Gambit vs Astralis Betting Predictions

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Gambit vs Astralis Pick: Over 2.5 (-101)
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Are you guys up for a few more sets of outstanding ESL Pro League Season 13 matches? The play-in stage is next on our chopping block, nicely poised with a few additional playoff clashes. Gambit vs Astralis tips are what we’re here for, so we won’t stray too far off course. The winner of this clash goes straight to the bottom semifinals. The loser goes up against FURIA esports in the upper quarterfinals. The second play-in match is Heroic vs NiP, another fine occasion featuring some of the Scandinavian finest!

Gambit vs Astralis Betting Predictions

The last time these two faced off in an h2h was in December last year. DH Masters Winter was the occasion, the quarterfinals; Astralis strolled to a remarkable win with dupreeh stepping up to the challenge. Historically, Gambit never played well against the Great Danes. The last time they defeated them was way back in September 2017…

But, Gambit is currently in excellent form and could easily reach a sensational result. In fact, let’s take a closer look at forms on both ends before you place your bets on CSGO.


Both teams are in splendid form! Astralis had a marvelous December, winning two titles and finishing second on BLAST Premier Fall. They kicked 2021 off with another second place. This time around, the occasion was BLAST Premier Global Final. Since then, they had two mediocre outings on the BLAST Spring group stage and IEM XV World Championship. The latter saw them get eliminated by a CIS side. Are we going to see the same thing happen here as well?

Well, if we’re going to take Gambit’s recent results into the equation, it just might! The Russians already have two titles this year, one of which is the grandiose IEM XV World Championship. They’re at the top of their game, showing off their impressive clutch potential left and right. They’re difficult to play against, especially once they get into the third map. Our Gambit vs Astralis picks are going to take all of this into account, no worries!

Map Depth

Even though it might be hard to believe, Gambit is the superior side according to the stats. Mirage, Train, and Overpass all have more than noticeable win rate differences in favor of the CIS side. Astralis, on the other hand, has been superb on Dust 2, with the rest of the map pool being quite poor for their standards. Still, Astralis’ didn’t have a single weak opponent, and that can’t be said for Gambit.

However, Astralis have the man advantage here! No, they won’t have an extra player on the server, but their overall reputation and roster would suggest superiority in this clash. In fact, I reckon that the map pool stats are evenly matched here despite statistical advantage going Gambit’s way… which means we’ll have to dig deeper to cement our Gambit vs Astralis betting predictions!

Individual Qualities

As you’d expect, device has been the pivotal player in Astralis’ successful group stage campaign. Dupreeh has been superb too, carrying his team on more than one occasion. On the downside, Xyp9x is still struggling, trying to find his long-lost form. He’s trying, that’s for sure… but that touch of clutch brilliance just isn’t there anymore.

As for Gambit, sh1ro is probably the player you all want to hear about. The clutch master himself has taken the crown away from Xyp9x and has the perfect chance to assert his dominance by leading his team to victory tomorrow. Ax1Le has to be mentioned too. He’s been absolutely incredible too, supporting sh1ro in more ways than one. This dynamic duo a la Gambit will put Astralis’ defensive line to the test, that’s for sure!

Gambit vs Astralis Pick

My instinct is telling me to go with Astralis here… but the fact that in-form Gambit looks frightening prevented me from opting for a match-winner here. Instead, I’m going with the good old total maps wager. Here are the details:

Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: -101
$100 Could Win You...$199.01

Only one of Gambit’s group stage matches finished under 2.5 maps. They are still staying true to their one true love – clutching… and that’s why I’m afraid to go with Astralis here. Realistically speaking, Astralis should be able to close this one out… but it’s more likely that they’ll win their map pick, lose on Gambit’s, and then potentially flop in the third and final map.

This way, with -101 for total maps over 2.5, we’re getting a much more probable outcome. There’s no way this one finishes in just two maps! With that in mind, I’m ready to close our Gambit vs Astralis picks out! As always, it’s been a pleasure giving you a closer look at such an important clash. Until next time, May the odds be in your favor!

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