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Kubrat Pulev And Frank Mir Triller Fight Club
Mir vs. Pulev Pick – Pulev

One of the most unusual combat sporting events in recent memory is set to take place this Saturday night. In the main event of Triller’s event are Frank Mir and Kubrat Pulev, two experienced fighters with vastly different skill sets. Today, I’ll be offering an in-depth Mir vs. Pulev betting guide with a close analysis of how these two fighters match up against one another.

Fans of both boxing and MMA seem interested in how this fight will play out. At the very least, it should be an exciting spectacle.

Here’s what you need to know!

Mir vs. Pulev Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

Moneyline Odds Over/Under
Frank Mir +750 N/A
Kubrat Pulev -1500 N/A

There was a time when Frank Mir was considered the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world. Kubrat Pulev was also thought to be one of the world’s top heavyweight boxers. On Saturday, these men will square off in a triangle-shaped ring in a fight with a very unusual rule set.

Despite being allowed to throw more techniques, Frank Mir is stepping into the ring as the +750 underdog. He was known primarily for his jiu-jitsu skills during his run in MMA, yet no one can deny that he has some real power in his hands.

Kubrat Pulev is a ferocious puncher with wins over many elite heavyweight boxers. His most recent fight came against Anthony Joshua. He held his own for much of the bout before being stopped in the 9th round via KO. That high-level boxing experience likely explains why Pulev comes into this bout as the -1500 favorite by nearly all online sports betting sites.

The over/under odds for this bout have not yet been released. Based on their fighting styles, there is reason to believe this bout will end early. Anything can happen in a fight like this one, though.

Many will likely base their Mir vs. Pulev betting pick based solely on these odds. I recommend taking a close look at how these two fighters stack up against one another. Below is a quick look at some of the most important numbers these men are bringing with them into the ring.

Mir vs. Pulev Preview

Triller has established itself as one of the more unusual combat sports promotions operating today. It was here that social media star Jake Paul made a name for himself in boxing. Not everyone is a fan of how Triller operates, yet there is no doubt the promotion works hard to generate viewers.

This Saturday’s fight between Frank Mir and Kubrat Pulev should be an exciting one. One great way to form a prediction on this fight is to look at their stats. Check them out below!

Frank Mir Kubrat Pulev
Age 42 40
Height 6’3″ 6’4″
Reach 79″ 80″
Total Fights 33 30
Record 19-14 28-2
Knockouts 5 14

These numbers are interesting for a number of reasons. On a physical level, these two men are very evenly-matched. Pulev stands one inch taller and has a very slight reach advantage. He is also two years younger than Mir, yet both men are clearly past their physical primes.

The career statistics between them are what really stand out. Both men have competed in combat sports for many years. There is no doubt that Pulev has a more impressive combat sports record. He is 28-2, which appears much more impressive than Mir’s 19-14 fighting record. That alone had an effect on the odds set by various online boxing betting sites.

It’s hard to compare these records in any meaningful way. Mir was thrown to many of the best heavyweight fighters in the world from his first few bouts in MMA. Pulev likely faced a huge number of sup-par opponents through his ranks in boxing.

I still expect these numbers to have a major impact on the Mir vs. Pulev betting pick that most fans come up with. Everything seems to be favoring Pulev leading into fight night. That is especially true when considering that Frank Mir is unable to use his best skills in this fight.

Both of these fighters will come into this fight with specific game plans in mind. Here’s a quick look at how I see each man approaching this exciting bout.

Frank’s Goal

Longtime MMA fans will remember Frank Mir for his incredible submission skills. Mir was never really considered an elite striker, yet he did manage to defeat several of his opponents using impressive striking techniques. He’ll need to hope that his hand skills are enough to get the win over a very tough opponent this Saturday.

I believe that Mir will try to take advantage of the unique rule set for this bout. He won’t want to get in a pure boxing match against Pulev. Instead, he should try to throw unorthodox techniques such as spinning backfists and superman punches as often as possible to throw Pulev off his game.

Once Kubrat is confused, setting up more traditional boxing punches will be much easier for Mir. He should do his best to pin Pulev against the corner of the triangle where his opponent’s power will be negated. From there, he can look to land a swarm of punches that lead to a TKO finish.

Kubrat’s Goal

Just about everyone agrees that Pulev is the more skilled boxer here. He has been throwing his hands for decades and has victories over many elite boxers. Expect to see Kubrat trying to make this into a traditional boxing match where he has the upper hand.

Pulev should attempt to take the center of the ring, landing hard shots to the body and head of Frank Mir. He will not want to get pushed around by a man who has been grappling his entire life. Pulev needs to take charge of the ring, mixing up his punches to keep Mir constantly guessing what will come next.

Kubrat will need to keep an eye out for the unorthodox punches that Mir is likely to throw his way. If he is not careful, he could get caught with one of those shots. Making this a traditional boxing match will be a key to victory for the Bulgarian slugger.

Final Mir vs. Pulev Betting Pick

Triller’s event this Saturday night has fans divided. Some seem annoyed with the promotion’s constant attempts to change the way combat sports operates. Others seem intrigued with the unique rule set and want to see how Mir and Pulev stack up against one another.

It took some careful consideration to come up with my own Mir vs. Pulev betting pick. I believe that both fighters have the skills to get their hand raised. One man simply has the bigger advantages leading into this fight.

Check out my official prediction below!

Kubrat Pulev wins via 5th-round TKO

It’s hard to imagine Kubrat Pulev not getting the win over Frank Mir. It wasn’t long ago that he was competing for one of the most prestigious titles in all of boxing. He is an elite boxer and should be able to find a knockout shot before the final bell rings.

The unique rule set may help Mir find some success. Allowing punches in the clinch, in particular, will likely have somewhat of an effect. It won’t be enough for Mir to pull off a monumental upset.

Pulev will begin to pick Mir apart as the rounds go on. In the fifth, he will time a hard right hand that puts Mir down. A flurry of punches from there will signal the end of the bout and a TKO win for Kubrat.


I can see why some fans of MMA would take issue with my Mir vs. Pulev betting pick. The unusual rules set in place could allow Frank to earn the win. We won’t know how much of an impact this rule change will have until the fight actually begins.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to find a full list of odds for this fight. Some unique prop betting odds are being offered on this matchup. Feel free to check out my in-depth betting prediction for Teofimo Lopez and George Kambobos Jr. here, too!

What do you think of my Mir vs. Pulev betting pick? Does Mir have what it takes to earn the upset win? Let me know in the comments section below.

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