Heroic vs. Vitality Betting Preview: Odds, Picks, and Value

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This is it, fellas! They don’t come more spectacular than this one, the battle of the best and second-best CSGO teams at the moment. Wait what, is that a typo? Nope, it’s not! According to the newest HLTV.org world ranking, Vitality is at the top of the world and Heroic is right below with just a few points separating the two. Our Heroic vs. Vitality picks are here to separate them even further, so make sure you stick to the end!

Why Should You Bet on CSGO?

Typically, people like to bet on CSGO for two reasons. First, because they’re passionate about the scene; because they just can’t get enough of the thrill. Second, because people want to cash out their vast esports knowledge and make some quick money online.

If you’d like to start betting on CSGO but you’re looking for the best possible occasion, there’s no better time than now. Finally, after more than half a year, European and American teams are playing against each other. We’re witnessing the return of international CSGO events, and if that’s not a good enough incentive, I’m not sure what is.

Unfortunately, we’re still looking at exclusively online events, but that’s not that big of an issue since all teams are currently located in Europe so latency shouldn’t really be an issue anymore.

Heroic vs. Vitality Picks

First things first -are Heroic and Vitality really the best of what the worldwide CSGO scene has to offer? Well, if recent results are what we’re counting in, then they are! If we’re counting clutch potential and the ability to close out big tournaments, then nope! Honestly, no matter how this one ends, I don’t think we’ll see the winner of this one winning the event.

But, enough with all that – let’s concentrate on Heroic vs. Vitality picks and get the most out of our week-long accumulators!

Recent Results

Let’s take a look at Heroic’s recent campaigns. They’ve won DH Open Fall, ESL One Cologne, and almost went all the way on DH Open Summer and ESL Pro League S12. They keep showing up for key matches and have taken down quite a few big names on their way to glory.

Unfortunately, Vitality hasn’t won a single title in 2020! They have a number of losses in grand final matches, though, but I don’t see how that info can help in our Heroic vs. Vitality picks. They keep losing crucial matches, be it in the grand finals or semifinals. They keep losing their concentration, and a big part of their issue revolves around the good old Vitality problem – they rely on ZywOo way too much.

As far as head to head matches go, Heroic has won the last two encounters, both of which have been extremely important. In late August, the Danish side won against Vitality in Bo5 grand finals of ESL One Cologne.

Less than a month ago, Heroic defeated Vitality in Bo5 grand finals to take the DH Open Fall 2020 title. Yep, Vitality just can’t seem to defeat Heroic in the grand finals of notable events. Luckily, we’re looking at a quarterfinal Bo3 here, which means we might see a different approach on both ends.

Player Form

Yep, ZywOo is still in fine form. The best CSGO player in the world is at it again, showing his true potential no matter who’s on the receiving end. The 20-year-old French monster has been nothing but super over the last few months. Even when all of his teammates aren’t up to the challenge, ZywOo is there to save the day.

On the other end, we need to mention stavn’s incredible form. Martin “stavn” Lund is just eighteen, but he seems like the type of player who’ll give ZywOo a run for his money a year or two from now. Assuming Heroic manages to keep him in their starting roster, I reckon stavn will keep developing…

Map Pool Depth

Vitality’s map pool seems slightly more developed, though Heroic will probably ban their most comfortable map (Dust 2) right off the bat. Besides that, Vitality should be able to take Mirage and Overpass. Heroic has Nuke and Train in their favor, with the likes of Inferno and Vertigo in no man’s land.

That’s about it for the map pool section of our Heroic vs. Vitality picks. The only thing left to do is wrap everything up and call it a day!

Wrapping Things Up

It’s time to wrap everything up, fellas! Here’s what I managed to figure out from all the stats we’ve gone through thus far:

Even though Heroic have won the last two head to head encounters, I’m positive Vitality will put an end to their h2h losing streak. As you’d expect, ZywOo is in fine form and he’ll definitely be Vitality’s talisman going forward. Vitality needs a title this year, and IEM XV Beijing is one of the last opportunities they’ll get. Both teams have everything to play for here, but I am certain the Frenchmen will emerge victoriously.

Pick: Vitality
Odds: +120
$100 Could Win You...$220.00
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