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is any less elite, though. Doheny has competed in some massive fights during his professional career and even held the IBF super-bantamweight title for a time.

Fans are now doing what they can to come up with the best Conlan vs. Doheny betting pick. I recommend first looking at how these men stack up on a physical level.

Below is the tale of the tape for this epic clash!

Michael Conlan

  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Reach: 69”
  • Age: 29

TJ Doheny

  • Height: 5’5.5”
  • Weight: 122 lbs
  • Reach: 68”
  • Age: 34

These numbers seem to favor Michael Conlan. He is the much taller man and also holds a slight reach advantage over his opponent. Conlan is five years younger than his opponent, too, and some believe he is entering into this physical prime as a boxer.

As most are aware, physical advantages don’t always mean a lot in boxing. The fighter with better skills and more will tends to get their hand raised. Still, it is interesting to see how these men might look across from one another in the ring.

Now is the perfect time to talk about how these fighters might approach their massive fight next Saturday.

Conlan vs. Doheny: Paths to Victory

The super-bantamweight division in boxing is not the most competitive in boxing. In fact, this weight class is in need of a major star to bring exposure to the other fighters at 122 pounds. Michael Conlan and TJ Doheny are two men capable of bringing that kind of exposure to the division.

I, like many other boxing fans, am getting more excited about the fight as it draws closer. It’s a battle between two of the best Irish boxers alive right now. That type of matchup tends to result in an epic clash.

I have taken a close look at how these two fighters compete in the ring. Below is my take on what both will be looking to accomplish in the ring next weekend.

Michael’s Goal

Michael Conlan has been thought to be the next big thing out of Ireland for years. He had a stellar amateur career and has translated that success into the professional game. He is an extremely technical boxer and tends to rely more on these skills than looking for a knockout shot.

I believe that Conlan is the more technical fighter in this matchup. Expect to see him utilizing that advantage on the outside. He will work his jab early on while also occasionally looking for hard body shots as TJ gets inside his range.

Doheny is a massive puncher and Conlan will not want to get into a slugfest with his countryman. If he can use his height and reach by staying on the outside looking for shots, this is a fight he should win. The oddsmakers agree, as Michael comes into this bout as the -600 favorite.

TJ’s Goal

TJ Doheny didn’t enter into the professional boxing game with quite as much hype as Michael Conlan. He defied expectations by capturing the IBF super-bantamweight title, though. Doheny is now 34 years old and some feel that his best times in the sport are now behind him.

From a power standpoint, TJ Doheny has the upper-hand in this bout. 16 of his 22 wins have come via knockout. That is an extremely impressive statistic when considering he is one of the smaller men in the super-bantamweight division.

Doheny will want to push the pace early and make this fight ugly. If he can get inside of Michael’s sharp jab, he can come up top with his massive hooks. Think of a Shawn Porter-like strategy here from the Portlaoise native. It won’t be easy, though. TJ is currently listed as the +400 underdog in this bout.

Final Conlan vs. Doheny Betting Pick

This is an interesting fight for a number of reasons. In many ways, it reflects a classic prospect vs. veteran matchup. That isn’t necessarily fair for Michael Conlan when considering his incredible amateur career.

I have spent a huge amount of time looking at this matchup. There are many different ways that it can play out. Coming up with this Conlan vs. Doheny betting pick was considerably more difficult than I initially expected.

In the end, I had to agree with the oddsmakers. Check out my official prediction for this matchup below!

Michael Conlan Wins Via Unanimous Decision

I have followed Michael Conlan since his amateur fighting days at the Olympics in 2012. He has improved considerably since that time and has all the skills necessary to defeat TJ Doheny. His technical skills and physical advantages should earn him the win here.

Expect to see Conlan staying at range against Doheny throughout this bout. From here, he will land hard straight punches and hooks to the body. I don’t see him stopping a fighter as tough as Doheny, yet he should walk away with a clear decision victory.

Pick: Conlan
Odds: -600
$100 Could Win You...$116.67


I can see how many boxing fans would disagree with my Conlan vs. Doheny betting pick. Some feel that Doheny’s punching power and experience in title fights will be enough for him to get the victory. That is possible, yet I feel that Conlan is the hungrier and more technical boxer.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to see a full list of odds for this fight. It won’t be long before some great prop bets for this fight become available, too! These odds are offering some great opportunities to cash out.

Do you agree with my Conlan vs. Doheny betting pick? How do you expect this fight to play out? Let me know in the comment section below!

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