North vs. GODSENT Betting Predictions – Odds, Picks and Value

Let’s not beat around the bushes here. We have no time to waste so let’s jump straight to action; straight to our North vs. GODSENT picks!

North vs. GODSENT Betting Predictions

DreamHack Masters Winter group stage is coming to an end. There are just four group stage matches left, one of which we’re focusing on here! Heroic, Mousesports, Gambit, and FURIA are already through to the quarterfinals. The best of North vs. GODSENT is set to play against Heroic in the quarterfinals. Both teams will fancy their chances, that’s for sure, but only one of them will have the privilege to challenge ropz and the mouz boys.

If you don’t have a lot of time, you can skip to our North vs. GODSENT picks located near the end of the piece. If you’re here for the full elaborate, feast your eyes:


If you’ve been spending a lot of time betting on CSGO these last few weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in a tough losing streak at the moment. The scene was packed with major upsets, ranging from Flashpoint and BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, all the way to DreamHack Masters. Online events are known for their chaotic results, but this was way more than any of us expected.

GODSENT served a major upset in the opening round by defeating Astralis 2:1 in what was a properly twisted match. They gave Mousesports a run for their money too, but in-form frozen was having none of it.

Now they have to square off against North, a team that was stomped by FURIA in the opening round; a team that barely made it through against Nemiga. I’m not saying North is bad, I’m just stating the cold hard facts. And, let’s face it, North are yet to show their true face on this event.

Map Depth

Statistically, GODSENT is the winner in this department… but with the slightest of margins, well into the statistical error territory. But, map statistics don’t tell a full picture as far as CSGO picks are concerned… especially when we’re talking about North who’ve just recently had a roster alteration. GODSENT’s biggest advantage are on Inferno and Overpass. Vertigo and Train should go in favor of North, and everything else is more or less in a deadlock.

As far as head to head matches go, GODSENT has been slightly better this year. Three encounters in total and GODSENT has taken two. Although, I have to point out the most recent encounter (10ish days ago) where North took GODSENT down on Train and Inferno with an easy 2:0 on the scoreboard. So yeah, looks like our North vs. GODSENT picks are more complex than we had initially thought.

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

ZehN and farlig have been the best GODSENT players in these last few months. They have no real results to show off, but individually, those two players have been at the top of their game. If GODSDENT is to overcome North and reach the quarterfinals, ZehN and farlig will have to step up for the occasion.

When talking about North, we have to address their recent roster alteration. As you may know, North acquired kreaz and recalled kristou who was on loan at AGF. DreamHack Masters Winter is the first event with this freshly altered roster, and we have to take that into consideration for our North vs. GODSENT picks!

North vs. GODSENT Pick

GODSENT has to win this one, otherwise, that opening-round win against Astralis will go to waste! Who knows – if they go through to the quarterfinals against Mousesports, they might even get back for that upper bracket defeat. Even though I doubted their efficiency prior to the Astralis match, GODSENT showed impressive tenacity and strats. Alongside Gambit, GODSENT is the biggest surprise of the event, for sure!

North will be a tough team to beat. They are yet to show up for this event, but their map pool depth suggests they’ll probably cause a lot of problems for GODSENT. I for one believe -223 on GODSENT to win isn’t the greatest value… but it’s the best option in this matchup. We have to work with what we have, fellas!

Odds: -223
$100 Could Win You...$144.84

Other Interesting CSGO Bets

Let’s have a quick look at two additional CSGO betting opportunities. This part ought to be awesome for those of you who value accumulators!

G2 vs. Astralis Tips

G2 failed to impress on that final game against FURIA on Nuke. Sure, they got off on the wrong foot on the T-side, but that was expected, really. But, we all expected them to rise for the occasion in the second half. We all wanted to see Niko do his thing on the CT side of Nuke… but it never happened. The Brazilians swept through their defenses with fast-paced plays. If we’re being totally realistic here, G2 have defeated themselves today…

That said, I don’t think they’ll be able to pull a fast one by Astralis tomorrow. The Great Danes lost against GODSENT in the opening round, but looked outright brilliant ever since. They’re not invincible by any means but, unless all G2 players give their 120% tomorrow, I reckon they’ll go through!

Spirit vs. Cloud9 Tips

My money’s on Cloud9 here! The American organization finally managed to win a match, against ENCE of all teams. That opening-round loss against Gambit took everyone by surprise… but then again, Gambit stepped up for the occasion and is now considered as the biggest surprise of the event following their triumph over Complexity yesterday.

Long story short, Spirit is in fine form and they’ll definitely attack C9 right off the bat… but I somehow feel Cloud9 will string together their second win. I feel like I’m repeating myself but I just have to say it one more time – this new Cloud9 roster seems promising!

That said, we’re all done for today!

Thanks for reading and fingers crossed we get some of that green stuff tomorrow!

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