Best Online Poker Sites in Michigan

Michigan used to have some of the most unusual online gambling laws in the country. Things are beginning to come together, yet many still have questions about online poker gambling in Michigan. On this page, our team of gambling experts will explain how everyone can find the best Michigan poker sites.

Some readers may want to skip all this and get straight to the betting. No problem! Directly below are some of the top online poker sites in Michigan operating right now.

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Laws towards this state’s gambling industry are changing fast. We’ll go over these laws and discuss how they’ve changed over the years. Our team will also explain exactly what’s allowed here and what isn’t.

Before getting into the legality of this industry, we’ll be looking at some of the most important things to look for in a poker site. Most of the Michigan poker websites operating here are great. It’s important, however, to be able to tell a good site from a bad one.

2020 seemed to be the year when Michigan’s gambling regulations would change dramatically. This page should provide you with all of the information you need about the real money online poker gambling in Michigan.

Four Important Features to Look for in Michigan Poker Sites

Just about every poker website in the country is currently operating in the United States. Most of them are fantastic. Some, unfortunately, are known to be a little shady. The good thing is that it’s fairly easy to tell a good poker site from a bad one.

There are a few features that all good Michigan poker sites will offer to their members. As long as you find one that offers these features, it’s probably fantastic! You can read about them below.

Safe and Easy Banking

The first feature you should always look for in a poker website is its payment system. Nothing is more important than knowing the money you are gambling with is safe! We highly recommend that you spend a little time checking out some of the different payment options being offered through different sites.

It’s a good idea to join a site that allows deposits to be made using debit and credit cards. We also recommend that you look for one that doesn’t charge unusually high fees to collect your money. Never forget to look for safe, reliable payment options before joining an internet poker website.

Helpful and Responsive Customer Service

Every Michigan online poker site should have a fantastic customer support system at this point. Essentially, this is the feature that helps to answer your questions. Make sure that any real money online poker sites in Michigan you’re interested in actually offer this tool.

Michigan is in the process of regulating online gambling. For now, all Michigan online poker sites are unregulated. That means it’s extremely important to play through sites that will help you when you need it. We tend to recommend the ones that offer direct support options.

Huge List of Poker Games Available

Most people know that there are many different poker variations now available. This is especially true with online poker sites in Michigan. Many MI online poker sites now offer more games than the biggest land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

Some individuals who are new to online poker gambling make the mistake of joining a site before checking out which games are available. Don’t make this mistake! Always make sure the games you want to play are actually offered through the sites you’re interested in joining.

Great Promotions for New and Existing Members

Promotions are one of the coolest things about online gambling sites. In case you’re unaware, these are bonus offers that sites offer to their members. The most common one is a welcome bonus that adds money onto whatever you first deposit into your account.

Before joining any gambling sites, check to make sure it offers great promotions for new and existing members. You’ll want to know that great bonuses are still being offered even after signing up to a site. It’s also a good idea to look at the terms and conditions of these offers.

These are the four most important features of poker sites. As long as you find one that offers these, it’s probably fantastic!

Why Are Online Poker Sites in Michigan Becoming More Popular?

Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s available inside almost every single casino around the country. It’s become one of the most popular real money online forms of gambling!


The popularity of this industry has been growing steadily for the past few years. For this reason, lawmakers are becoming more and more interested in its regulation. According to most reports, this will happen in 2021.

There seem to be two main reasons why this industry is growing so quickly in Michigan. One reason that most experts agree on is the convenience of this form of gambling. Online poker allows you to play from the comfort of home. In fact, it allows you to play all of your favorite poker games from anywhere in the state with an internet connection!

Mobile poker gambling is growing quickly as well. Most Michigan poker sites offer fantastic mobile gambling platforms. In some cases, these mobile poker options are better than the desktop versions! The ability to make bets from anywhere has helped this industry grow tremendously.

The fact that so many different forms of poker are now available online is another reason for its growth. Many who are new to playing poker online in Michigan are astounded to see all of the options available.

Some of these Michigan poker websites are known for offering more games than others. Spend a little time checking out different Michigan online poker sites. You’ll be astounded to see all of the options available!

As time goes on, online poker gambling in Michigan will continue to grow more popular. Soon, MI will begin earning revenue from this industry.

List of Land-Based Poker Rooms in Michigan

Michigan, like many states, is home to a huge number of individuals that love to gamble. Fortunately, a huge number of great poker venues are now spread around the entire state. More poker halls are likely to open here over the next few years.

Below are the names and locations of the best land-based poker rooms in the state of Michigan.

  • Greektown Casino: Detroit
  • Bay Mills Resort and Casino: Brimley
  • MGM Grand Detroit: Detroit
  • Ojibwa Casino Baraga: Baraga
  • Rounders Poker Room Saginaw: Saginaw
  • Shark Club Waterford: Waterford
  • Gun Lake Casino: Wayland
  • Momo’s Poker Room: Taylor
  • Owosso Poker Room: Owosso
  • Soaring Eagle Casino: Mt. Pleasant

There’s something special about playing poker inside of a land-based venue with real people. If you’re in any of the cities above, make sure to check out the local poker halls!

Legality of Poker Sites in Michigan

Michigan was once known for having very tough laws on the gambling industry. Horse race betting was the only real form of gambling allowed here until the ‘70s. At that time, lawmakers in the state decided to approve a lottery.

It wasn’t until 1996 that things really began to take off. That year, a key piece of legislation was approved to allow Class III casinos to start operating in the state. By 1999, several major casinos had begun operating in the state.

That same year, another piece of legislation was introduced to ban all forms of online gambling. It was struck down after just a few months.

Today, there are no laws that claim it’s illegal to play at Michigan online poker sites. Most analysts agree that it’s perfectly legal.

Section 750.314 is what mentions illegal gambling. Of course, this set of laws is old and does not apply to internet poker gambling.

“Any person who by playing at cards, dice, or any other game, or by betting or putting up money on cards, or by any other means or device in the nature of betting on cards, or betting of any kind, wins or obtains any sum of money or any goods, or any article of value whatever, is guilty of a misdemeanor…”

It’s easy to see this law does not apply anymore. There are now legal casinos in the state after all.

Michigan is a great state to be a poker fan in. There are many land-based and online poker gambling options here. Soon, all of the Michigan poker sites will be regulated by the state.

Will I Get in Trouble for Playing at Poker Sites in MI?

It’s very unlikely. Lawmakers in Michigan have begun to embrace the online poker industry. Soon, online gambling will become regulated by the state. Officials here have shown no desire to target gamblers. We have not come across a single case of anyone facing legal trouble for playing poker online in Michigan.

*We are not lawyers. Reach out to a law professional for more information about the specific online casino laws in Michigan.*

Tips to Stay Safe Playing at Michigan Online Poker Sites

It’s clear that online poker gambling in Michigan is very safe. It’s always possible to come across issues, though. There are a few basic steps that everyone can take to significantly lower their chances of getting into trouble while playing at MI poker websites.

Here are five easy tips to keep in mind when first getting into this form of gambling.

Michigan Flag

Choose Reputable Online Michigan Poker Sites

This is definitely the easiest way to protect yourself. Those that join a safe poker site are very unlikely to come across any issues. Head over to our gambling site reviews page to learn more about some of the best poker websites now operating in the state.

Never Bet Too Much Real Money

One of the most common issues that people come across is betting more money than they have to lose. This is an easy mistake to avoid. Simply keep track of how much you’re betting every day. If you realize that your poker habit is getting out of hand, take a break for a little while.

Stay Updated on Changes to Michigan’s Poker Laws

For now, Michigan is very lenient towards the online poker industry. Things can change quickly, though. Take a look at our gambling news page from time to time for constant updates on the legal situation here. It’s always possible for this industry to become banned.

Understand How Different Promotions Work

As we said earlier, promotions are fantastic tools that almost all Michigan poker sites online now offer. Sometimes, however, these offers make it difficult to collect your money. Always read the terms and conditions of every promotional offer you come across and don’t use the ones with major rollover requirements.

Keep Your Online Poker Account Information Private

It’s extremely important to always keep your internet poker account information private. Those with access to your account can take your money! Never give your username or password to anyone. It’s also a good idea to change your account password from time to time.

FAQ About Online Poker Gambling in Michigan

What Are the Best Online Poker Sites in Michigan Right Now?

This one is subjective. Our team always recommends Bovada and BetOnline. These sites have grown extremely popular throughout the United States over the years. They’re both known for offering safe payment options and many different poker gaming options.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing Poker Games Online?

This depends on you and your poker skill. Some individuals are able to win a huge amount of money every single month. Your chances of winning major jackpots will increase when playing games that you understand. It’s also smart to play with others around your experience level.

Do Michigan Poker Sites Offer Other Casino Games?

Some do and some do not. Every site is different. The larger ones tend to offer more casino gambling options. Some offer sports betting odds, too! Take a look at a few different ones to see what’s being offered.

What’s the Easiest Poker Game to Win Money?

Most Michigan poker sites offer a wide variety of different poker games. Many claim that Texas Hold’em is the easiest to win money at. This game is extremely popular around the world and skilled players are able to win serious jackpots on a regular basis.

Why Should I Play Poker Online for Real Money?

That decision is always yours! If you love poker gambling but don’t want to make the drive to a local gambling venue, then online poker sites in Michigan are probably for you.

Conclusion on Michigan Online Poker Sites

There are many great online poker options available in Michigan right now. According to new reports in 2021, online gambling will become state-regulated here in 2021. Even now, there are a huge number of poker websites that are allowed.

Feel free to reach out with any more questions you have. Good luck placing your bets!