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Vitality vs.
Vitality vs. Pick – Vitality (+100)
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Only six teams remain on IEM XVI Summer! Four of them are in the quarterfinals, having failed to win their respective groups—Gambit, EG, Vitality and The latter two are the teams we will be focusing on today. Our Vitality vs. predictions are finely tailored to give you guys an in-depth look at the qualities and downsides of ZywOo-powered Vitality and Jame-oriented!

G2 and OG await in the semifinals! The winner of this match goes against OG, who’ve been the biggest surprise of the event. But, we need to focus on the match at hand if we are to reach the right Vitality vs. picks… and that, we shall do!

Vitality vs. Betting Predictions

What are your thoughts on these two teams? I for one was surprised to see Vitality beat Gambit and get beaten by OG. Those were the two outstanding surprises I never would’ve predicted! I reckon esports betting sites online earned a lot of money on those!

Vitality took down earlier this year. IEM XV World Championship was the occasion, and VP was the team that eliminated Vitality from the competition. But, were in peak form back then, while Vitality struggled to keep their cool and connect more than a single win.

Recent Results

Right now, we can’t really say either team is in good form, let alone peak. Well, take that with a pinch of salt since they’re here, they’ve reached the quarterfinals of a big event. But, I’m sure you get my point – several poor outings, key players failing to focus and push the contribution up – both have been all over the place up until this event.

But, if I had to choose a winner here, it would be Vitality. As I’ve said earlier, that win against Gambit was so unexpected… The loss against G2, not so much. Vitality was just inches away from winning the first map (Vertigo) which would’ve definitely added to the complexity in the decider.’s defeat to OG was also pretty surprising… I honestly thought OG was a one-time thing following that bo1 win against NIP. But, it’s safe to say mantuu and the boys had me fooled. Still, VP showed great character moving forward, defeating Team Spirit and favored NiP to snatch the final spot in the knockout phase.

Map Depth

These two are actually pretty close in terms of viable maps. The biggest difference-maker could be Vertigo. just can’t get a grasp on it, whereas Vitality have a solid 50% win rate over the last six matches.

Other than that, Mirage seems like another solid map for Vitality; the same goes for Inferno in favor of Ancient could be the deciding factor here. If it does come to that, it’s basically anyone’s match. No worries, though, we won’t be forcing total maps over/under bets here!

Individual Qualities

Jame on one end, ZywOo on the other. You already know which one I prefer. I love Jame, his AWPing skills are off the charts – I still remember the scopes he snatched on the last Major, that stuff was sick. But, considering the fact ZywOo is finally back, he’s going to be the man to watch comet the Friday clash vs.

With those words, here’s my pick:

Vitality vs. Pick

Pick: Vitality
Odds: +100
$100 Could Win You...$200.00

Vitality moneyline here is what I recommend! You bet $100, you get $200; they don’t come any simpler than that! I’m not quite sure why CSGO bookies have as the favorites here. By no means are they the heavy favorites, but they are the favorites nonetheless.

The reasons probably go further back than the results on this event.’s 2021 has been much more successful than Vitality’s. But, the thing is, ZywOo is back and he’s started to do what he does best!

While ZywOo is not the main reason why our Vitality vs. predictions are siding with the French team, it’s definitely in the top three. Others include a solid increase in win rate on key maps, and the fact that Vitality have finally turned a new page following months of poor performances.

At +100 and a medium stake, you just can’t go wrong with this one! Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

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