Louisiana Online Poker Sites for 2021

The game of poker has long been a favorite throughout the US, particularly in the South. Louisiana is home to a small, but vibrant, gaming industry which has grown in recent years due to the popularity of Louisiana online poker sites. When you are deciding where to play poker online in Louisiana, the best place to start is right here at GamblingSites.org to check up on all our comprehensive and informative site reviews.

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Today, we are going to discuss some of the factors that make a Louisiana poker site stand out, learn more about the legality of online betting in Louisiana, and figure out why real money online poker in Louisiana has gained so much popularity recently. At the end of this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Louisiana poker sites, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Best Online Louisiana Poker Sites

At GamblingSites.org, we’ve spent hours and hours searching far and wide to bring you the best possible advice when it comes to playing online poker in Louisiana. With hundreds of options and tons of potential pitfalls, our goal is to help you navigate the tricky waters of picking the best Louisiana poker sites. We are proud to present our selections for the top Louisiana online poker rooms along with some context around how we made our decisions. It’s worth noting that no site ever pays us for our recommendation. Each site is selected independently based on its merit.

What Makes a Great Louisiana Poker Site

Bonuses and Perks

The first thing to look for when choosing Louisiana online poker sites is checking the quality of their new player signup bonuses and other perks. Most Louisiana poker sites give the best perks to the new players, and these bonuses can be juicy. Many websites will offer deposit matches or bet insurance to new players as a way to draw them away from the competition. These perks can have a massive impact on your bankroll as the dollar values can be staggering. For example, your Louisiana poker site might offer you a 100% match on your first deposit up to $1,000. This would mean that you get an extra $1,000 in bet credit just for starting with $1,000 or more. By properly using these types of freebies, you can give yourself an advantage from the get-go.

Payment Option Choices

The next thing to consider is the available options for moving money to and from your Louisiana poker site. This may seem irrelevant, but you’d be surprised at how some real money online poker sites make it difficult for players to access their own money. Some sites will allow lots of methods of deposit, but only allow players to withdraw using one or two obscure currencies. We focused on real money Louisiana poker sites that provide complete flexibility when it comes to both deposits and withdrawals. We can guarantee that if you play on any site we recommend, it will be a breeze moving money around.


Louisiana PokerA crucial part of being a successful and profitable online poker player in Louisiana is winning large tournaments. Poker tournaments are a critical piece of profitable poker because they can provide access to bigger pots and massive prizes that are generally much more lucrative than your standard poker game. You want to play on Louisiana poker sites that provide you with access to a good number of tournament options so you have access to higher-dollar propositions. Each of the sites we recommend has tournaments running around the clock to provide you with a wide range of options no matter what type of tournament you are looking for.

Website Security

We can’t talk about how to play online poker in Louisiana for real money without discussing the importance of website security. In real money online poker, as well as in any form of online gambling, making sure you play on a safe site is an essential step to getting started. You must play on one of the LA poker sites that offers best-in-class player security by using advanced software and bank-grade encryption. Doing so will ensure that your personal and financial data remains safely locked away from prying eyes. No matter which of the Louisiana poker sites you decide to play on, we highly recommend you make security one of your top priorities.

User Experience

Finally, it is essential to play on a Louisiana poker website that offers an exceptional user experience through an intuitive and straightforward user interface. Playing real money poker online in Louisiana is stressful enough without using an overly-complicated betting platform. You need a site that makes playing easy and relaxing so you can focus on your in-game decisions rather than on which button to press. We have selected sites that provide players with an elegant and straightforward betting platform that helps to augment the players’ experience rather than hinder it.

Why Is Poker Becoming so Popular in Louisiana

Play Anytime, Anywhere

The number one reason to play poker online in Louisiana is that you can play anytime you want and from anywhere you want. Unlike physical casinos, you have nearly unlimited flexibility when playing on one of these Louisiana poker sites. This means online Louisiana poker sites are a perfect fit for ordinary people who have busy schedules and don’t always have time to drive themselves to the casino. Louisiana online poker sites provide the flexibility of being able to play a few hands while waiting to board a plane or while relaxing before bed. This massive advancement in mobility is completely changing how people play poker online in Louisiana.

Land-Based Casinos Have Limitations

The next big reason Louisiana gambling sites with poker are gaining steam is that, as we alluded to, land-based casinos come with a long list of inherent limitations that make them less compelling in today’s modern technological society. First, casinos are limited in the number of players they can serve by nature. They only have so much floor space and can only fit so many players. This means there will always be more players than there are seats at a live table. Second, since casinos have a physical location, they are easily accessible to only a small number of residents. Since most people will need to travel a considerable distance to reach an in-person casino, they can become a much less convenient and much more expensive alternative to Louisiana poker sites. As the world becomes increasingly digital, this trend will continue to favor Louisiana poker sites over their brick and mortar counterparts.

Wide Variety of Poker Variations

In terms of actual play, one of the most significant advantages real money Louisiana poker sites have over their rivals is the ability to offer a much more comprehensive range of gaming options. In conventional casinos, the limited capacity and floor space forces operators to focus on only the most popular variants of poker. Online, however, there is a much larger pool of people wanting to play many more exciting versions of the game.

By playing on an online Louisiana poker site, you’ll have access to nearly every type of poker imaginable. This is a great feature as it will help to keep things fresh and give you new opportunities to learn new facets of the game.

Ease of Learning From Home

Finally, Louisiana poker websites have a massive edge over their land-based rivals when it comes to the ease of learning poker for new players. As you may already know, poker can be a challenging game. Good poker strategy involves interacting with other players just as much as understanding the mechanics. When you play in person, other players have a significant impact on you. This can make learning challenging as live players add a whole new element. By learning to play poker online in Louisiana, you can get to understand the basics and develop your strategy while being able to take your time and avoid being bullied. We recommend you start by playing on a real money poker site in Louisiana before trying your hand at the live tables.

Land-Based Casinos in Louisiana

Sometimes, even with all the advantages that come with the best real money poker sites in Louisiana, you just feel like hitting the casino floor. While Louisiana isn’t particularly famous for its in-person gambling options, there are a few hot spots you should check out. The first of those is the famous Margaritaville Resort Casino located in the northwestern corner of the state in Bossier, LA. With the classic Jimmy Buffet-themed property boasting 50 tables and over a thousand slot machines, everyone is sure to find something to enjoy. Another excellent option for folks is Harrah’s New Orleans. This massive property has over 100 tables. Being located in the heart of NOLA, you are steps away from an enormous selection of other entertainment options.

Is Online Poker Legal in Louisiana

While you wouldn’t consider Louisiana as a whole a hotspot for gambling, there are some good options for residents to play a few hands of their favorite card game. In addition to playing in the land-based casinos we’ve just discussed, residents can play on real money online poker sites such as the ones we’ve recommended above. Each of these sites is based outside the US and is therefore not subject to the same US federal and state laws that a US-based provider would be. Being based outside the US may seem like an issue, but the fact is that these sites function much more smoothly and are actually much safer because they don’t have to comply with many of the cumbersome regulation that is often imposed by the US.

We can assure you that playing on any site we ever recommend, regardless of where it is based, is entirely safe and will offer you a superior online poker experience.

How to Stay Safe Playing Online Poker in Louisiana

Choose the Right Online Poker Site

The best way to stay safe when you play poker online in Louisiana is to start by playing in the right site. The site you choose to play on will be the most significant determining factor in the quality of your overall gambling experience, so take your time in making your selection. Use the criteria we have discussed here along with our list of recommended real money LA poker sites to get started. Check out each of these sites for yourself to see which appeals to you.

While each site will be a little different, you’ll begin to see some prevailing themes that make these sites stand out. Since we’ve done the legwork to narrow down the top Louisiana online poker sites out there, you can select from these with confidence that regardless of which you choose, your new Louisiana poker site will check all the important boxes.

Steer Clear of Scams

The next step to staying safe when you play poker online in Louisiana is to keep an eye out for scams. You’ll find that there is no shortage of sketchy sites interested in stealing your money. Any time you get into real money gambling online, there will always be criminals lurking nearby, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting players. Some sites will offer outrageous bonuses that never get paid, while other sites are far more nefarious. Some websites will take players’ funds and tie them up in processing for weeks. In the worst cases, these sites will never pay players at all. As a general rule of thumb, trust your gut and if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Insist on Excellent Site Security

As we mentioned before, and it’s worth revisiting, website security is an absolute must when it comes to playing real money poker online in Louisiana. You need to play on Louisiana poker sites that go above and beyond to protect its players so your personal and financial data remain secure. Make sure that any Louisiana poker site you choose to play on utilizes all of the measures we discussed earlier and make sure they have a solid reputation for taking care of players. Thankfully, each site that we recommend has already been thoroughly vetted by our team of security experts.

You can trust that if you ever play on a site we recommend, you’ll have the safest possible online poker experience.

Insist on Excellent Customer Service

Finally, make sure you choose Louisiana poker sites with superior customer service. This is an aspect that can easily be overlooked as most players don’t think about it until they have a problem. Be proactive and look for a Louisiana poker site that offers things like 24/7 support, have lots of positive player reviews, and have a reputation for resolving issues quickly. All the sites that made our list have each of these plus tons of other things to help players have the best possible experience even when things do go a bit awry.

Final Words on Playing Poker Online in Louisiana

Despite the state having a relatively small offering of land-based casinos and strict regulation on local poker sites, residents are still able to play poker online in Louisiana using reputable sites such as the ones we’ve recommended here. Each of these sites will offer you an outstanding online poker experience that will meet your every need and more. Choosing which of these real money Louisiana poker sites to play on is just the first step in your fledgling online poker career.

Hopefully, you learned how to spot good LA poker sites, looked at some of our recommendations, and now feel ready to play poker online in Louisiana. Be sure to check back on GamblingSites.org for more info from the world of online poker, including strategies to help you win and information on additional Louisiana poker websites. Always bet responsibly, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Have fun, and good luck!

Louisiana Online Poker Sites FAQ

Is Online Poker Legal in Louisiana?

Yes. Residents can play on a variety of legal Louisiana online casinos with poker, such as the ones recommended above.

What Are the Best Online Poker Sites for Louisiana Residents?

The best real money LA poker sites for you will depend on what you are looking for in your online poker experience. Check out each of the sites we recommended at the top of the page and see which one will be the best match for you.

Is Playing Real Money Poker Online Safe?

Yes. Although there are lots of scams and fraudulent online poker sites out there, we’ve helped by narrowing down a shortlist of the best and most secure sites so you can play with confidence.

Is Online Poker a Good Way to Learn How to Play?

Yes. One of the best ways to learn how to win money at Louisiana poker sites is to start by actually playing online poker. We recommend learning the basics here before moving on to a live table.