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Christian Rodriguez And Reyes Jr Cortez DWCS
Rodriguez vs. Cortez Pick – Rodriguez

Dana White’s Contender Series is back and better than ever. Season five is underway and the seventh event of the season is set to take place this Tuesday! In the main event, Christian Rodriguez and Reyes Cortez will be looking to earn a UFC contract. Now is a perfect time to check out this in-depth Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick.

I have taken a close look at both of these competitors. I’ll break down the odds for this matchup and the skills both will be coming into this matchup with. Before breaking down this fight, however, I will quickly highlight the best site available to bet on this entire event.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s How to Bet on Rodriguez vs. Cortez Online

The UFC is slowly preparing to wrap up its 2021 schedule. Fans have several incredible events to look forward to over the next few months. That includes the Dana White’s Contender Series events taking place every single Tuesday.

The seventh event of the season takes place this Tuesday night. In the main event, two exciting bantamweights are set to compete for a lucrative contract with the UFC. Both are known for their exciting styles and fans are looking for the best sites to bet on this exciting matchup.

BetOnline is without the best site available to bet on DWCS events right now. It is well-known for offering odds on every single event. Great odds are provided for each of the fights taking place on these different cards.

Don’t have concerns about safety here. This site provides a variety of unique payments options for its members, including traditional bank and crypto options. The fees are always low and payments are processed quickly.

The design of this website is perhaps the best out there, too. It recently went through a major design overhaul and is now sleek and modern. A fantastic customer support system is set in place here to answer all of your questions.

Tuesday’s DWCS event is one of the best being held so far this season. The main event is expected to be a good one. Now is a great time to talk about how these two exciting bantamweights stack up against one another.

Rodriguez vs. Cortez Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under
Christian Rodriguez -215 N/A
Reyes Cortez +175 N/A

I agree with the current odds being offered here. Christian Rodriguez is one of the most exciting bantamweight prospects outside of the UFC right now. He is undefeated and has finished every single one of the fights he has taken.

Reyes Cortez is a tremendous prospect in his own right. He’s lost just once in a fight that many felt he was robbed in. At +175, he may be a great underdog option for those looking to earn a major payday by betting on this fight.

It seems unlikely that these odds will change leading into fight night. Rodriguez is rightfully coming into this fight as the favorite. Does this mean you should base your Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick on these odds? Not necessarily.

There are many steps everyone should take to come up with a fight prediction. Let’s look at some of the most important statistics these men are bringing into the cage.

Rodriguez vs. Cortez Preview

Many fans have recently begun to realize how exciting Dana White’s Contender Series events really are. The UFC’s matchmakers know what they are doing. These events are consistently some of the most exciting ones taking place right now.

Here’s a look at some of the statistics Tuesday’s main event fighters are bringing with them to the cage.

Christian Rodriguez Reyes Cortez
Age 23 29
Height 5’7″ 5’7″
Reach N/A N/A
Total Fights 5 6
Record 5-0 5-1
Finishes 5 4

This is about as even as a fight can possibly get. That is likely why the UFC’s matchmakers decided to book this incredible bout. These numbers will not exactly make it easy for fans to come up with their betting picks for how this match plays out.

Perhaps the most notable numbers here are the ages of these fighters. Christian Rodriguez is just 23 years old. Cortez is 29, meaning he is likely entering into the prime of his physical and fighting career.

Both men stand at five-foot-seven. Christian has a perfect 5-0 record and Reyes stands at 5-1. As many fans are pointing out, Rodriguez is undefeated and that can go a long way for a fighter’s confidence.

None of these figures are enough to sway my own Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick. I am anticipating a war between these men. In the end, the fighter with better skills will likely end up on top.

Below is a look at how both fighters will approach this upcoming matchup.

Christian’s Goal

Hardcore MMA fans may be familiar with Christian Rodriguez and his accomplishments. He has done nothing but win since turning pro in 2019. Christian has competed in some big promotions during his run, including Bellator and the LFA, where he’s looked incredible.

Rodriguez trains out of Roufusport, and like many other fighters out of that gym, has an extremely well-rounded skill set. He seems the most comfortable on the mat. It’s here that Christian may have a significant edge over Reyes Cortez.

Expect to see Christian looking to mix up his skills. His best opportunity to win is on the ground, though. It’s here that he can gain top position and latch onto one of his patented submissions. On the feet, he’ll need to be wary of his opponent’s skills.

Reyes’ Goal

Reyez Cortez is another man that fans of MMA in Arizona may be familiar with. He has looked incredible lately, going 5-1 against solid competition. Most recently, Reyes scored a unanimous decision victory over Axel Osuna to earn this DWCS spot.

Cortez has a very similar style to Christian Rodriguez. He loves to switch up his skills inside the cage. Reyes has scored several impressive knockouts during his career, though, and I feel that is what he will look to accomplish on Tuesday.

Staying primarily on the feet will be key here. Reyes will want to maintain distance and land his punches on the feet. If he does get taken down, scrambling to his feet and avoiding being held down will be key.

Final Rodriguez vs. Cortez Betting Pick

I believe this Tuesday’s main event will be one of the most exciting ones held so far this year. It’s always great when DWCS features fighters in the lighter-weight classes. Christian Rodriguez and Reyes Cortez are both elite and even the best MMA betting experts are having a difficult time predicting how this matchup will play out.

Coming up with my Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick was difficult, to say the least. I can see clear ways for both of them to come out on top. It should be a war, yet I feel one fighter has proven himself at a higher level. That is what made the difference with my pick.

Here’s my official prediction for this matchup!

Christian Rodriguez wins via unanimous decision


Christian Rodriguez may be one of the best bantamweight prospects outside of the UFC right now. He has finished each of his victories as a professional. I don’t see him continuing that finishing streak against Reyes Cortez, though.

Expect to see Rodriguez landing takedowns throughout this bout. Holding Reyes down won’t be easy. On the feet, this fight is almost 50-50 and I can imagine a possibility in which both men land knockouts shots here.

It should be a back-and-forth battle. Both fighters will demonstrate their striking and grappling skills. In the end, Christian Rodriguez will be awarded the winner via unanimous decision.


There are some incredible fights taking place this Tuesday. The main event between Christian Rodriguez and Reyes Cortez is just one of many taking place. I can see why some might disagree with my Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick, yet I feel Christian has the better skills to get the job done.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to find a complete list of odds for this card. There are some incredible opportunities for fans to cash out. Take a look at all of the lines being offered for the big fights taking place!

What do you think of my Rodriguez vs. Cortez betting pick? How do you see this main event fight playing out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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