UEFA EURO 2020 Final Betting Pick: England vs. Italy

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England vs. Italy Pick: Italy to Lift the Trophy (+100)
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The grand finale of UEFA EURO 2020 is just two days away, boys and girls! July 11th is the special day; England vs. Italy is the matchup, and our predictions are here to take care of the rest! The grandiose Wembley stadium in London is the location and, needless to say, the home turf advantage is on England’s side.

But, Italy has been the best team on the event thus far. Despite Sterling’s penalty dive in the semifinals, England has been the better team and fully deserve a spot in the grand finals. As a matter of fact, the two best teams are for once playing in the grand finals.

That said, a proper soccer clash is guaranteed! The whole world will be watching, that’s for sure. If you’re going to be watching too, you might as well spice things up with a bet or two!

Where to Bet on EURO 2020 Finals?

You can’t make a mistake as far as EURO 2020 betting goes. The whole event, from start to finish, had exceptional betting coverage. We’re talking about numerous live betting options, a truckload of props, and excellent moneylines. Nothing surprising here, really, considering it’s among the biggest sporting events this year.

As for betting on EURO 2020 Finals, there’s an abundance of options both left and right. But, not all are offered by top-tier bookmakers. In fact, shady websites have been incentivizing new users during the EURO with ridiculously high odd. In the background, though, typically lies a subpar betting platform, often without necessary betting licenses or any proof of actually paying their users out.

If you don’t want to finish on that end of the betting spectrum, have a look at our best soccer bookies piece. It’s all about the 2021 top guns; platforms that have a reputation of delivering an exceptional soccer betting experience, be it for EURO, Champions League, or other top-tier soccer competitions.

Football is One Match Away from Coming Home

We won’t talk about Sterling’s dive here, no worries. We will concentrate on the way England have been playing on this tournament… and the fact of the matter is they’ve been pretty solid. Thus far, they’ve beaten Croatia and the Czech Republic on the group stage. Germany was on the edge of their blade in ro16, Ukraine in the quarterfinals. Denmark proved to be too tough of a cookie for regular time, but England was the better team and deservingly went through to the finals.

But… and there’s a big one, I am not sure they can pull off another impeccable match and use Wembley’s home turf atmosphere to lift the trophy on Sunday. And I don’t think so because they lack quality. The quality is definitely there.

I think their lack of experience as a team will cost them the title, more so than the humongous expectations fueled by their cocky fans and the UK media. This is one of the youngest England’s rosters ever, coming in at below 25 years on average, with fifteen of twenty-six players yet to play for England in a major tournament.

So far, though, England’s youngsters have been ruthless! But, this is going to be the biggest match of their careers, and such pressure often comes with extra weight on the shoulders and twitchy legs.

That’s basically it! There’s no point in talking about the tactics, rosters, and whatnot. We all know this is going to be a close match no matter who Southgate and Mancini send out on Sunday. We’re going to be in for a beautiful game of soccer, so we better enjoy it and hope it delivers in the action department!

Can Italy do the World a Big Favor?

Let’s face it; the whole world is going to be cheering for Italy cometh the Sunday kickoff. The rude English press, their cocky fans, and dive-friendly players are the thorn in the eyes of soccer fans worldwide. By defeating England in the grand finale and stealing the title right in their own backyard, Italy would be doing the world a big favor.

But, can Italy achieve what seems like an uphill struggle from the very first minute?

Well, if I could’ve picked England’s grand finale opponent at the start of the tournament, it would’ve been France. But, if we’re talking post-group stage, I would have definitely gone with Italy. They were on a whole different level in the group stage and, though they had their issues with Austria, kept their cool throughout the knockout stage.

Federico Chiesa is perhaps the biggest discovery of this tournament. The prolific 23-year-old striker playing for Juve already has two goals to his tally, both of which were of crucial importance for Italy’s grand finale run. If he manages to keep his cool under pressure of such a massive game, we might even see him score. He’s a world-class finisher, and we all know England’s defense isn’t going to be able to hold him off for the full 90 minutes.

Mancini’s men are well-balanced; the Italian strategist knows how to set up gameplay no matter who’s on the opposing end. His experience in top-notch contests will surely be a big advantage over Southgate. But, is that enough to eliminate England’s home turf advantage and give Italy the upper hand? Let’s wrap up our England vs. Italy predictions!

England vs. Italy Betting Predictions

Like I mentioned in the intro, the two best teams are competing in the grand finals! Although England is being labeled as the favorite, mostly due to the home turf advantage, I fully believe Mancini’s men will snatch the title, one way or another.

What does the latter mean? Well, this could finish in just 90 minutes, but it might very well go to the lengths of extra time, even penalties. No matter when it ends, Italy will be on the winning side and lift the trophy

Pick: Italy - Trophy
Odds: +100
$100 Could Win You...$200.00

At +200, Italy to win in regular time seems like a sweet deal. If you’re a risk-taker, by all means, be my guest. However, we’re going with a slightly more valuable option here. It’s less risky and, at +100, delivers a solid return no matter which stakes you opt for.

Best Prop Bets for UEFA EURO 2020 Finals

There are lots of prop bets available for the UEFA EURO 2020 finals. Here’s a look at the most interesting options available at Betway:

Rashford to Score and Both Teams to Score at +425

Chiellini and Bonucci have been nothing but superb for Italy. Their rock-solid defending is a key factor for Italy’s success. However, their legs ought to be heavy after 70 minutes of

Chiesa to Score and Italy to Lift the Trophy at +650

Chiesa has been absolutely clinical in front of the goal in the last two matches. He’s turning into Italy’s designated striker alongside Ciro Immobile, and I, for one, think his coldness in front of the goal will help him push one behind Pickford.

As stated earlier, Italy should win this. England are a top-quality side, but Italy has been on a different level since the start of this EURO. Combine the two wages and you got yourself a sweet +650 deal. We’re talking about a low-stake investment here, but one with a hefty return.

Both Teams Total Cards 1.5 (each) Over at +160

This is arguably the safest bet here! It’s the grand finale of a major event and things are bound to get chaotic pretty soon. Plus, both sets of players are dive-friendly, meaning we’re likely to see one or two forced cards too. Whether they’re forced or a result of aggressive defending, one thing is certain – at +160, this is the best UEFA EURO 2020 Grand Final prop you’ll find.

There you have it! That’d be all from our England vs. Italy picks! I hope you found the information you were looking for, and best of luck with your UEFA EURO 2020 grand final bets!

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