Multi-Tabling Online Tournaments

When you first try out multi-tabling online tournaments you
shouldn’t start by playing ten or more at once. The temptation
will always be there to do that, but, if you stick to one or two
at first you’ll learn them better, and be able to move forward
from there. If you start by playing one, in a few days you
should be able to handle two. After two in a week or so you
should be able to handle four. After about two months or so of
increasing your knowledge of multi-tabling tournaments you
should be able to find your threshold for how many you can play
at a time.

You have to find the balance where you can keep track
of everything that is going on, and make consistent informed
decisions. Most players don’t play more than 14-20 even
after hours upon hours of tournaments played because the amount
of money you lose can get very high if you don’t cash in them.
Also, playing more than that won’t allow you to make the
correct progressions throughout tournaments at the correct
times. If you are clicking non-stop and not thinking so much it
will hurt you in the long run. Tournaments are all about
consistency in play and making the right moves. If you are
playing too many you’ll lose that grasp on the game.

Deciding on Types of Tournaments

Online tournaments come in different variations as well. You
can play super turbo tournaments, turbo tournaments, regular
tournaments or slow blinds tournaments. You should choose the
one that best suits you, and the ones that you’ll have enough
time to play. If you enter super turbo tournaments it will come
down to gambling, and these will be hit or miss almost every
time. You’ll either run good or run bad, and that will
determine if you make money or not. You should stay away from
this style, because money can go very quickly and there’s less
strategy and play involved in them. Especially, if you decide to
multi-table these, money can almost evaporate from your bankroll
within minutes.

Avoiding tournaments with slow blind structures will make a
big difference in the long run. Often times these will take
around 20 hours or more to complete, even with a small field of
players. These will be profitable in the long term, but, not too
many players play them and very few people have the kind of
patience it takes for them. There are less fish playing these
and even if there are a number of fish it will take longer to
exploit them because the blinds go by so slowly.

The two types of tournaments most and almost all players will play are the
turbo tournaments and the regular blinds level tournaments.
These two types of tournaments won’t take forever and if you
employ the right strategies, you’ll be able to turn profits
when multi-tabling in poker.

Setting Up Your Tournaments

When multi-tabling a turbo tournament or regular blinds level
tournament you should try and start all of the tables around the
same times. If you can play 6-20 of them within an hour or two
of each other, you’ll have the right mindset on what needs to
be done at specific times. Often times the best time to play
these are on Sundays.

No matter what poker sites you play on, almost
every site will have a big Sunday guarantee tournament that
starts around the same time. This is the best time where you can
practice multi-tabling at lower up to higher level buy-ins. Many
online poker players will play throughout the entire day on Sunday
simply because the most fish will sit and play and you can make
the most money. The prize pools will be worth the time and money
invested. Also, if you choose Sunday to test out multi-tabling
you’ll have more options as far as turbo or regular
tournaments. If you don’t cash in a few of them you can play
more of them. On weekdays if you play tournaments, you won’t
have the option to play more of them.

Getting Comfortable and Maximizing Profits

Finding a comfort zone that’s best suitable for you is the
most important thing when multi-tabling. If you multi-table
tournaments and choose it as a full time job, you want to
maximize your profits and minimize losses. If you are playing
more tables than you can handle you’ll always maximize your
losses. If you are playing too few tables you won’t
maximize your profits.

The ability to know what you are able
and not able to do is hard for most to comprehend, but, with
practice you should be able to figure it out. It will take two
months or so of playing every day until you’ll be able to find
your comfort zone. For some it will be four or five tables at
once, and for others it will be more. To become a winning
multi-table tournament player online it takes a lot of hard work
and dedication. If you don’t put in the time, in the long run
you won’t see the results you want.

Once you get used to multi-tabling tournaments you should be
able to make money doing it. Most times even if you are one of
the best players you won’t cash in 80% of the games and that’s a risk you should be willing to take when playing these. The
reason is because when it comes to cashing or winning
tournaments you have to be able to persevere and fight
throughout them. Once you can grasp a never say die attitude
when playing tournaments you’ll be able to win and possibly
win a lot of money.

The first or any tournament you end up
winning you could have lost 90% of your stack in the first ten
minutes, you never know. It’s worth it in the end because the
more time you put in and the better you get at multi-tabling,
eventually you’ll win. Even if you were breaking even for a
long stretch of time one win can change everything from the
stakes you are playing to the money you are making.

If you choose to multi-table you need a lot of focus for long hours
grinding away. One win will give your bankroll a big boost and
give you confidence. Once you have been there, won a tournament,
and know what it takes you can get back there and do it again.