Best High Stakes Poker Sites

Grab a tissue because you are entering the nose-bleed zone. If you’re looking
for the best online poker sites offering high stakes action you’ve come to the
right place. As you surely already know, the high stakes action has a tendency
to jump around from site to site as big money players attempt to chase the
bigger fish.

For this reason, we constantly monitor and update our list of sites offering
high stakes action. By ‘offering high stakes action’ we don’t just mean they
have tables ready for action. We mean that they actually have players actively
playing at the higher stakes. If you’re looking for high stakes poker action on
the web, click one of the sites we have listed below and enter the nose-bleed

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BetOnline Poker
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Keep in mind that high stakes games don’t typically run around the clock like
low to mid stakes. You may need to check back at peak times or sit to get a game
started and filled. It’s also possible that the sites running high stakes might
not be based out of your country. This isn’t an issue but just means that peak
times will vary.

What Makes a Great High Stakes Poker Site

There’s always a reason that certain sites have the high stakes action and
others don’t. Below we’ve outlined some of the criteria we think makes a site a
great place for high stakes action.


Action! Action! Action! The number one thing that makes a high stakes poker
site great is the amount of action it offers. If the site just has a bunch of
empty tables with one shark sitting and waiting for fish, it’s not that great of
a site. In fact, it’s downright terrible. You want to be playing at a site with
full tables filled with fish ready to donate their stacks to you.

You want to be at sites where several tables are running at all different
levels of high stakes. When this happens, not only do you get the action you
want but you can get multiple games going or game select. Both of these options
are great depending on what you’re looking for with your high stakes action.

User Interface Is Less Important

High stakes poker games online revolve around the fish. If there are no fish
in the game, then the game usually breaks. Sometimes the game will start back
up, or it may move to another site where there are more fish. Because the fish
are so important, other factors that we would normally look at when evaluating a
site become less important.

One of the biggest is the user interface.

Would you be willing to stomach a
subpar user interface if you were getting action from some of the biggest fish
in the game?

You bet you would. Ideally, we would hope the fish would gravitate
to the sites with better features but they usually aimlessly wander the poker
landscape. It’s not uncommon to find them gravitating to a site with a less than
ideal interface because they like a slot machine the site also offers or
something else silly like that.

Fish are all about entertainment and usually couldn’t care less about what
the interface of the site looks like. As long as they are having fun, they are
happy. Thankfully the industry has been around for long enough that even the
sites with subpar interfaces are bearable.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Most online poker sites have deposit and withdrawal limits that are plenty
high enough for the casual and even low to mid stakes pros. The problem when you
get to the higher stakes is that you need the ability to move large sums of
money around. Your deposits are going to be larger, and hopefully, your
withdrawals will be even bigger.

Because of this, it is important that you play on a site that will
accommodate bigger players.

Often, sites will offer special methods of
depositing and withdrawing for higher stakes players. They’ll also raise the
caps on limits to be more accommodating. These will not be posted on the site
and can only be accessed by contacting customer support and requesting some
special considerations.

While we said that chasing fish trumps everything, it does not trump this.
Winning a large sum of money is great but becomes a lot less great when you find
out you can only get it off a little bit at a time. Make sure that when you talk
to support about raising your deposit limits that you get a clear answer on what
they can do for you with withdrawals. A lot of times they will open up special
bank wire and check options for their higher stakes players. You have to ask,

Trust and Reliability

These are last on our list but are the most important. It does not matter if
you find a site with the biggest fish and the biggest deposit and withdrawal
limits if you can’t trust them. You will be dealing with large sums of money.
You need to know without a shadow of a doubt that the site you are dealing with
can be trusted.

Thankfully, our team does the heavy lifting here and vets every site before
we let them onto our recommended list. We don’t allow sites to pay us for better
recommendations or better reviews. This ensures that a shady site can’t find its
way onto that list. If you’re very in tune with the industry, you will notice
that we don’t list some sites that are currently offering high stakes action.
This is because we refuse to put a site on here that we don’t trust ourselves.

As a high stakes player, you deserve to know that your money you’re playing
with online is safe and protected.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to get to the felt and start crushing the high stakes, check
out one (or all) of the sites we recommended above. As the games move often, you
may want to check out each of the sites to try and find the one that offers the
limits you desire as well as the player pools you’re looking for. You may also
want to check back often as we do update when we find sites offering high stakes
poker action. There’s nothing wrong with looking for the softest games. Why make
things harder on yourself?

Good luck and we hope you crush!