Heretics vs Opportunists Pick: Valorant Championship Tour S2 Challengers 1

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Valorant Pick: Heretics (-167)
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The VCT Stage 2 Challengers 1 EU has started earlier today with the first two quarterfinal matches. NiP defeated Acend and Guild Esports defeated Alliance. NiP and Guild Esports form the first semifinal pair; they are set to play this Thursday at 5 PM CEST.

But first, we have to find out the second semifinal pair. There are still two quarterfinals left:

  • Team Heretics vs Opportunists
  • FunPlus Phoenix vs Team Vitality

As you can see from the title, we’re here for Heretics vs Opportunists predictions. The Valorant esports betting scope is still fresh, meaning lots of profit potential. Let’s take a closer look and see if there’s anything of value here!

Where to Bet on Valorant Champions Tour

Even though it now has tournaments on the regular as well as a proper seasonal circuit, the Valorant Champions Tour, Valorant betting demand still isn’t as large as those of CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Perhaps I’m being too negative here – after all, all three of those games date back roughly a decade ago and Valorant is still in its first year.

Fortunately, esports betting sites have been quick to recognize the game’s potential. All reputable bookmakers feature Valorant betting options. They’re available left and right, meaning you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. If you’re struggling, though, feel free to have a look at our Valorant bookmakers guide. It’s bound to answer most (if not all) of your questions!

Heretics vs Opportunists Picks

Valorant LogoThe narrative ahead of this match is fairly simple. The winning team gets to play in the semifinals (against the better of FPX vs Vitality) while the losing team gets eliminated; they don’t come much simpler than that!

Still, if we’re going to reach valuable Heretics vs Opportunists predictions here, we’ll have to take a closer look at this one!


First things first, head-to-head clashes. Believe it or not, this is the first time these two play against each other. Now that we have that out of our way, let’s talk about form! Opportunists have six consecutive wins. They’ve been absolutely phenomenal in the play-in stage of the qualifiers. They didn’t play against any top-notch teams, though… except for Guild Esports.

Heretics were supposed to have six consecutive wins too but failed to assert dominance against Alliance last week. It was a weird match, to say the least, but I doubt it will faze these players one bit. After all, Team Heretics are still considered the best team in Europe. TakaS and the boys seem like worthy challengers, which makes our Heretics vs Opportunists picks that much more complex.

Map Pool Depth

Heretics just can’t wrap their collective head around Icebox. They’ve played it five times and are at just 40% win rate. It’s not something you want to see in a team of their caliber. Ascent, Bind, and Split are at 81%, 83%, and 91%, respectively. As for Haven, Heretics are still undefeated, enjoying a massive 27-matches winning spree.

Opportunists excel at Split, Bind, and Haven. The latter is out of the equation as far as this match goes, because there’s no way Opportunists stop Heretics’ massive winning run. Split and Bind, though, could be very interesting.

Obviously, Team Heretics win this section by a landslide. They are the team to talk about when discussing admirable map pool depth. Even if Opportunists manage to snatch one away from them, I just can’t find the second map they could win against nukkye and the lads.

Key Players

Nukkye is obviously the leader in this Team Heretics roster. The go-to duelist isn’t shy to show off his impeccable array of skills. Whether we’re talking about Jett or Raze, Nukkye is the man for the job! AvovA’s performances on Phoenix are not to be taken for granted too. His snowball potential is real and Opportunists’ players will have a tough job with him.

Who’s been setting the tempo and leading the charge on Opportunists’ end? TakaS is the first name on the team sheet as far as raw damage goes. But, if we’re to have at it in a more contribution-focused way, then we have to prioritize rodeN first. His offensive efforts with Raze as well as his supporting skills with Sova make him a highly versatile individual, a proper asset for every top-tier Valorant team.

Valorant Betting Predictions

Team Heretics are the obvious favorites here, and I for one believe they’ll justify that, despite losing to Alliance last week! Even though Opportunists will give Heretics a proper run for their money, it’s difficult to see them on the losing end. At -167, this is a pretty good deal, you have to admit.

Pick: Heretics
Odds: -167
$100 Could Win You...$159.88

That brings us to the end of our Heretics vs Opportunists predictions! Remember, the clash starts tomorrow at 5 PM CEST. If you’re thinking of investing some money, you might as well tune to the action on VCT EU Twitch channel!

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