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Sprout vs. Faze Clan
Sprout vs. Faze Clan Pick – Faze Clan (-294)
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The first round of Flashpoint 2 matches has brought forth not one but two major upsets! The first one happened right off the bat; Vitality lost to Double Poney. The second came just a few hours ago with NiP losing to Anonymo. Yep, device’s debut for NiP ended up with a defeat against a relatively unknown team, though it was stained with technical difficulties that prevented NiP players from doing what they do best. Will the upsets continue in the lower bracket too? Every lower bracket round is an elimination round and our Sprout vs. Faze Clan tips are here to predict which of these two will say its farewells on Sunday!

Sprout vs. Faze Clan Betting Predictions

There’s everything to play for here! Both teams need a win to advance to the next round. The prize money isn’t as important as RMR points. Faze Clan are in a slightly better position thanks to the points they transferred over from RMR 2020… but that still doesn’t mean the bare minimum will do the trick here. Both have to give 120% on Sunday because every point counts towards the race to the CSGO Major later this year.
As far as CSGO bookies are concerned, they favor Faze Clan. And why wouldn’t they – both teams are in poor form but at least Faze Clan has top-notch players in their roster.

Recent Results

Sprout have won just one match in their last seven encounters. If we zoom out a bit further, we’ll notice a slightly greener pattern. But still, we’re talking about recent track records here and it’s safe to say the Germans aren’t playing well at the moment.
We can’t really say Faze Clan have been solid either! They have just seven competitive wins this year. That’s nothing when you take into account the fact they played more than 20 matches thus far. Can they turn a new page against Sprout? Well, they better do it or else we could see some players set sail for greener pastures.

Map Depth

The map pool suggests a tight encounter here! They have similar win rates across all maps, with permabans being the only exceptions. But, as such, Overpass and Vertigo don’t even matter here. I fancy Faze Clan’s chances on Mirage, though, assuming they pick it right off the bat. As for Sprout, they’re going to cause havoc on Train. If Nuke gets to be the decider, Sprout could go all the way… though Faze Clan ought to have prepared something for this scenario.

Individual Qualities

This here section was always going to go in favor of Faze Clan. On paper, they have one of the best rosters out there! They are packed with raw talent and CSGO experience; only a few teams out there can go head to head with Faze Clan when it comes to that. Even without NiKo, Faze Clan’s roster is a force to be reckoned with… it’s just that they’re in poor form.

I doubt their poor form will jeopardize their win against Sprout. The Germans are in poor form too. They got absolutely destroyed by Heroic and I reckon Faze Clan will give them a similar treatment as well.

All things considered, I guess it’s time for us to wrap this puppy up:

Pick: Faze Clan
Odds: -294
$100 Could Win You...$134

I know, -294 might not bring you massive profits… but hey, look at it this way, there’s no way Faze Clan lose this one! They played well against G2, and their lack of luck (perhaps that’s not the best phrase to describe it) ought to brush off on this match.
There you have it, guys! That’s all for our Sprout vs. Faze Clan predictions. We hope to see you again soon!
Until then, may the odds be in your favor!

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