Maine Online Poker Sites

Since opening its first land-based casino in 2012, the state of Maine has seen growth in the popularity of all kinds of gaming, including online poker. As technology presses forward and more people become interested in playing, the need to be more flexible has led to rapid expansion in the online poker industry.

Many players are taking advantage of Maine online poker sites to save time, enable themselves to play more often, and have a more comfortable poker-playing experience. Below we have listed the best online poker sites for Maine residents.

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The recent growth of online poker has provided this amenity to many more residents than land-based casinos ever could.

In today’s article, we will take a look at what makes a good Maine poker site, show you which red flags to look out for, and help you decide where to play online poker in Maine. After reading this article, you’ll be prepared to sift through all the real money Maine poker sites and decide which one is best for you. This is your first step to a long and profitable online poker career.

The Best Online Poker Sites in Maine

Here at, we pride ourselves on bringing you some of the best online gambling content anywhere on the web. Our team of experts has spent hours looking through nearly all the Maine poker sites out there to bring you our top recommendations. We are proud to present our selections for the best real money poker sites in Maine. Playing on these sites will ensure you have the best possible online poker experience. Underneath the list, you’ll find a few of the criteria we used in determining who made the list. You can use the qualities we listed below to help you pick the Maine poker site that will best fit your needs.

Attributes of the Best Maine Poker Websites

High-Value Perks and Bonuses

One of the most important things to learn about real money online poker sites is that the various perks and freebies different sites offer can be beneficial. While some of these may look like gimmicks that should be ignored by serious players, that attitude could cost you a lot of coin. New player signup bonuses in particular can provide a massive boost to your bankroll right off the bat, which can help new players extend their runway for learning how to play poker online in Maine. For other players, perks like free tournament buy-ins will mean access to games that may have previously been out of your reach. Regardless of what perks your Maine poker site offers, make sure to take full advantage.

Access to Big Tournaments

In addition to providing possible free entry into tournaments, quality Maine gambling sites with poker will also give you access to a wide range of different tournaments. The great thing about online Maine poker sites is that they provide a selection and breadth of tournaments no land-based casino could ever match. Due to the vastly larger pool of players, you’ll have options to jump in tournaments for just about any variety of poker. Also, that vast pool of players means access to tournaments that start around the clock. You must play on an online poker site that enables you to play in a wide range of events, with a wide range of game types. This variety is what will keep playing on ME poker sites interesting in the long run.

Make Sure They Offer Flexible Payment Options

Maine FlagThe next bit to consider is the variety of options different Maine online poker rooms offer for making deposits or withdrawals. Many less reputable online poker sites might let you fund your account in every way imaginable, but when the time comes to take money out, they will limit you to one or two much less palatable options. Some others will play games with your withdrawal, tying it up in “processing” for days or weeks while you wait. These delays are stressful, and more often than you’d think, result in players not getting paid at all. Choose from our recommended Maine poker sites and you can rest assured you’ll get fast and easy deposits and withdrawals that are catered to fit you, not the online poker site.

Insist on Exceptional Player Security

Of course, we can’t tell about where to play real money online poker in Maine without discussing the value of excellent website security. Any time you are gambling online, you must play on a Maine poker site that provides you with all the same protections and safety you’d expect in a land-based casino. Insist that your site uses state-of-the-art software to protect your data from hackers. Look for Maine poker sites that have a long history of safe play and lots of positive reviews from players. While there will always be some risk when you play poker online in Maine, the sites we recommend have gone above and beyond to make sure you and your data stay safe.

Excellent User Experience

Finally, you must choose one of the Maine online poker rooms that offer a high-quality user experience. There will already be plenty of stress when betting big in a tense hand of Texas Hold’em, so there’s no need to add stress by playing on a site that is hard to use. We looked for Maine online casinos with poker that have invested in building best-in-class user experiences that will make for a smooth and enjoyable player experience. Everything from the aesthetics to the betting layout is designed with one person in mind: you, the player. Not only will our recommended Maine poker sites be easy to use, but you’ll love spending time on them.

Why Is Online Poker Becoming so Popular in Maine?

Freedom to Play Anywhere, Play Anytime

The most obvious benefit of playing online poker is the amount of freedom that comes along with it when compared to playing in a live casino. Whereas a casino has a limited capacity, a limited number of dealers, and only a few games, Maine poker sites can provide you with access to everything 24/7. You’ll never struggle to get in a game to fit your needs. No matter when or where you want to play, you’ll easily be able to. Whether you work an odd schedule and don’t have time to make it to the casino, or if you just want to pay a few hands before bed, Maine poker sites provide a completely flexible real money gambling experience that can fit anyone.

Learn to Play From the Comfort of Home

On top of the flexibility that real money ME poker sites provide, they also offer the ideal environment in which you can learn how to play poker. For folks who are familiar with the game of poker, it can get quite intense, and a massive factor in any live game is the other players. These players can add a whole new level of stimuli that makes focusing on your game more challenging.

When playing on Maine poker sites, however, you are free to take your time to learn and focus on your play rather than worrying about being heckled or intimidated. We recommend starting on one of the ME online poker sites we recommend and them moving on to live tables once you’ve gotten your feet wet.

Tons of Games and Massive Prizes

The next significant benefit of playing real money poker online is the sheer volume of game types that are available online compared to live casinos. Live casinos can only hold so many players and they need to focus on providing the most popular games. This means that you’ll likely only be able to play a handful of varieties of poker in most land-based casinos.

Online, however, you’ll be able to access nearly every type of poker imaginable. In addition to accommodating more players, this also gives you more options to expand your horizons. It’s easy to get bored playing one game all the time, but on these Maine poker sites, there’s always something new to try. On top of that, there are massive jackpots and prizes beyond what you’d find in a regular casino.

Land-Based Casinos Are Limited

Last but not least, online poker is growing in popularity because there are lots of other limitations that come along with playing in a land-based casino. In addition to the limited game types and limited capacity we already discussed, land-based casinos by nature have a fixed location that is not equally accessible to all players. The growth of online Maine poker sites has been partially due to demand that cannot be bet by land-based casinos due to their proximity to players. It can be a huge hassle to play at a land-based casino if you don’t have one nearby. Between travel and accommodations, land-based gambling can be far more expensive than online gambling and can eat up a ton of cash that would be better spent playing poker.

Land-Based Real Money Casinos in ME

However, despite all the excellent benefits of playing on an online Maine poker site, sometimes hitting the casino floor still hits the spot. In that case, Maine still has you covered. One of the most popular casinos in the state of Maine is The Oxford Casino in Oxford, ME, on the eastern side of the state near the New Hampshire border. Open 24 hours a day and offering nearly 1,000 slot machines and dozens of table games, you’ll find something to love in this massive lodge-style hangout.

If you happen to live on the western side of the state, closer to the capital of Bangor, maybe The Hollywood Casino is for you. This property is located right in the heart of Bangor, just minutes from the international airport and steps away from the Penobscot River. One of the biggest attractions at this casino is their horse racing track, which allows visitors to take in an exciting race and expand their betting horizons.

Is Online Poker Legal in Maine?

One of the best things about each of the online Maine poker sites we’ve recommended is that each of them is entirely legal in Maine. Although the state is still in the process of determining what the future of real money online poker looks like, there are still lots of safe and fun options for residents to play. The key to these sites being legitimate options is the fact that they are based outside the US. While some people may try to scare you away from online poker sites based outside the US, the truth is that this is a massive advantage that contributes to these sites being safer than their US counterparts.

If an online poker site is based in the US, it has to comply with regulations of both the federal government as well as the laws of the state it’s in. These laws can be so cumbersome that they affect the operations of the sites.

Since the sites we recommend are outside the jurisdiction of these burdensome regulations, you’ll have a much smoother and more enjoyable experience playing on them than you will playing on US-based alternatives.

How to Stay Safe While Playing Online Poker in Maine

Make Site Security a Top Priority

The first step in staying safe when playing on real money poker sites in Maine is to insist on excellent security. Online poker will always attract a certain number of thieves who are looking to steal player information as well as money. Your best defense against these criminals is partnering with Maine poker sites that have software in place to keep those criminals out. Not all Maine poker sites are created equal when it comes to security, so be sure to look for websites that are vetted by independent third-party groups. Our team of security experts has carefully analyzed each of our recommended sites, and each of these ME poker sites has been verified secure. You can be sure you’ll be safe playing on any website we ever recommend.

Choose a Maine Poker Site With Good Reviews

Maine State Seal in Poker ChipThe next tip is to find sites with a large number of positive, high-quality reviews. This is a great way to gain insight on a website before you have anything at stake. Take advantage of the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes and see where they had issues. If a site has a reputation for having technical issues or not paying players, you can bet players will talk about it online. All the best Maine poker sites will have an extensive list of satisfied customers that have good things to say about them.

Look for Excellent Customer Service

If you do find yourself in a pickle with your Maine poker site, you want to make sure they will support you. Focus your search on sites that offer exceptional customer care so that you can rest assured they will help you fix any problem that may arise. Excellent customer service can often be over-looked at it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about where to play poker online in Maine, but it should be a priority.

An easy way to spot excellent customer service is by playing on a site with positive reviews and lots of in-depth content analyzing their operations. Read reviews like this one to get a better idea of what to expect and to get a sneak peek at which sites are doing customer service best. As you’d expect, each Maine poker site we recommend has top-notch customer care.

Watch out for Scams

This may sound obvious, but it is imperative to look out for scams when looking at online ME poker sites. As we mentioned, real money online poker can attract criminals from all over and you need to be prepared. Don’t be that person who falls for some cheesy gimmick that cost you a fortune. Unfortunately, it’s not that uncommon for unsavory Maine online poker rooms to show ridiculous deals or outrageous freebies that seem too good to be true. When you see things like this, just keep on walking and remember that if something looks too good to be true, chances are, it is. Luckily, you can avoid these scams by playing on a vetted site like the ones recommended above. If you see something juicy on any of these sites, it is legit.

Start of Playing on a Good Maine Poker Site

Finally, the easiest way to stay safe when you play poker online in Maine is simply to play on the right site from the get-go. Choosing where to play online poker for real money in Maine is the most crucial part of the process as the site you choose will be the most significant determining factor in the quality of your online poker experience. Keep in mind the criteria above when making your selection, and you’ll be headed the right direction. If you want a bit more info, use our extensive guide on how to pick an online poker site to learn more and see an in-depth analysis on top real money online poker sites. Each site will always be a bit different, but you’ll start to see some key themes emerge among all of the best Maine poker sites.

Maine Poker Sites FAQ

Can I Legally Play Real Money Poker Online in Maine?

Yes. Residents are allowed to legally play real money poker online in Maine using a variety of Maine poker sites like the ones we discussed above.

How Can I Stay Safe When Playing Online Poker in Maine?

The best way to protect yourself when you play online poker in Maine is to start with the right site to begin with. Playing on a reputable website will provide you with more security and a better overall experience. Check out our list of recommended sites to find the right one for you.

Are Maine Poker Sites a Good Way to Learn How to Play Real Money Poker?

Yes. One of the simplest ways to learn how to play online poker in Maine is to start with a Maine poker site. Playing online will enable you to learn at your own pace without the pressures of a live table.

How Do I Know Where to Play Poker Online in Maine?

While there are lots of options when it comes to real money Maine poker sites, you want to focus on choices like our recommendations. These Maine pokers sites are safe, treat customers well, and provide a high-quality experience.

Final Words on Playing Online Poker in Maine

Regardless of whether you are just getting started or if you are already a seasoned pro, you’ll find something for you on any of the ME poker sites that made our exclusive list of recommendations. With lots of gaming options, flexible payment options, and excellent player security, these sites will provide you with the most relaxed and most worry-free way to become a part of one of the fastest-growing trends in online gaming. These Maine poker sites will give you the power to play the game you love on your terms.

Our goal today was to show you what attributes make up a high-quality Maine poker site, teach you about some of the red flags you should avoid, and give you some insight into where to play online poker in Maine. Be sure to check out the other online poker resources available at to learn more about choosing a Maine poker site, learning the game of poker, or expanding into other forms of online gaming. Always bet responsibly, and never gamble more than you can afford to lose. Have fun, and good luck!