Heroic vs. FURIA Betting Predictions for ESL Pro League

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Heroic vs Furia
Heroic vs. FURIA Pick – Heroic (-134)

Well, let’s just say the last round of ESL Pro League S13 didn’t go according to our plans. Our winning streak is over, boys and girls… but worry not, we’re here to start a new one with our Heroic vs. FURIA betting predictions!

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Heroic vs. FURIA Betting Predictions

There’s something special about these two, that I can tell you right off the bat. For starters, both defeated Astralis in their last outing, which is a remarkable feat, to say the least. But, their paths to the semifinals couldn’t be any more different.

FURIA took off big time, winning three straight matches at the start of the group stage. They did, however, lose against C9 and Gambit. Even though the losses didn’t matter much in the end, they did happen, so It’s important to note them!

Form-wise, Heroic are the superior side here. Even though they don’t have a title to boast with yet, their 2021 saw them perform well on CS_Summit 7. ESL Pro League S13 will be an even bigger hit! No matter how this match turns out, Heroic can be satisfied with the way they’ve played. Though, I have to admit I am already leaning towards them a bit, just like most CSGO betting sites out there…

Map Depth

Heroic’s map pool is a bit deeper than FURIA’s. The recent roster alteration has taken its toll on FURIA’s ability to outplay their opponents in the banning phase. This year, FURIA’s best map is Train with a 100% win rate over five maps, followed by Vertigo at 75% over four maps. Mirage and Inferno are at 56%, nine maps each.

Heroic are also on a four-match winning streak; on Overpass of all maps.

They’re above 80% on Nuke and Vertigo, with the latter being the likeliest decider map here… should it go the extra length, of course. I have to give Heroic the upper hand here, though I reckon things will get even trickier in the following sections.

Individual Qualities

Even though teamwork is where FURIA shines the most, KSCERATO has to be pointed out as the leading figure in their roster. Even with the most recent roster alterations, the 21-year-old Brazilian prodigy is staying true to his pedigree. He’s known for consistency; he’s known for constantly setting a good example for his teammates. Without him, there’s no way FURIA would remain a top 20 team!

But, there’s no lack of talent on the other end! CadiaN stands out as Heroic’s lucky talisman. He’s been absolutely fuming with confidence on this event; if push comes to shove on the decider map, he’s the man Heroic fans will be praying for! It’s difficult to call the winner between cadiaN and KSCERATO, just like it’s difficult making these Heroic vs. FURIA predictions.

Heroic vs. FURIA Pick

I guess we’re all done here, right? We’ve taken a better look at the map pool stats, recent results, and brightest individuals. Overall, we can safely assume Heroic vs. FURIA will be a proper contest! The decider map is looming on the horizon, though I’m too big of a coward to opt for total maps over 2.5 here. Well, I’m a coward and I’m well aware of how quickly some of these players are able to snowball…

Pick: Heroic
Odds: -134
$100 Could Win You...$174.63

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

Here you can see what I’ve decided to go with in the end. I’m a simple man, so a simple match-winner on Heroic does the trick for me. I contemplated a bit on whether or not I should go with total maps over… but, obviously, decided against it.

Of course, you don’t have to listen to my advice; you are free to invest your money the way you see fit. Feel free to do more research and try to figure this match out… perhaps on a deeper level too.

The CSGO betting market is packed with good betting opportunities, so be sure to make every match count!

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