Top Idaho Online Poker Sites

While Idaho may be best known for its views and outdoor living, there’s a growing trend of tech-lovers and poker fans looking to get the cards in the air. If you’re a resident or guest of the Gem State, you’re going to love what we have for you today. Our team lists and breaks down the best Idaho online poker rooms with real money action on Texas Hold’em, PLO, Stud, Draw, and any other version of poker you like to play.

If you’re trying to get onboard the gold rush and find the best places to play poker online in Idaho, you can circle the wagons here because we’ve got you covered.

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What Makes These the Best Idaho Online Poker Sites?

  • The Quality of Our Reviews
  • Fast Payouts
  • Great Bonuses
  • Recreational-Player Friendly

The Quality of Our Reviews

Idaho State FlagWhile we might not be the best card players on the planet, there’s one thing we can confidently say we’re the best at and that’s reviewing online casino sites. The biggest reason why you can trust our list of the best Idaho poker sites is because we’ve got the best reviews on the block.

Each of our reviews is honest, up to date, in-depth, and can’t be bought. When we put our name behind any real money online Idaho sites, it’s because that site is truly one of the best options for you. Our team of reviewers knows what to look for and how to get straight answers from online providers. While you might be able to get a bluff through us on the felt, no crummy poker site is sliding past our gatekeepers.

Fast Payouts

One of the most exciting parts about playing online poker is getting to wait months for your winnings to arrive! If that last statement upsets you, you’re in the right place. No one likes to wait after they win! For this reason, our team puts a lot of weight into the speed at which you get paid your winnings.

Every one of the Idaho online poker rooms in this guide gets you paid fast. If you’re waiting any longer than a few days or a week to get paid, you’re waiting too long. Poker action is fast, so the payout process should be quick, too.

Great Bonuses

One of the biggest reasons to take advantage of online poker is the bonuses. Many of the top Idaho gambling sites with poker offer free money just for depositing and choosing to give their site a try. Yes, it’s a marketing tactic to get you in the door, but that doesn’t make the money any less real! As you can see from our list at the top of the page, each of these real money Idaho poker sites offers some great perks just for giving the site a try.

Recreational-Player Friendly

No recreational player wants to join Idaho online casinos with poker loaded with sharks and great players. Sure, it can be fun to test your skills from time to time, but it’s never fun when everyone knows what they’re doing. On that same note, if you’re playing to make money, you don’t want to be up against other grinders with the same goal in mind.

For these two reasons, our list of the best real money poker sites in Idaho takes into account the skill level of the player base. While it’s impossible to find any site with 100% recreational players, it is possible to find sites that favor the weaker players. We’re not going to completely share how we find that information, but rest assured that these online poker rooms are ripe for the picking.

Why Poker Is Becoming so Popular in Idaho

Real money online poker is exploding not only in Idaho but all across the United States. Part of the reason the growth is so steep in Idaho has to do with the industries making their way into the state. For example, Boise is seeing a massive influx of young professionals and tech-savvy people who are naturally drawn to poker. Many of these people already played in the states they lived in before and are sharing their love of the game with the current residents of the state.

Over the next few years, we expect the growth of real money online poker popularity in the state to continue.

List of Land-Based Poker Rooms in Idaho

Currently, there are no land-based casinos or poker rooms offering real money poker action in the state of Idaho. Based on our projections, we don’t foresee this changing anytime in the near future. This leaves your only option to get the cards in the air for real money to the online felt.

The closest live action you’ll be able to find is either in eastern Washington or northern Nevada. Both of these bordering states do offer real money live poker action. Depending on where you live in the state, though, you may have a long drive ahead of you just to get face to face with your opponents.

Legality of Online Poker Sites

The legality of real money online poker rooms in Idaho and across the United States has been a debate for many years. On one side of the discussion, you have people who believe that the act of playing poker online has never been illegal. On the other side of the table, you have some people that believe the lack of clear legislation makes playing online poker illegal.

Who is right? For a complete answer, you should probably reach out to a gaming attorney. Even then, you may get an entirely different answer depending on which attorney you speak with. It’s our opinion, though, that it’s just a gray area. There are clear laws about what you can and can’t do when it comes to running your own online poker room. But for players? It’s really just a gray area.

Please Note:

Thousands of players across the state and millions across the country have been playing for decades with no problems. If you have any more questions regarding laws, check out our United States gambling laws page linked below.

How to Stay Safe Playing at Idaho Poker Sites

Being safe when you play online poker for real money in Idaho starts with choosing the right reputable poker room. The mere fact you’re here using our team’s advice should help you check that box just fine. However, that’s not where safety ends. There are things that you need to do and keep in mind throughout the process to ensure your safety. It’s nothing crazy or too time-consuming, but these things are necessary for a safe online poker experience.

Don’t Do Outside Deals

The online poker community is a tight-knit group where deals are sometimes made on and off the felt. These could be things like tournament chops, transfers, or the selling of online/live dollars. While some of these transactions happen without a hitch, there are too many scammers in the world for us to condone it. If you’re unable to do something officially through the poker site, don’t do it. Outside deals are the beginning of every online scammer story.

Password Best Practices

Your password is the key that lets you access the Idaho poker sites you’re part of and what keeps other people out. It’s imperative that you follow best practices when designing that key. Here are a few quick tips to remember when locking your account.

  • Use a strong password that uses numbers, characters, and special symbols.
  • Don’t make your password something that can easily be connected to you like birthdates, family member names, etc.
  • Using the phrase “password” as part of your password is never a good idea.
  • Don’t auto-save your information on a device that anyone else may have access to.
  • Don’t save your password in a text file or on a sticky note next to your computer.
  • Never access your account with your password on a shared computer or a device that is not your own.

Optimal Playing Conditions

US online poker sites can only go so far to keep you from doing something unsafe or downright silly. When you play real money online poker, it’s critical that you only play when you’re in the right frame of mind. This means not playing when you’re highly intoxicated, emotional, or on tilt. Sure, it’s still possible to win money at Idaho poker sites under these conditions, but it’s not a great long-term winning strategy.

Ask Questions

The number one tip we can give you for keeping it safe when playing at online Idaho poker sites is to ask questions. Not sure how a bonus works? Ask customer support. Does something seems fishy and out of the ordinary? Ask customer support. Another player is offering you something that you’re uncomfortable with? Yup, you guessed it—ask customer support. Each of the best online poker sites for Idaho residents listed in this guide has excellent customer service teams whose #1 mission is to help keep you safe.

Idaho Poker Sites FAQ

Can I Join Multiple Idaho Poker Sites?

You can absolutely join multiple real money online Idaho sites. In fact, many recreational and serious players do this to get the best experience possible. Some situations where you might get added benefit from joining multiple online ID poker rooms include the following:

  • You’re taking advantage of two separate welcome bonuses
  • One site has great cash game action, but you can get better tournament action elsewhere
  • You want to multi-table, but there is only one game of action at each site

How Do I Find the Best Online Poker Rooms for Idaho Residents?

You’ve already taken the first step in finding the best Idaho poker sites. Our team looks through hundreds of poker sites every year to find the best options offering real money service to residents and guests of Idaho. The team looks at hundreds of different factors, from safety and security to bonuses to how easy the site is to use. Ultimately, we produce an up-to-date (frequently updated) list that you can trust.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw My Winnings?

As long as you’re using one of the fast-payout Idaho poker sites we’ve recommended, your wait time should be between a few hours and about seven business days. The shorter time frames come through cryptocurrency sites, while the longer time frames come through more traditional methods. The good news, though, is you should never be waiting longer than about a week to get winnings of any size cashed out.

What Happens If I Join a Real Money ID Poker Site, and I Don’t Like It?

The great thing about when you play online poker in Idaho is that you have options. If you join any USA poker sites and you’re not a fan, that’s okay. You can just cash out your money and move somewhere else. You’re under no obligation to stick with a site or stay for any longer than you want to.

Are There Professional Players on Any of These Real Money Idaho Poker Sites?

Most likely, but it’s not a landscape overrun by sharks. The idea when looking for the best ID online poker sites to play on is to find the ones with the fewest number of professional players. Keep in mind, as well, that this can change over time as different types of players tend to migrate around.

Conclusion on Idaho Online Poker

If you’re living in Idaho, your only two options to get into the real money poker action are to drive across state lines or use one of the top Idaho online poker websites listed in this guide. Depending on where you live in the state, one might be much more feasible than the other. Either way, it should be exciting news to know you’ve got options to get into the action right now!