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Flashpoint Season 2 group stage is all but done! We still have three exciting matches to watch before The Last Chance Stage. These three group stage matches don’t decide who’s going through to the playoffs but do decide the seeding system. Teams still have a lot to play for, which is what makes vs. OG picks so complex.

Realistically, OG and were the heavy favorites in group C. VP took that flattering title seriously and defended it with two wins that got them where they are now. OG had to take the more difficult road, through the lower bracket. They defeated Cloud9 in a match I honestly thought they’d lose. They stomped over Gen.G later on, and are now ready to snatch the top seed spot. vs. OG Picks

Ultimately, these two teams are fighting for one thing – an easier opponent in the playoffs. Of course, there’s pride in the mix too, but it mostly comes down to the seeding priority. Top seeds get to play against last chance stage winners, which (in essence) equals an easier selection of possible teams. We’re talking “on-paper easier” here, mind you, a term all you CSGO betting enthusiasts must be very familiar with.

Recent Results

To better understand both sides, we need to take a closer look at their recent results. I’ve already walked you through the group stage so we’ll take this section of our vs. OG picks to go a bit further back.

OG’s 2020 saw them come close to winning a real trophy… It would’ve been an amazing feat, especially for such a young organization. Their best campaign was IEM XV New York last month, when they got into the grand finals, only to lose against Faze Clan. Fun fact – that was last Faze Clan’s trophy with NiKo still in the roster. hasn’t played on that many top-tier events this year. They’ve gone through a chaotic roster alteration that saw them part ways with their legendary Polish roster. They had opted for AVANGAR’s roster but made slight alterations along the way.

Good alterations, mind you – YEKINDAR is proving to be a proper asset for VP, possessing great game IQ and massive development potential. They’re coming off a rough grand final heartbreak against Gambit on LOOT.BET CS Season 8, but had won IEM XV New York CIS just two weeks earlier. Virtus. Pro seems to be in better overall form, but they’ve been playing against much weaker opponents than OG. Yep, this will complicate our vs. OG picks even further…

Player Form

Form-wise, I reckon there’s nothing separating these two sets of players. Individually, we can point out mantuu for OG and YEKINDAR for Jame is always in the equation; he always has to be taken into account. I still consider him to be >one of the best AWPers out there, and you should too…

Both teams have plenty of experience in top-tier events. A team featuring Mantuu, Aleksib, and NBK (among others) on one end, and Major-finalists on the other end. Now that’s what we can call raw experience, right?

So yeah, there’s no separating these two sets of players as far as individual forms are concerned. Let’s hop into the next section to see what sort of value can we extract for our vs. OG picks!

Map Pool Depth

Usually, is excellent in Bo3s against teams that aren’t good on Dust 2 or Inferno. Unfortunately for Jame and the boys, OG are above 50% on both maps. In fact, the only map OG has less than 50% is Nuke. We’re talking raw stats based on matches in the last three months.

Nuke is typically’s permaban, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave it for OG to decide. A short look at the overall map pool stats might suggest’s superiority, but you have to account for the fact their opposition were typically lower-rated CIS teams whereas OG played against much more competitive European teams.

Wrapping Things Up

What’s there to conclude? We haven’t really found that much valuable info that points in one team’s direction. Everything seems to be separated by nuances, and that’s what makes vs. OG picks that scary. But, I guess I have to give you something to work with…

Here’s what’s up: are the slightest of favorites according to most esports bookmakers… and rightly so, if I may add. They’re in better form, be it for a lack of quality opposition, but wins bring forth more wins, and that’s what I hope will skew this match in VP’s favor.

Odds: -154
$100 Could Win You...$164.94

With those words, I reckon we’re all done with our work here. There’s one thing I’d like to make clear in the end – don’t invest too much money into this one. Both teams are through to the playoffs, and the difference can be measured in nuances… These types of matches are always tricky to call.

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