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Lopez Vs Kambosos Jr WBA Lightweight Super Championship
Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. Pick – Lopez

Two of the most exciting lightweights in the world are finally set to compete this weekend. Teofimo Lopez will be looking to move up the pound-for-pound rankings with a win over the undefeated George Kambosos Jr. Today, I’ll be offering an in-depth Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. betting pick with a close analysis of how they stack up against one another.

Fans around the world have been eager to see Teofimo back in the ring. He is facing an extremely difficult test in this matchup.

Here’s what you need to know about this upcoming bout.

Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under 8.5
Teofimo Lopez -900 Over: -120
George Kambosos Jr. +550 Under: -110

Fans are being treated to some incredible odds on this Saturday’s fight. It’s clear that one man here is heavily favored. That is not much of a shock when considering the high-level experience gap between these two elite lightweights.

Teofimo Lopez, of course, comes into this fight as the favorite -900. He is undefeated at 16-0 with wins over some of the best fighters in the sport. That includes a unanimous decision victory over Vasyl Lomachenko back in late 2020.

George Kambosos Jr. has been considered one of Australia’s best fighters for years. He has been pushing for a fight with Lopez since 2020 and is finally getting his opportunity this weekend. Most online sports betting sites have him listed as the +550 underdog and he’ll need to put on the performance of a lifetime to get the victory.

The over/under odds for this fight are extremely even. The oddsmakers seem to be having a hard time predicting when this bout will end. The odds that the fight goes over 8.5 rounds are slightly higher here.

These odds could have an effect on how some fans form their Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. Let’s take a close look at some of the important numbers these fighters are bringing with them into fight night.

Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. Preview

Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos Jr. have been on a collision course for years. Both men have huge fan bases behind them. Some of those looking to bet on this fight have been surprised to see just how even this matchup is on paper.

Before making any boxing wagers, it’s smart to compare the numbers that two fighters bring with them into a fight. We’ve taken a close look at some of the most important figures between Lopez and Kambosos Jr. Check them out below.

Teofimo Lopez George Kambosos Jr.
Age 24 28
Height 5’8″ 5’9″
Reach 68.5″ 68″
Total Fights 16 19
Record 16-0 19-0
Knockouts 12 10

It’s incredible to see a high-level boxing matchup like this one with such evenly-matched fighters. Both the physical and career stats here are nearly identical. That is making it hard for some fans to say who is coming in with the advantages.

Kambosos Jr. is the slightly taller man here. Lopez has a very slight reach advantage. Only four years separate them in age, yet there is reason to believe that Teofimo Lopez has not yet even begun to reach his physical prime.

Comparing the physical statistics between these fighters is very interesting. Kambosos Jr. has fought three more times as a professional. Despite that fact, most agree that Lopez has faced a much higher level of competition and should be considered the more experienced fighter here.

Lopez and Kambosos Jr. are two prolific finishers. Teofimo has a higher percentage of stoppages in his career. It seems likely that the New York-based brawler will be looking to earn another knockout this weekend.

Did these numbers affect my Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. betting pick? Not necessarily. I will instead rely on the skills of these men to form my prediction. Below is a quick look at how I see these two fighters approaching this upcoming bout.

Teofimo’s Goal

There are many hardcore boxing fans that believe Teofimo Lopez is one of the best boxers alive right now. Considering he recently defeated one of the sport’s true pound-for-pound kings, that is a reasonable assumption. He is still very young and should be improving with each fight he takes.

Lopez is a serious power puncher and is constantly looking to earn a knockout over his opponents. He pushes forward, looking for hard hooks to the body and head. Lopez is more technical than some give him credit for, though, and often uses his strong offensive skills as a defensive strategy.

Teofimo will be pressing forward with big shots from the start of the first round. He won’t want to tire himself out hunting for a knockout. He needs to remain patient as he did against Lomachenko, looking for a finishing shot while keeping his cardio in check.

George’s Goal

George Kambosos Jr. is coming into this fight with Australia on his back. He has an incredible record, yet has not faced any of the truly elite lightweights competing today. A win here would finally prove that George is among the elite fighters at 135 pounds.

Kambosos Jr. will need to utilize strong movement skills here. He has solid footwork and powerful combinations. If he can move around while consistently landing hard combinations on Lopez, he can begin to chip away at the American’s stamina. He seems to be brushing off Teofimo’s prediction of a first-round knockout and claims his cardio will be a key to his own victory.

George cannot get drawn into a firefight with Lopez. It’s here that he faces a real risk of getting finished with one shot. He needs to stay on his toes, landing hard combination punches on Teofimo while looking to draw the champion into the late rounds.

Final Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. Betting Pick

As a longtime fan of boxing’s lightweight division, Saturday’s fight is one of the ones I have been looking forward to for months. Teofimo Lopez seems like he is capable of becoming one of the truly great fighters in the sport. I don’t expect him to get an easy win over a young, hungry fighter like George Kambobos Jr., though.

I went back and forth with my Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. betting pick. I can see clear ways for both fighters to come out victorious. It all comes down to who is able to implement their game plans better. Eventually, I decided that one man has a higher likelihood of doing so.

Check out my official prediction below!

Teofimo Lopez wins via 6th-round TKO

It’s a shame that Teofimo Lopez has not fought in more than a year. A huge amount of hype was generated around him after the win over Lomachenko. He needs another impressive win this weekend to regain that type of fan interest.

I think that is exactly what takes place on Saturday. Lopez will be looking for a knockout opportunity from the opening bell. Eventually, Kambosos Jr. will decide he needs to start taking risks in order to win rounds. That will leave him open to a finishing shot in the sixth round.

This win will help to set Lopez up for other exciting matchups in 2022. That includes possible bouts against Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, and Gervonta Davis. Fights against any of those men would be incredible for fans to see.


I can see why some fans (particularly those in Australia) would disagree with my Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. betting pick. George has incredible movement and has shown a solid chin during his career. I simply do not believe that he has faced a fighter with the power and finishing instincts of Teofimo Lopez.

Feel free to head over to BetOnline today to check out a full list of odds for this fight. There are some fantastic prop odds being offered for this big matchup. Feel free to take a look at some of the other boxing betting sites operating today to compare odds, too!

What do you think of my Lopez vs. Kambosos Jr. betting pick? How do you see this fight playing out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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