Online Hawaii Poker Sites for 2021

If you live in the Paradise of the Pacific and love playing poker, you may be discouraged by the fact that there are no land-based poker rooms to play at throughout any of the state’s beautiful islands. There’s no need to feel down, though, as poker sites are the next best thing.

At this point, you’re probably wondering exactly where to play poker online in Hawaii. That’s exactly why we wrote this article. Here, we’ll go over the best Hawaii poker sites’ qualifications and provide advice for picking the right poker site and staying safe while playing poker online.

If you rather skip that information and start playing right away, you won’t go wrong with any of our recommended HI poker sites listed below.

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What Makes These the Best Hawaii Poker Sites

  • Several Kinds of Poker to Choose From
  • Access to Major Tournaments
  • Variety of Bonuses
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service Team
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform

Several Kinds of Poker to Choose From

If you’re reading this, you probably have a specific poker variant or two that you prefer to play. While Texas Hold’em is an all-around crowd pleaser, some prefer more obscure games like Boston or Pot-Limit Razz. No matter where you fall, you don’t have to worry. Every site we recommend has a wide selection of poker variants to choose from.

Access to Major Tournaments

Another qualification we have for the online Hawaii poker sites that we recommend is their accessibility to major tournaments. We want to see poker sites offering their own tournaments, but we also want to see them connecting with major tournaments around the globe like the World Series of Poker or the World Poker Tour.

Variety of Bonuses and VIP Rewards

Poker CardsBonuses are an excellent way to expand your bankroll at little to no cost to you. Real money Hawaii poker sites that have a mix of welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses, daily bonuses, and VIP programs are more likely to make our list than a site that just offers a bonus or two.

We also pay close attention to the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses, as they have to be manageable.

Knowledgeable Customer Service Team

We have visited thousands of real money online poker sites, which means we have also dealt with thousands of customer service teams. We have a knack for deciphering between the knowledgeable teams and those who don’t know what they’re doing. We pay close attention to how they answer our questions and how long it takes them to get back to us.

A poker site won’t be considered one of the best Hawaii poker sites on the market if they have an unqualified customer service team that’s not very helpful.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

You’ll inevitably end up wanting to play your favorite poker games on your phone, which is why we extensively test out each Hawaii poker site’s mobile platform.

If we can’t access most of their games on mobile or have issues with games loading or lagging, then we can’t add them to our list.

Why Poker Is Becoming Popular in Hawaii

Poker in Hawaii is gaining popularity; there’s no doubt about it. We have technology to thank for that. The best Hawaii poker sites are conveniently available to anyone who has a device with internet access.

Playing online or via mobile is so easy, even a novice player can do it.

Another reason for the growth of online poker in Hawaii is Chris Moneymaker. After Chris, an amateur poker player, won the WSOP Main Event in 2003, people worldwide were inspired to play. If Chris could win millions by playing poker online, then so could they. This love of poker spread all over the US, including the islands of Hawaii.

We predict that this state’s love of poker will continue to grow in years to come. We explain our reasoning behind the prediction in the next section, so stay with us.

List of Land-Based Poker Rooms in Hawaii

We already mentioned that there are no land-based poker rooms in Hawaii, but what we haven’t told you is that this will probably change soon. In fact, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands already has plans to build a casino resort on its property in Kapolei, HI.

While there are still some legal hoops that they have to jump through to achieve their goal, we do have high hopes that they will start breaking ground on this project within the next couple of years. If one casino resort gets established, we predict many more casinos will follow in the near future.

How to Stay Safe Playing Poker Online

  • Play at Reputable Sites
  • Create a Strong Password
  • Set a Budget and Stick to It
  • Know the Laws
  • Ask Questions

Play at Reputable Sites

If your goal is to stay safe while playing at HI poker sites, then you’re going to want to make sure the sites you’re playing at are both reputable and trustworthy. That’s why we spend hours testing out sites to determine their integrity. We always read countless reviews to see what other players’ experiences have been, too.

Stick with our list of recommendations to ensure you find Hawaii online poker rooms that have a long reputation of fair gameplay and punctual payouts.

Create a Strong Password

To make sure your account is well-protected, you need to create a strong username and password. The password is most important, so make sure you create a unique password that’s not easy to guess. Make sure your password isn’t used on any other site, and never share your password with anyone.

Set a Budget and Stick to It


It’s easy to get carried away while playing real money online poker, which is why it’s necessary to set a reasonable budget. Once you’ve decided how much money you’re able to spend per month, make sure you set aside that money and use it exclusively for gambling sites. If you spend that money at the beginning of the month, then you’ll have to wait until next month to play again.

Sticking to your budget takes discipline, but it will prevent you from spending more than you can afford at online Hawaii poker sites. It will also encourage you to make better use of your funds and maximize them whenever possible.

Familiarize Yourself With Gambling Laws

Gambling laws are regularly changing. What was illegal last year could easily be on its way to becoming legal this year and vice versa. That’s why we suggest checking in on the gambling laws in the places you plan to gamble every now and again. This will prevent you from unknowingly breaking the law.

Ask Questions

Most Hawaii poker rooms have a fully-staffed customer service team that’s available around the clock to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask them! In fact, we recommend contacting customer service before creating an account at a site. They can give you all kinds of information like withdrawal fees, bonus terms, and so much more. It’s better to know this info ahead of time, so make sure you ask!

Tips for Picking the Best Hawaii Poker Sites

  • Determine player volumes. Some online Hawaii poker sites attract more players at certain times during the day than others. If you know what time of the day you plan to play, you can check out the player volumes during that time. If player volumes are high, then you’ll know there’ll be opponents readily available once you open an account. If player volumes are low, you might want to consider a different site.
  • Know what games you want to play. Certain sites are better for cash games, while other sites are better for tournaments. Some have a healthy mix of both. Some sites offer variants of poker that others don’t. Always check to see if a site offers the games you’re interested in before you sign up.
  • Try out the games for free. Most Hawaii online poker sites have free versions of their games available. While trying out games for free doesn’t allow you to gauge the skill of your competition, it does help you get familiar with how the site sets up their games. This allows you to see if their games will fit your individual player needs.
  • Evaluate their banking options. Some HI poker sites offer a wide variety of banking options, while others only offer a select few. Make sure the real money poker sites you sign up with have banking options that you feel comfortable using.
  • Make accounts at multiple sites. There are so many high-quality Hawaii poker sites out there that it can be hard to pick just one, and you shouldn’t have to! By signing up at multiple sites, you’ll have access to more games and be able to take advantage of even more bonuses.

Hawaii Poker Sites FAQ

Is Real Money Online Poker in Hawaii Legal?

There are no laws that specifically address the legalities of online poker in HI, which leads us to believe that it’s completely legal. Since Hawaii should be adding their first brick and mortar casino this year, we doubt Hawaii will suddenly get strict towards online gambling in the near future.

What Banking Options Do I Have at Real Money Poker Sites in Hawaii?

The banking options available at HI poker sites are seemingly endless. While each real money poker site has its own unique list, here are the ones we typically see offered: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Ecopayz, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Other credit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are also usually accepted. Check the site you’re interested in for a complete list.

Do Online Hawaii Poker Sites Offer Other Casino Games?

Yes, most Hawaii gambling sites with poker offer a myriad of other casino games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, and more. There may even be several variations of each type of game, too. Most poker sites post a complete game list on their site, so it should be easy to find.

Can You Actually Win Money at Hawaii Poker Sites?

Yes, we certainly have reason to believe so! Not only have we personally won money playing online poker in Hawaii, but we also know countless people that have won money as well. How much money you can win varies from site to site, but there have been reports of people winning thousands of dollars!

Conclusion – Play Online Poker in Hawaii Today

If you plan to play online poker in Hawaii, then you have some excellent poker sites to choose from. Select a site from our list of best Hawaii poker sites if you’re hoping to find a trustworthy place to play that has a variety of bonuses, access to major tournaments, and so much more. There’s no reason to wait; start playing today!