Best California Online Poker Sites

California is known for having one of the largest casino industries in the country. There are a huge number of land-based casinos offering poker rooms and games. In recent years, more residents in CA have been looking at ways to play real money poker online. Today, our team of gambling experts is going to explain how you can find the best real money California poker sites currently operating.

Not interested in reading about all of this? No problem. Below are some of the best poker sites in California that are operating right now. Check them out now and see what’s available!

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As many already know, a huge number of great poker sites are available in California right now. Some of you may have a difficult time choosing which one to join. We’ll help out by offering a few steps you can take to find a safe and fun poker website.

It can be a little difficult finding information on the legality of these websites. Later on down this page, we’re going to dive into the legal situation surrounding online poker gambling in California.

There are some great poker gambling options in California. This includes online poker options!

Here’s How to Find Great California Poker Sites

As we’ve already said, California is home to a huge number of great poker websites. In fact, most of the ones operating here today are safe. But some, unfortunately, have gained reputations for being a little shady.

It’s important to be able to tell the difference. There are a few features that only the best California poker sites will offer. Below are some steps you can take to ensure that the site you join is safe.

Compare Reviews From Trusted Sources

California Poker Chip Inside Poker Chip
One of the very best ways to learn about CA poker sites is to read in-depth reviews about them. There are reviews out there for just about every single online poker site. A good review will let you know about a site’s payment options and available games.

You can take a look at our gambling site reviews page today. We’ll be the first to let you know if a site is worth playing through or not. It’s always a good idea to read information about these California poker sites before you decide to join them.

Spend Time Looking at Different Payment Systems

Nothing is more about your safety when gambling over the internet. It’s very important to only play through sites that will protect your money. Make sure you spend time looking at the payment options available at a few different poker sites in California.

The best poker websites allow deposits to be made using debit and credit cards. Generally speaking, online poker sites usually only allow withdrawals to be made using Bitcoin. The most crucial thing is finding sites that will always allow you to collect your winnings.

Make Sure the Games You Want to Play Are Available

As most gamblers know, there are many different forms of poker out there. Some individuals love one kind of poker game and others like a different one. All California poker sites are known for offering different poker gambling options.

This may seem obvious, yet you should always make sure the site you are interested in playing at offers the poker games you want to play. This should be easy to find out. Most internet poker websites list their games directly on the site’s homepage.

Look for Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions have helped many California poker sites grow over the years. Essentially, these are online casino bonuses that help to add money into your account. We think it’s a good idea to check out all of the different promotional offers being offered through different sites.

Some of these can seriously boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. Others can actually make it difficult to collect your winnings. Spend a few minutes looking at the promotions that different real money California poker sites are offering right now.

Why Poker Sites in California Are Becoming More Popular

It’s become very clear that the online gambling industry is growing rapidly every year. More people are recognizing how fun and easy it is to make wagers online. This is especially true with online poker gambling.

California Poker Cards
There was a time when poker games were freely available to play online. Eventually, the government passed laws that made it more difficult for poker sites to operate in the country. Despite this, the industry continues to grow every single month.

One of the main reasons people play poker online is the convenience that these websites offer. There are a huge number of land-based casinos that have poker rooms in CA. Not everyone wants to make the drive to one of these places just to place some bets, though.

California poker sites allow you to play from anywhere in the state with an internet connection. Most also offer solid mobile gambling platforms that allow you to gamble using a phone. The convenience of these sites are attractive for gamblers across the state.

The sheer number of poker games has also helped this industry grow quickly. Many who are new to this form of gambling are astounded to see how many different games are available online. Some poker sites in California are known for offering more games than others.

There are a huge number of different reasons why online poker gambling is growing more popular. It’s a fun option and more people are starting to realize its value. Check out some of the sites we recommend at the top of this page to see for yourself why the industry is booming right now.

List of Land-Based Real Money Poker Rooms in California

California, like many other states in the country, allows Native American casinos to operate. Today, there are a huge number of these in the country, most of which offer real money poker games. Below are the names and locations of the 10 best land-based poker rooms in the state of California.

  • Viejas Casino Resort: Alpine
  • Pala Casino Resort and Spa: Pala
  • Win-River Resort and Casino: Redding
  • Pechanga Resort and Casino: Temecula
  • Cache Creek Casino Resort: Brooks
  • San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino: Highland
  • Thunder Valley Casino: Lincoln
  • Morongo Casino Resort and Spa: Cabazon
  • Red Hawk Casino: Placerville
  • Barona Resort and Casino: Lakeside

All of the poker rooms above are fantastic. They all offer great poker gambling options and some host tournaments for hefty jackpot prizes. If you’re in any of the cities above, make sure to check out the local casino!

Legality of Poker Sites in California

California is known for being a liberal state. In many ways, this liberal attitude is applied to the gambling industry. There are many real money casinos throughout the state of California, most of which help to bring valuable revenue to the local economy.

Laws towards real money online poker sites in California are a little ambiguous. It’s a shame, as there have been several attempts to start regulating the state’s internet poker industry. Unfortunately, none of these have made it through the House and Senate.

As of now, there are no laws in the state that explicitly prohibit online poker gambling in California. There are, however, laws set in place that ban residents in the state from operating poker sites. For that reason, all of the poker websites here are based in other countries.

SB 678, a bill presented in California back in 2013, would have officially legalized and regulated online poker. This was eventually pushed away due to lobbying from Native American tribes in the state who worry these sites will take away from their revenue.

The main point to keep in mind is that no laws in the state even mention online gambling. And because of the lack of specific legislation, most believe it’s allowed.

Will I Get in Trouble for Playing at Poker Sites in California?

It’s highly unlikely. California is a gambling-friendly state and no laws are set in place here that prohibits playing at California poker sites. As long as you aren’t operating your own poker website here, you’ll probably be fine.

*We are not lawyers. Reach out to a law professional for more information about the specific online casino laws in California.*

Here’s How to Stay Safe Playing at California Online Poker Sites

Relatively speaking, the US online poker industry is fairly new. These poker websites have only been operating for a couple of decades and many are just beginning to understand how the industry works. For that reason, some have concerns about safety when first getting into online poker gambling.

The great thing is that almost all online poker sites in California are completely safe. Those that aren’t are generally blacklisted. Below are just a few simple tips that will help to ensure your online poker gaming experience is nothing but fun.

Make Sure to Join a Reputable Poker Site

As long as you do this, there’s a very good chance you’ll never encounter any issues. Joining a bad site, however, can be disastrous. Always research the real money California poker sites that you’re interested in before deciding to join it.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Your Betting

California State Flag
Sometimes, bettors themselves are their own worst enemies. It can be easy to wager too much too quickly, and many end up losing more money than they anticipated. We recommend that you keep track of how much you are betting and make sure you are properly managing your poker bankroll. If you realize things are getting out of hand, take a break for a little while.

Utilize Customer Support When Necessary

Our team believes that a good customer support system is one of the most important features of a gambling site. With that in mind, you should always use this feature when you come across an issue. The best California poker sites will always be available to answer your questions.

Understand How All Promotions Work

Promotions are incredible tools to boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. Sometimes, however, these can make it very difficult to collect your money. It’s very important that you understand how all promotions work before you use them. If you don’t you may end up with some annoyances.

Stick to the Games That You Understand

One of the best ways to avoid losing large amounts of money is by playing games you actually understand. As most already know, there are a huge number of different poker variations available today. Only playing the games you understand will help your chances of winning.

By keeping these five tips in mind, there’s a good chance you’ll never come across any issues while playing at poker sites in California.

FAQ About Online Poker Gambling in California

Will Lawmakers Ever Choose to Regulate CA Online Poker Sites?

It’s unclear. Over the past decade, there have been many different bills presented to legalize and regulate internet poker gambling. None have been approved. It seems likely that this will change over the next few years.

How Much Real Money Can I Win Playing at Poker Sites in California?

This all depends on you and your gambling style. Some are able to win a huge amount of money every single month. Your odds of winning will increase when playing the games you know about and understand.

What Are the Best Online Poker Sites in California?

Many seem to have their own opinion on this. For now, our team highly recommends both Bovada and Ignition Poker. These sites are safe and offer some great poker gambling options for all of their members.

Is Online Poker Easier Than Land-Based Poker Gambling?

That’s difficult to say. Some professionals claim that it’s a different experience, as you aren’t able to read players in-person. In reality, though, the ability to win is exactly the same. In terms of convenience, online poker sites are significantly easier.

Why Should I Play at California Poker Sites?

The choice to play online poker for money in California is always yours! If you love playing poker but don’t enjoy making the trip to a local land-based casino, these poker sites are probably the best option for you. Check a few of them out and you’ll see why they’re growing so popular.

Conclusion on Real Money California Poker Sites

California is a great state to be a poker fan in. Right now, a huge number of fantastic online poker gambling options are available here. In time, these websites may become regulated and taxed by the state.

Laws towards the online poker industry can change extremely quickly. Feel free to follow our gambling news page for updates on the legal situation as it changes. We’ll let you know when the state’s regulations regarding online poker rooms are updated.

Reach out to our team with any additional questions. Good luck placing your real money poker bets!