Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Betting Predictions

Another total maps over/under wager, another loss! We have to regroup, fellas! We have to regroup and bring forth a fresh approach for our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions! This time around, we have a similar story – one team is in better form while the other team has better overall roster and individuals. This time around, there’s another factor that further spices things up. Just a few days ago, these two teams played against each other. Obviously, our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions will take that into consideration, both the result and the overall gameplay and tactical approaches.

That’s as far as the introductory chapter goes! We have to move on to in-depth analyses of both teams, their recent performances, and individual presence. But, before we start our quest for stats, let’s assess how the ESL One: Road to Rio NA playoffs are panning out!

ESL One: Road to Rio NA | Grand Finals Approaching

Thus far, the ESL One: Road to Rio NA playoffs weren’t surprising. Team Liquid won against 100 Thieves in what was a pretty boring and uninspired performance by the Aussies. On the other end, Cloud9 took the third-map win against Envy after a chaotic Dust 2 display.

The biggest surprises happened in the group stage. I’m mainly referring to the fact Evil Geniuses and MIBR failed to reach the playoffs… As for pleasant surprises, Gen.G’s rise to the top of group A is definitely the perfect specimen.

Unfortunately, these three surprises left a pretty big mark on our CS:GO betting adventures…

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Where to Place Bets on ESL One: Road to Rio EU

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Gen.G vs. Cloud9 Predictions

Yep – it’s time for the actual predictions!

Yep – it’s time for the actual predictions! We’ve beaten around the bushes for far too long so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and see how exactly this match is going to pan out. It’s going to take awhile, but I’m sure we’ll get it right this time around!

Let’s start off with the recent head to head match these guys played during the group stage. As some of you already know, that match was Gen.G’s only defeat in the group stage, and one of three C9’s wins. Gen.G took the first map (Train) but it was a tight matchup from start to finish. That was followed by two dominant maps won by Cloud9, with floppy, Sonic, and motm getting the most kills on their end.

Gen.G’s top fraggers were Autimatic with 53 and koosta with 51 kills. BnTeT and S0m weren’t too far behind. Only daps failed to deliver, averaging 0.69 HLTV rating. Overall, considering all stats, Gen.G can be happy to have won the first map…

Gen.G Snowballing to Greatness

However, Gen.G had no imperative of winning that match. They were already cruising with three wins to their tally, with the EG win being the crucial one that allowed them to qualify straight through to the semifinals.

Let’s face it – the current Gen.G lineup is looking absolutely amazing. They managed to defeat two NA powerhouses, 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses in the group stage, which just goes to show you they mean business. Even though their lineup doesn’t have any world-class names, it’s well-rounded and packs quite the punch in the fragging department from all across the board.

If Elmapuddy can get all five players on the same wavelength, I’m positive Gen.G can become the next big thing on the NA stage. They’ll have plenty of obstacles along the way, mainly in the form of 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid, but if they continue playing the way they’ve been playing since the start of this event, only the sky is the limit for koosta and the boys!

They have great fraggers, strong tactical approaches, and aren’t pushovers no matter the map in question. Those are the characteristics that crown only the greatest teams… and Gen.G is definitely on the right path…

Which Way Will This One Go?

We’re looking at a very tough match to predict here! One team is in vastly better form, but they’ve lost to the opposing side the last time they faced off (just a few days ago). Individually, both teams have in-form fraggers and enough map pool depth to suggest a three-map thriller.

I know about my history with total maps bets, but I just have to give it one more shot. It’s going to work, this time, I’m confident in that! How come? Well, looking at their individual strengths, overall forms, recent head to head matchup and map pool depth, there’s no way this one ends as a two-map blowout. The third map is going to decide the winner here, which is likely to be Gen.G.

Basically, it’s up to you to choose which of the two bets you like better as they both bring forth identical odds, -105. If you agree with me on the three-map thriller scenario, then go with Maps over 2.5. If you believe koosta and the boys will have their revenge on Cloud9, then take the obvious route with Gen.G match-winner at -105.

Pick: Gen.G
Odds: -105
$100 Could Win You...$195.20

Wrapping Everything Up

There’s really nothing left for me to say about Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions! We’ve already touched everything worth mentioning and emphasized the picks that possess the greatest value. In the end, I guess all I can say is thank you for reading and hope these picks bring us some profit.

Until next time,

Stay safe!

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