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Lukasz Sudolski vs Igor Poterya
Sudolski vs. Poterya Pick – Igor Poterya
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The next Dana White’s Contender Series event is just around the corner. The UFC’s light-heavyweights will be on full display once again when Lukasz Sudolski and Igor Poterya step into the cage. Today, I’ll offer an in-depth Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick with an analysis of how this matchup could play out.

DWCS has quickly turned into one of the most exciting MMA shows around. Many of the competitors coming out of these events turn into superstars. Before breaking down Tuesday’s main event, I will quickly explain where exactly fans can bet on the fight online.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s How to Bet on Sudolski vs. Poterya Online

The UFC is always looking for world-class talent. In the past, this meant looking at various regional promotions around the world for athletes that stand out. Nowadays, Dana White’s Contender Series has turned into the best feeder organization for real talent moving into the UFC.

Fans have come to love this show. It takes place on Tuesdays and features some of the best young fighters from around the world. Many have enjoyed betting on these Tuesday events through sites like BetOnline.

There is no doubt that BetOnline is one of the best sites for betting on DWCS right now. It’s one of the few online sportsbooks that provide odds on every single fight taking place on these cards. A unique set of prop and over/under odds are also provided for all of these fights.

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Two of the best light-heavyweights outside of the UFC are set to compete this Tuesday. Anyone with their own Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick will love this site. Now, let’s take a look at how these two exciting fighters stack up against one another.

Lukasz Sudolski vs. Igor Poterya: Tale of the Tape

The UFC’s light-heavyweight division is in need of fresh young talent. Officials within the promotion realize this fact and have been working hard to sign exciting young fighters. Dana White’s Contender Series has proven to be one of the best shows to bring these elite 205-pound prospects in.

This Tuesday, Lukasz Sudolski and Igor Poterya are set to compete for a contract in the UFC. It’s a European showdown and fans are expecting an exciting battle. Many are also looking to form their Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick as early as possible.

I recommend first looking at how these two men match up on a physical level. Below is the tale of the tape for this upcoming clash!

Lukasz Sudolski

  • Height: 6’4”
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Reach: 77.5”
  • Age: 28

Igor Poterya

  • Height: 6’3”
  • Weight: 205 lbs
  • Reach: 75”
  • Age: 25

This is a very even fight between two European superstars. Sudolski is entering the cage with a slight height and reach advantage. Both men are also still in their 20s and likely have years before they even reach their physical primes.

These statistics should get fans more exciting to see this bout. They do not, however, help fans to come up with an in-depth Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick. Neither man has a massive advantage over the other.

The experience difference between these fighters is real, though. Lukasz Sudolski is just 9-0 as a professional mixed martial artist. He is a legitimate talent, yet he has not competed against real high-level fighters worthy of competing in the UFC.

Igor Poterya enters this fight with an incredible 18-2 record. He has not lost since 2017 and appears to be improving with every fight. Igor has not exactly faced UFC contenders on the Ukrainian regional scene, either.

This fight will come down to who is more skilled. The styles and skills these men bring to the cage should be what influences fan’s Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick. Below is how I see both coming into this main event.

Lukasz’s Goal

Poland has quickly turned into a major hotbed of UFC talent. It’s here that champions like Jan Blachowicz and Joanna Jedrzejczyk come from. Lukasz Sudolksi is looking to become the next big thing out of this country and has the skills to do so.

Sudolski is known for having a well-rounded skill set. He has earned impressive knockouts and submissions in his short career. I believe that utilizing his ground game will be the better path to victory in this fight.

Poterya has been taken down by good wrestlers in the past. If Sudolski can get him to the mat, he has a real shot at latching onto a submission. He has a shot at earning a stoppage on the feet, yet the path of least resistance should be to make this fight a grappling match as quickly as possible.

Igor’s Goal

Ukraine is another country developing a huge number of elite fighters. Igor Sudolski is very young, yet has already developed a huge amount of experience inside the cage. It’s incredible to think of how good he may be in five years.

Poterya is another man known to mix up his skills. He has solid striking and is a very tough man to keep on the mat. Against the tough wrestler Giorgi Lobzhanidze, he used his kickboxing skills to wear his opponent down before eventually earning a TKO stoppage.

I believe that Poterya is the more technical striker in this matchup. He should try to stay at range against Sudolksi where he can land his hard lead kicks and punches. If he sees an opening for a takedown, he may take it and use his strong fundamental grappling to maintain control.

Final Sudolski vs. Poterya Betting Pick

The matchmakers over at the UFC deserve real credit for booking this matchup. The winner may find themselves within the top-15 of the UFC’s light-heavyweight rankings before long. This is about as even as a fight can possibly be and I can see clear ways for each of these European fighters to earn the win on Tuesday.

Coming up with my own Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick was not easy. Their styles are very similar and both can end bouts quickly. I eventually decided to pick the main with more experience competing inside the cage.

Check out my official prediction below!

Igor Poterya Wins Via 2nd-Round TKO

Lukasz Sudolski has the potential to be a real threat in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division. I just feel that he will struggle against Igor Poterya in this bout. Poterya has slightly more technical striking skills than his opponent and has also shown an ability to stay composed on the ground against tough grapplers.

I expect Igor to use the first round as a feeling-out process. He will begin to connect with hard shots early in the second round as Sudolksi tires. Late in the round, he’ll land a shot that puts Lukasz down and Igor will follow up with strikes to earn the TKO victory.

This prediction could be spoiled if Lukasz manages to utilize his strong grappling early on. Getting Igor to the mat in the first round will be dangerous. I don’t expect that to happen and Igor should manage to earn his 15th-straight victory as a professional.


Dana White’s Contender Series is quickly developing some of the best light-heavyweight MMA talents in the world. Fans have seen a huge number of elite 205-pound fighters come from this show. Two more will be looking to make a splash this Tuesday night at the Apex Center.

I can see why some fans may disagree with my Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick. Lukasz is undefeated and has the skills to prove my prediction wrong. It won’t be easy against a hungry young prospect like Igor Poterya.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to check out odds on this entire event. There are some great opportunities for fans to win big. Feel free to take a look at the odds for some of the UFC’s other upcoming events, too!

Do you agree with my Sudolski vs. Poterya betting pick? Which of these two fighters do you think will come out victories on Tuesday? Let me know in the comments section below.

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