Best Connecticut Poker Sites for 2021

For many residents of Connecticut, poker is a favorite table game that has been played for decades in both homes and land-based casinos. As technology continued to develop and the desire to play more flexibly began to grow, new alternatives were devised. Over the last few years, many players have moved to playing poker online in Connecticut because of the extreme ease and flexibility it offers. With real money online poker sites, many residents now have access to play.

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Today, we’ll show you what attributes to look for in a high-quality Connecticut poker website, help you identify the red flags you should watch out for, and help you decide which Connecticut poker site is right for you. By the end of this article, we’ll have introduced you to all the essential bits you need to know to get started playing online poker in Connecticut today.

Which Connecticut Online Poker Sites Are the Best?

We at pride ourselves on bringing you the most honest reviews and recommendations when it comes to online gambling. We have a team of experts who tirelessly comb through dozens of Connecticut poker sites to identify which ones will offer you the best overall experience. We are proud to present our selections for the best real money poker sites in Connecticut. Below the list, you’ll find a few of the criteria we used in making our selections. Feel free to use these in evaluating any other Connecticut online casinos with poker you may have in mind.

What Makes a Great Connecticut Poker Site?

Look for Lucrative Bonuses

BetOnline Poker BonusThe first big thing to look for when evaluating a Connecticut poker website is the quality of its new player signup bonuses. These are special deals given exclusively to new players to help lure gamblers away from the competition. New player bonuses can take many forms, but they can be extremely lucrative if leveraged correctly. Some bonuses will match your first deposit up to a certain percent. For example, offers a 100% poker welcome bonus up to $1000. What this means is that if you deposit $1,000, you’ll have an extra $1,000 added to your account. Other websites will offer odds boosts or cashback on your first bets. These are a little riskier as you aren’t guaranteed to get the bonus, but they can also be valuable in some cases.

Make Sure They Offer Flexible Payment Options

The best real money poker sites in Connecticut will offer lots of payment and payout options. Less trustworthy sites may be quick to take your money in any form but are much stingier when you go to make a withdrawal. You don’t want to get stuck with any Connecticut poker sites where you don’t feel confident in your ability to manage your bankroll. We looked for Connecticut online poker websites that offer a wide range of withdrawal options. Whether you are using cash or crypto, these sites will be able to smoothly and quickly process almost any kind of withdrawal. This is an attribute that can be overlooked but will contribute significantly to your peace of mind when playing online poker in Connecticut.

Insist on Exceptional Player Security

No discussion about Connecticut poker sites would be complete without discussing the importance of website security. You must choose a CT poker site that provides comprehensive encryption and state-of-the-art software to prevent intrusion from criminals. When you play real money poker online in Connecticut, there is always a least some risk, regardless of where you play. You can significantly minimize that risk by picking an excellent site. Our team of security experts has vetted all of the Connecticut poker sites on our list and each one is verified secure. You can be sure that if you play on any website we ever recommend, your experience will be completely safe.

Access to Big Tournaments

Another point of focus should be the size and quality of tournaments that Connecticut poker sites provide for you. Tournaments are large-scale events that involve anywhere from a few to hundreds of players in a massive game. Players compete against one another, slowly knocking each other out as they are narrowed down to the last few players. The real allure of tournaments is the massive pots and huge prizes that can be associated with winning one. If you are interested in playing poker online in Connecticut, chances are it is as least partially because of the opportunity to make money.

Winning tournaments is a vital keep to making money by playing real money online poker.

Excellent User Experience

Finally, just as with any online gambling site, user experience and the user interface are crucial to a player’s overall experience. You’ll be plenty stressed when playing high-stakes poker online, and there is no need to further complicate it by not knowing which button to press in a high-pressure situation. The sites that made our list have each built a player-centric user interface that is elegant, clean, and easy to use. The best thing about these sites is that they are all enjoyable to be on. Spending time on these Connecticut poker sites won’t feel like a chore and time will fly.

Why Is Online Poker Becoming So Popular in Connecticut?

Play Anywhere, Play Anytime

The first and most apparent reason that poker has become so popular in Connecticut is that real money online poker provides the players the opportunity to play anywhere, at any time, however they want. This means being able to get in a few quick hands while you are on the bus, waiting for a plane, or relaxing before bed. This unprecedented level of flexibility enables players who formerly had no time or access to real money poker. Conventionally, players are limited by their proximity to a land-based casino. The movement to online platforms has led to an explosion of popularity.

Learn the Ropes From Home

Poker on LaptopThe next massive benefit of playing on Connecticut poker sites is the ability to learn to play online poker from the comfort and safety of your own home. If you’ve ever seen a live game, poke can be a very intimidating environment for the new or the inexperienced. We recommend you start on a Connecticut poker site to cut your team and learn the ropes. Doing so will enable you to learn at your own pace while avoiding many of the bits that can make poker so tricky. Avoiding potential hecklers or critics that might rush you along will help you to focus on making the right play. Developing a solid foundation of skills by starting online is a sure way to set yourself up for future success when playing poker for real money.

More Games and Bigger Prizes

In addition to the value of tournaments we discussed earlier, Connecticut online poker sites have also become wildly popular because of the breadth of games they can offer, as well as the massive prizes players can win. If you go to your local land-based casino, you might find a handful of games and small stakes tournaments on a typical day. By contrast, Connecticut poker sites will provide you access to dozens of poker game types with different stakes, 24 hours a day. This access to more ways to enjoy the game of poker couples with the extreme flexibility of playing poker online in Connecticut have made for another driving factor in their popularity.

Limited Access to Land-Based Casinos

Finally, limited access to regular land-based casinos is also a significant driver of the move to online poker sites in Connecticut. One of the most significant advantages to real money online poker is the unprecedented access people have to play. Whereas residents were previously limited to gambling only if they lived near a casino, now, anyone from anywhere can access top-rated Connecticut poker sites on their computer or phone from anywhere they have service or access to the internet. This has served to greatly expand the number of players who can get into the game.

Land-Based Real Money Casinos in CT

Mohegan SunDespite the advantages of playing poker online, sometimes you just want to get together with your friends and hit the casino floor. Thankfully, Connecticut has you covered there too with a robust selection of beautiful land-based casinos. One of the most popular casino in Connecticut is the Mohegan Sun on the eastern side of the state, north of New London. This stunning casino resort can be seen from miles around with its iconic and modern design. They boast everything from quality real money gambling to golf to a hotel spa. Odds are, you’ll find just about anything you’re looking for at this gorgeous luxury resort.

Another popular option is the Foxwoods Resort and Casino, located in Mashantucket. This mega-resort is known for offering a wide array of entertainment options go-karts, a zipline, and even an escape room. You’ll find plenty to do in this sprawling resort, even if you’re interested in more than just gambling. Their massive hotel provides a perfect option for both vacationers, weekenders, and corporate retreats.

Is Online Poker Legal in Connecticut?

The best thing about the Connecticut poker sites we’ve recommended above is that all of them are legal in Connecticut. Despite the state lagging a bit behind in terms of their overall stance on online gambling, these sites are all perfectly safe and legit options for Connecticut residents to play real money poker online. The reason for this lies in the origin of the sites. Each of the sites is based outside the US for an excellent reason. Connecticut poker sites based outside the US are not subject to the same US federal and state laws as their US-based counterparts. Websites based in the US need to comply with a vast number of restrictive regulations that can make online gambling near impossible in some cases.

Since these sites are free from many of the US regulations that stifle online poker, you’ll have a much more comfortable and smoother experience playing on these sites. They will be easier to access, more user-friendly, and provide you with a superior poker environment. If you are concerned about using an “offshore” poker site, put your fears to rest. We’ve carefully vetted each of these Connecticut poker sites, and only the very best get our recommendation. Not only will these sites be just as safe as US sites, but in many cases, they are safer.

How Can I Stay Safe When Playing Online Poker in Connecticut?

Prioritize Site Security

When determining where to play online poker in Connecticut, the first step to staying safe is making sure you choose a site the puts security as their top priority. Real money Connecticut poker sites will always attract a certain number of criminals who are interested in stealing your money, your identity, or both. Good real money online poker sites will use cutting-edge software to prevent these crooks from getting access to any of your information. A fundamental part of our selection process in making our list was focusing on Connecticut poker sites that put player security first and stand behind their players if there ever is an issue.

Focus on Excellent Customer Service

The next step after good security is making sure your Connecticut online poker site will support you as a player. While it should be expected that high-quality online Connecticut poker sites should protect players from massive issues like a data breach, the value of overall customer service can sometimes be overlooked. Despite all the precautions taken, there is always some risk when you play poker online in Connecticut. The sites that made our list go out of their way to minimize issues, and they go above and beyond to take care of players when those small issues do arise. If your chosen Connecticut poker sites don’t make you feel like the most valuable player they have, it might be a sign that you need to find a better real money poker site.

Select the Right Connecticut Poker Sites

Connecticut State SealThe selection process should be one of the most critical steps in choosing where to play online poker in Connecticut. The site you choose will be the most impactful determining factor in your overall experience, so you want to make the right choice. Be sure to use the criteria we’ve discussed here to give yourself a baseline of what to look for. Refer to our guide on choosing a real money online poker site to help you decide which other factors are essential. Check out each platform and see which one is the best fit. While no two sites are going to be identical, you’ll see some prevailing themes among the best real money poker sites in Connecticut.

Choose Connecticut Poker Sites With Excellent Reviews

In addition to using guides like this one, a great source of information is reviews written by other online poker players. It’s a good idea to try and learn from other people’s mistakes whenever possible, and this is a perfect example. Many of the major issues that pop up will be visible in the comments, so read these before every signing up. Reading through other players’ experiences will give you a relatively accurate temperature of the site overall. If a particular site has issues with security, there are sure to be negative reviews about it. On the other hand, if a website has built a reputation for taking care of players, you’ll likely see that too.

Watch out for Scams

Finally, as evident as this advice may seem, it is vital to watch out for scams. As we’ve said, real money online poker can be a target for criminals, and you don’t want to be that unassuming player who gets taken. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for sketchy sites to promote outrageous deals or bonuses to try and trick players into signing up. In a lot of cases, as soon as you deposit money into these sites, your money is gone. In other cases, the scam is less overt, and you don’t find out it’s a scam until you are unable to withdraw your winnings. The best advice we can give you is to follow the adage that, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

Connecticut Poker Sites FAQ

Can I Legally Play Real Money Poker Online in Connecticut?

Yes. Residents can legally play real money poker online using a variety of reputable Connecticut gambling sites with poker like the ones we discussed above.

How Can I Protect Myself When Playing Online Poker?

The best way to protect yourself when you play online poker in Connecticut is to choose the right site to begin with. Playing on a high-quality site will provide more security and a better overall experience. Refer to our list of recommended sites to get started.

Is Online Poker a Good Way to Learn How to Play?

Yes. One of the best ways to learn how to play poker is to start on one of the many online Connecticut poker sites. Doing so allows you to avoid some of the more stressful aspects of poker that can make learning difficult.

How Do I Know Where to Play Poker Online in Connecticut?

While there are a variety of real money poker sites in Connecticut, the best are always going to have, at minimum, the criteria we outlined above. Each website that we recommend checks each of these boxes as well as having many other features that make them stand out.

Conclusion on Connecticut Online Poker

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something to love on any of the Connecticut poker sites recommended above. With a wide range of ways to play, real money online poker sites in Connecticut have become one of the fastest-growing segments of the online gaming industry. As more and more people seek to play real money online poker in the comfort of their homes, land-based casinos will continue to see a move away from in-person gambling into these tech-based alternatives.

Hopefully, you’ve learned more about what makes top-notch Connecticut poker sites the best around, learned how to spot the red flags, and ultimately, feel like you now know where to play online poker in Connecticut. Check back on for more info as we review additional Connecticut poker sites and publish lots of great info on how to play online poker. Gamble responsibly, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Good luck, and have fun!