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Costa vs. Vettori Pick – Costa

Two of the UFC’s best middleweights are finally set to compete this weekend. Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori are both hungry for another title shot at 185 pounds and need a win on Saturday to get there. Today, I’ll offer an in-depth Costa vs. Vettori betting pick with an analysis of how both men will likely approach this fight.

Many fans are expecting a war between these two men. Before breaking down this matchup, I will quickly highlight the best site available to bet on this entire event.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s How to Bet on Costa vs. Vettori Online

The UFC is beginning to ramp things up heading toward the end of the year. Fans around the world will be treated to some truly fantastic events over the next few months. That includes this Saturday’s card headlined by Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori.

These two fighters are known for their well-rounded styles. Both are coming off of tough losses and need a victory in order to remain in the hunt for a middleweight title. Many fans are now looking at how exactly to bet on Costa vs. Vettori online.

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Anyone looking to make a Costa vs. Vettori betting pick will love this online sportsbook. It’s clean, modern, and safe.

Now, let’s take a close look at this weekend’s exciting main event!

Costa vs. Vettori Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under
Paulo Costa +135 N/A
Marvin Vettori -155 N/A

The odds on this matchup may be surprising to some. Paulo Costa is entering this fight as the slight underdog. He has not fought since a TKO loss to Israel Adesanya and it seems that the oddsmakers still have the image of that loss in their minds.

Marvin Vettori’s last bout came against the champion, Israel Adesanya, as well. He put up a valiant effort in that fight, yet lost via unanimous decision. Vettori claims to be hungrier than ever and is coming into this bout as the betting favorite.

I believe that the lack of recent fights for Paulo Costa is what has led to his underdog status here from all online sports betting sites. At one point, he was considered one of the scariest middleweights in the world. A disappointing TKO loss to Israel Adesanya seems to have almost completely eliminated the hype that surrounded him.

Are these odds having any major impact on my Costa vs. Vettori betting pick? Not necessarily. I am a little surprised to see Costa coming into this fight as the underdog, though, and feel these odds are offering fans some real opportunities to cash out.

Now is the perfect time to talk about some of the most important statistics these two fighters are bringing with them into fight night.

Costa vs. Vettori Preview

The UFC’s middleweight division has been in an unusual position over the past few years. Israel Adesanya has been dominant as champion and has already defeated many of the top contenders. It now seems that many of these fighters in the top-10 at 185 pounds are looking for their second or even third opportunity to compete against “The Last Stylebender.”

As I’ve already mentioned, Costa and Vettori have competed against Adesanya in the past. With an impressive win this Saturday, fans may begin to call for them to fight for the belt again. Below is a comparison of the stats and attributes these men are bringing with them to the Octagon.

Paulo Costa Marvin Vettori
Age 30 28
Height 6’0″ 6’0″
Reach 72″ 74″
Total Fights 14 23
Record 13-1 17-5
Finishes 12 11

There are some very interesting figures here. As you can see, the physical attributes of these men are very similar. Both fighters stand at 6-feet tall and Marvin Vettori enters this bout with a two-inch reach advantage.

There is a real experience disparity between these fighters. Paulo Costa has only fought as a professional 14 times. Marvin Vettori, however, has already stepped into the MMA cage 23 times and has competed against many high-profile opponents.

Paulo has the more impressive finishing rate. Vettori is no stranger to get stoppage wins either and has earned nine submissions out of his 17 professional wins. Some are forming a Costa vs. Vettori betting pick of the former winning via one of his patented submissions.

This fight will ultimately come down to who is more skilled. Both men have opportunities to get their hands raised. I have studied their past performances as a way to gauge how these two fighters will approach their upcoming fight this Saturday night. Below is a look at how I see each man approaching this fight.

Paulo’s Goal

Paulo Costa’s run through the middleweight division between 2017 and 2019 was a sight to behold. He showed incredible striking and pressure, earning four TKO wins in his first five bouts with the promotion. Costa showed some holes in his striking against Israel Adesanya, yet some feel he will show up back in top form this weekend.

I expect Costa to try to out-strike Marvin Vettori here. He is the much harder puncher and has better striking technique everywhere. Costa should look to pressure Marvin Vettori and unload with his combinations, especially when he has his opponent backed up against the cage. He certainly looks to be preparing for this strategy based on his training footage.

Costa will need to avoid Marvin’s takedowns, too. Vettori has great cardio and will likely look to wear Paulo Costa down as the fight drags on. Paulo can avoid this by keeping Vettori backing up and sprawling whenever Marvin attempts a strong takedown.

Marvin’s Goal

Marvin Vettori is one of the grittiest, most well-rounded fighters in the UFC’s middleweight division. He is solid everywhere, yet his grappling seems to be what brings him the most success. I expect Vettori to rely on those grappling skills in this bout against Paulo Costa.

Expect to see the Italian looking for constant takedowns here. He has proven to be the more conditioned fighter and has the skills to tire Costa out. Chain-wrestling and using his strong ground control to drain Costa will increase his odds of getting a stoppage.

On the feet, Marvin will need to be wary of Paulo’s power. He will not want to get caught with a hard shot while shooting blindly for takedowns. Marvin should fight strategically, looking for opportunities to clinch and land takedowns when they present themselves.

Final Costa vs. Vettori Betting Pick

I still believe the UFC’s middleweight division is one of the best in the sport. Israel Adesanya has proven himself to be a truly elite champion. It would not shock me to see someone else holding onto the title within the next twelve months, though.

I went back and forth trying to come up with the perfect Costa vs. Vettori betting pick. I can honestly say that both men are capable of beating the other. This has been one of the more difficult predictions to come up with, as so many questions are surrounding each man leading into their fight.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that one man has the better cardio and a better skill set to earn a win this Saturday. Check out my official prediction below!

Marvin Vettori wins via 4th-round submission

I went back and forth with my prediction. Part of me can see how Paulo Costa avoids the takedowns of Vettori and outstrikes him, similar to the way he beat Yoel Romero. In the end, however, I feel that Marvin has more of a pressure-heavy style and that will lead to Paulo Costa tiring out in the later rounds.

Early on, Marvin will need to be very cautious. If he can get Paulo to the mat, however, he can unload with strikes to make Costa give up bad positions. By the fourth round, “Borrachina” will be exhausted and Vettori will manage to latch onto the 10th submission of his professional career.


This middleweight main event has been in the works for years. Paulo Costa and Marvin Vettori are the two biggest middleweight fighters in the world. With their physical attributes canceling each other out, the winner will be decided based on who is more skilled and has more of a drive to win. That is what made the difference for my own Costa vs. Vettori betting pick.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline to check out a full list of odds on this Saturday’s card. There are some real opportunities for fans to win big here. Don’t forget to take a look at some of the unique MMA prop bets offered here, too!

What do you think of my Costa vs. Vettori betting pick? Who do you think will win this fight and how? Let me know in the comments section below.

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