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G2 vs. FURIA is one of four opening-round matchups of the highly-anticipated BLAST Premier Global Final. They’re set to start on January 19th and will bring forth massive betting demand; basically, the first wave of demand for esports betting in 2021!

This match will take place just days after the massive G2 x Adidas partnership announcement; NiKo and the boys will definitely want to seal the deal with a win against the Brazilians. The other end of the table just announced a deal of their own too. FURIA signed Red Bull as their newest sponsor – an energy drink vs. one of the world’s most recognizable apparel brands… who’s going to win? Well, that’s what we aim to find out before the end of our G2 vs. FURIA betting predictions!

G2 vs. FURIA Betting Predictions

Let’s not beat around the bushes here – let’s go straight into the betting problematics!

Betting on CSGO in 2021

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What about expectations? This isn’t usually something we cover in our CSGO predictions, but I guess G2 vs. FURIA picks make for a good starting point. Without a doubt, G2 are coming into this one hoping to start 2021 off with a title. It’s going to be an uphill struggle, I’m sure the players are well-aware of it, but they’re still in it to win it.

I don’t think the same can be said about the Brazilians. They’re well-aware of their problems with European teams. However, they will be hoping to beat G2. Heck, G2 is one of the EU teams they’ve beaten last year, which is a big plus for them going into the opening round. But, as far as the general expectations are concerned, I reckon FURIA would be happy if they could end up in the better half of the eight teams. It’s not that far of a stretch, all they have to do is beat G2 right off the bat!


Which of these two is in better form? Well, both have had solid 2020, but FURIA’s NA triumphs are worth being emphasized here. Though, take that with a grain of salt because the Brazilians were playing against much weaker opponents than G2. Plus, G2 NiKo is a major plus for Ocelote’s organization – that should be enough to pull this contest in their favor, right?

Recent head-to-head matches are pretty even too. The last two encounters both finished 2:1, with each team grabbing a single win. Are we going to see a more concrete win this time around; perhaps 2:0 for G2? Well, I honestly think we will… unless G2 forget to ban Inferno again, of course.

Map Depth

G2’s map pool seems far superior to that of FURIA… but the recent head-to-head matches as well as map-based stats over the last three months point Inferno out as FURIA’s definite pick. However, I’m confident we’ll see G2 ban it this time around instead of trying to force a win. That’s all I got for you as far as G2 vs. FURIA map pool stats are concerned.

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

There’s a lot to talk about here! For starters, let’s address NiKo and the boys. The good thing about NiKo’s arrival to G2 is that he’s already had plenty of time to adapt and sync up with his new team. These few weeks’ worth of pause must’ve been an extra bonus that ought to solidify their teamwork. Plus, NiKo is now playing shoulder to shoulder with his cousin huNter and Balkan brother nexa – that ought to mean a lot in terms of their ability to play off each other. They might even switch to their native language in situations where they’re the only remaining players on the server.

As for FURIA, they were definitely the nicest surprises the NA region showed off last season. Teamwork is the name of their game, they’re a pack that knows each other very well; they’re superb in complex executions and know how to do amazing teams off each other. It’s a collective more than anything else, FURIA’s 2020 triumphs pay homage to the good old saying – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Well, I Guess These g2 vs. Furia Predictions Weren’t That Expected, Right?

I mean, everything was pointing to a tight encounter, but knowing just how much time G2 players had over the last few weeks to sync up and learn new executions, they’re bound to show it all off against FURIA. Plus, the map pool doesn’t have that much value for our G2 vs. FURIA picks since both teams will come into this one with fresh mindsets following a lengthy break… not to mention the fact G2 ought to ban Inferno this time around!

These two teams have played several times last year, both showcasing glimpses of surprising brilliance. Unfortunately, their head-to-head matches don’t really show us anything worthy of including in our G2 vs. FURIA picks.

That said, let’s hope NiKo and the boys have a blast against the Brazilians. It’s going to be a sweet match to enjoy, and spicing it up with a couple of smart CSGO bets is the right way to go.

G2 vs. FURIA Picks

Pick: G2 to Win 2:0
Odds: +100
$100 Could Win You...$200.00

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