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Pick: Total Maps Over 2.5
Odds: -103
$100 Could Win You...$197.09 vs. NaVi matchup brings forth the good old CIS rivalry. And what a time to have it, really, with both teams in impressive form, ready to snap back at each other in proper fashion tomorrow! Even though the matchup is as thrilling as they come, vs. NaVi predictions are pretty messed up…

Obviously, Natus Vincere are the favorites, but’s tenacity makes them a tough team to play against. Truth be told, Ninjas in Pyjamas outclassed them on Overpass and Dust 2 yesterday, so they do have their weaknesses. I guess it’s up to NaVi players to recognize and exploit them.

Can they do that? Can they continue their impressive run of eight consecutive victories? Can S1mple give us another one of those matches?

We’re looking at a story with many ifs! If S1mple can pull all the strings, if stays too passive and succumb to the pressure, if the chicken crosses the road… These two have some serious snowball potential in their rosters, which is why we need to step back and look at all crucial factors before placing our bets.

Let’s begin! vs. NaVi Betting Predictions

Coming into this tournament, Natus Vincere sits at the top spot of the world rankings. are at the fifth spot, making this match one of the most important matches in quite a while.

Looking forward to the next round, this matchup crosses with FURIA vs. NiP. The Swedes should take that one, meaning the winner of vs. NaVi will go up against them in the second round.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. We’re here to bet on CSGO! We’re here to discuss vs. NaVi predictions and that is what we shall do from now on!

Map Depth

As mentioned earlier, both teams belong to the upper echelons of competitive CSGO at the moment. Both have impressive winning sprees and it’s no wonder their map pool stats look pretty sweet. There are some discrepancies though! Nuke is going to be a wet fantasy for NaVi, but VP ought to ban it right away. The same can be said about VP’s Vertigo. It’s also going to be hit with the ban hammer right off the bat.

What will these two teams play on? Well, Dust 2, Mirage, and Train seem about right. All three of these maps are high percentage options for both teams. This one really could go either way. Come to think of it, our vs. NaVi predictions still haven’t figured anything out. I mean, the stats are pointing to the decider map, but nothing is certain just yet.

Let’s continue digging and see if there’s any other info worth our while:


Both teams are in splendid form! have won three consecutive events in late 2020 and early 2021; Flashpoint S2, DreamHack Open December, and CS_Summit 7. NaVi, on the other hand, clinched BLAST Premier Global Final title and are looking for more of the same here. They are the IEM World Championship reigning champions. Slapping the title out of their hands is going to be a hefty task…

Head-to-head matches have to be emphasized too since they reveal important facts for our vs. NaVi predictions. These two had two h2h matches last October; came out on top on both occasions. Both wins were 2:0. Talk about style, huh!?

Roster Strengths

Believe it or not, it’s tough to call this one. S1mple is the obvious reason as to why. You see, in-form feeds off two key players – YEKINDAR and jame. They are the go-to fraggers, the round-deciders, the catalysts. If they’re playing well, will have a shot at winning any given game.

However, the same can be said about S1mple too. And mind you, he’s just one player. NaVi (in most cases) just needs S1mple to show up at his best. The rest of the team is always capable of providing support for the fantastic Ukrainian. Last two head-to-head matches depict NaVi’s issues with blocking their game plan. If that happens again, we might be in for another 2:0 blowout for Jame and the VP boys. vs. NaVi Picks

I just couldn’t go id, fellas! I couldn’t decide. On one end, is in fantastic form and are in front of the perfect opportunity to snatch the top spot in CIS. On the other end, there’s in-form NaVi who haven’t lost a single match in eight, and are looking confident in acquiring a few more wins while they’re at it.

Even though I won’t be at all surprised if clinch the upset, I have to admit I’m leaning towards NaVi here. When everything’s said and done, they still have one major ace up their sleeve – S1mple. His brilliance ought to be the deciding nuance here…

But, it’s too risky. Total maps over 2.5 at -103 is what my money will be on tomorrow! Both teams are more than capable to snatch their map picks, and the decider ought to refuel the flame of the biggest CIS rivalry in CSGO.

Total Maps Over 2.5 (-103)
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