MAD Lions vs. Fnatic Betting Preview: Odds, Picks, and Value

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Flashpoint Season 2 is in full flow with just four group stage matches to go. We already know five of eight playoff contestants, with the sixth one set to be decided between Gen.G and OG tomorrow. We’ll get the final two on the Last Chance Stage this weekend. While we’re talking about the final group stage matches, we have to point out the business ends of both group A and group B. MAD vs. Fnatic picks are our focal point here, so why don’t we start off with a few words about group A?!

Fnatic and MAD Lions swept through the opening round to reach the upper bracket final. There, MAD Lions came to a brilliant comeback in overtime which pushed Fnatic in the lower bracket. Dignitas put up a good fight, but Fnatic was having none of it. Now they’re set to play against MAD Lions again – can they have their revenge?

Remember, both teams have already qualified for the playoffs. They’re just fighting for a better seed here. That’s all this match is about, and it’s something you should know if you’re going to deposit some money onto your favorite CSGO betting site. While the stakes might not be as high as you’d usually think of a final group stage match, there’s still a lot to play for here.

MAD vs. Fnatic Picks

Let’s use this introductory section to say a few words about the first MAD vs. Fnatic group stage encounter. Vertigo was the first map; MAD Lions’ pick, mind you. FNatic managed to win it after a hard-fought 16-14 result. With Fnatic taking MAD’s map pick, the Lions had to return the favor on the second map. They did so, in quite the fashion too…

The stage was set for Overpass to be the deciding map. Brollan stepped up for the occasion with 39 kills in total. He managed to put Fnatic 10-5 in front at half time. However, his near-perfect display wasn’t enough to close things out. In the end, Fnatic had to win the last round just to get into overtime… Once they did get there, it was all MAD Lions…

Recent Results

Obviously, both teams have been relatively successful in the group stage. But, if we go further back in time, we’ll notice something interesting. Fnatic has, for the most part, participated in top-tier competitions. Unfortunately, there are not that many good things to talk about besides a semifinal finish on IEM XV New York.

MAD Lions did win the inaugural Flashpoint season, but that was way back in April. Since then, MAD Lions’ form feel drastic. They were forced to regroup after Bubzkji’s departure to Astralis and introduce fresh names.

While HooXi and refrezh didn’t take too long to sync up, I feel like they’ll need more practice to guarantee consistent wins against teams of Fnatic’s stature.

Another fact that doesn’t help their cause is the quality of events they’ve competed on during the last few months. We’re talking about tier-B events like Nine to Five and Eden Arena: Malta Vibes, where they have been relatively successful. However, on the international stage, MAD Lions are nowhere to be seen… That’ll put even more pressure on their shoulders ahead of the second Fnatic clash, which directly affects our MAD vs. Fnatic picks!

Player Form

If Brollan can produce another perfect game of CSGO, I’m sure his teammates wouldn’t let his efforts go to waste again. Fnatic will definitely need Brollan to do his magic here, otherwise refrezh and the boys will be in for another comeback.

MAD Lions, on the other hand, will want acoR and refrezh to create another show. The new addition from x6tence already has a spell of solid matches to show off. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the second arrival, HooXi… and that could be the issue that swings MAD vs. Fnatic picks in favor of the Swedes.

Map Pool Depth

Map banning phase was rather weird last time out. But, at least we know stats don’t always paint the full picture. As for the second h2h contest, I actually think we’ll see the same maps. All three maps were tightly contested from start to finish, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a rerun.

Dignitas put up a proper fight on Inferno, potentially prompting Fnatic to mix things up against MAD Lions. But, no matter what sort of strategy they deploy tomorrow, I’m sure this will be a proper thriller.

For real though, the odds perfectly sum this matchup up. MAD vs. Fnatic picks couldn’t be any tighter. Once again, we’re talking about nuances. Even though stats don’t paint a good enough picture for our taste; even though they don’t skew the odds in one team’s direction, I’ve decided to opt for a match-winner here. Fnatic to win at -105, to be more precise. As I said earlier, I believe Fnatic lacked luck last time out. This time, they’ll have their revenge in what could be a proper blowout.

Pick: Fnatic
Odds: -105
$100 Could Win You...$195.24

Don’t agree with me on this one? No problems – this is a tight contest and we’re all entitled to our own opinion. In that case, may I suggest opting for total maps over 2.5? The odds are roughly the same as match-winners – if that’s your cup of tea, go ahead!

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