G2 Esports vs. DAMWON Gaming – 2020 LoL Worlds Predictions

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LoL Worlds 2020 has been a proper spectacle thus far. Nothing but excellent matches, surprising upsets, and good old Summoners’ Rift chaos! We’ve approached the business end of the competition, with just three more matches to go; two semifinals and the grandest of finals in the League of Legends competitive scene. Today, we’re focusing on the first of two semifinals. Our G2 vs. DAMWON predictions are here to bring you up to speed on the complexity behind this matchup, and hopefully find value ahead of this fiery encounter.

G2 vs. DAMWON Predictions

What’s so special about this matchup? Well, for starters, we’re talking about LoL Worlds semifinals; we’re looking at two top four LOL teams at the moment, one of which has a guaranteed spot in the grand finals. Which team will get there, G2 or DAMWON? It’s going to be difficult to tell, especially considering the way they outclassed their opposition in the quarterfinals. Neither one dropped a single map, winning 3:0 against Gen.G and DRX, respectively.

On one end, we have what’s probably the greatest European roster ever. On the other end, though, we have an absolutely brilliant team that’s been, alongside TE, hyped as the biggest favorite to lift this year’s title. Can the LCK giants succeed, or will G2 reach the grand finals again in a brutal show of consistency?

Well, that’s exactly the kind of stuff we aim to discover in our G2 vs. DAMWON predictions!

Can G2 Reach the Finals Once Again?

A quick reminder, G2 reached the grand finals last year after struggling against Griffin in the group stage. This time around, they got trashed by Suning in the group stage, only to get back up to their feet and destroy Gen.G in the quarterfinals.

And that’s the thing with G2 – they’re just too darn inconsistent. Normally, it wouldn’t be such a huge problem… but since we’re discussing G2 vs. DAMWON predictions here – betting-wise – their inconsistency brings headaches to people who bet on League of Legends.

You never know what sort of performance they will bring forth in a match. Sometimes, they’re playing like proper beasts, deploying on-point executions and showing off excellent teamwork. However, they’re known for experimenting and doing all sorts of crazy team composition and role swaps. It’s kind of crazy, especially at this level of competitive play, but it’s what makes them tick… it’s what makes them feel alive and, more often than not, they manage to surprise the opposition with their outright crazy stats.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact G2 players play best when their backs are against the wall… and they most certainly are coming into the match against DAMWON. Coming into this match, DAMWON are the favorites; bookies have them at roughly -250, which is quite a big advantage considering the fact this is a semifinal matchup. To put things into perspective, Top Esports is at -200 against Suning at +140.

DAMWON Looking Confident

It goes without saying that DAMWON is looking confident, even too confident at times. They had no issues in the group stage, losing only one fixture against JDG. That’s their only defeat on this year’s LoL Worlds, whereas G2 suffered three already (two in the group stage, one in the tiebreaker).

Last year, G2 took out SKT in the semis, in what was a thrilling 3:1 encounter. This year, I reckon their task is a bit of an uphill struggle. DAMWON stands for a near-perfect team across all departments. The ease they play with, the depth of their champion pool, and their impeccable consistency is what makes them the favorites in this one.

Heck, considering TE’s struggles with Fnatic, I wouldn’t be surprised if DAMWON gets to be the favorite in the grand finals too… assuming they manage to deal with Perkz and the boys in the semifinals.

Canyon and ShowMaker are displaying utmost brilliance. Heck, DRX managed to kill them just once in the quarterfinals… talk about composure and engagement discipline, huh? Recent matches will definitely put them in an even better position coming into this one, and it ought to reflect in their performance!

Wrapping Things Up

As stated earlier, if there’s one thing that needs to be pointed out for our G2 vs. DAMWON predictions, it’s that G2 is going into an uphill struggle. They are the underdogs, there’s no doubt about it, but they do possess a fair dose of upset potential… and that’s what makes this matchup so darn thrilling.

As you’d come to expect from a semifinal match, it could go either way. I fancy G2’s chances of going through to the grand finals, but they’ll need to be at their very best. We’re not looking at a 3:0 blowout, that’s for sure – G2 will take at least one or two maps off the LCK champions.

LoL Worlds Betting FAQ

Is Betting on LoL Worlds Legal?

If you’re using proper LoL Worlds betting sites, then you should be good to go as far as the legal side of the matter is concerned… as long as your country of residence doesn’t strictly prohibit online betting on sports/esports. If you’re not sure about your country’s gambling regulations, a quick Google search will do you a world of good!

Should I Bet on 2020 LoL Worlds?

If you’re into League of Legends betting, then LoL Worlds is the event you should bet on. It features the world’s best teams, the game’s biggest talents, and the scene’s fiercest rivalries. The playoffs are the pinnacle of pro League of Legends, and betting on those matches is not only thrilling but packed with additional betting opportunities too.

You see, bookies are well-aware of LoL Worlds’ importance. It’s the biggest annual event in LoL’s competitive ecosystem, and as such, betting demand is absolutely massive. Bookies typically include numerous LoL betting options to cater to the demand – meaning you’ll have more places to look for the biggest-possible value!

G2 vs. DAMWON Betting Prediction

If you want a safer bet, maps total under 3.5 is at –334, but that’s lower than a match-winner on G2 so I’m not sure if it’s worth your while. Looking at the two teams, at the two sets of players, and their recent matches, everything points to a tight contest. If it goes the length of a five-map clash, not only are we going to win our wager, but we’ll also witness a proper LoL Worlds spectacle!

Pick: Over 3.5 Maps
Odds: +160
$100 Could Win You...$260.00
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