Nevada Online Poker Sites (2021)

As most are well-aware, Nevada is the gambling hub of the United States. This is where Las Vegas is located, which is home to some of the most expensive casino resorts in the world. There are a huge number of world-class poker rooms there as well. Today, however, our team of experts is going to explain how you can find the best Nevada poker sites currently operating.

Not everyone wants to read about this information. Some want to skip it all and start playing poker online for real money in Nevada. No problem. Below are some of the best Nevada poker sites. Check them out today!

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There are some great online poker options in Nevada. Some of these are regulated by the state while others are not. We’ll let you know the differences and offer some basic steps to finding the best online poker sites available.

Many have questions about the legality of online poker. Nevada is one of the few states out there with laws that specifically mention this form of gambling. Our team will explain exactly what is allowed here and what is not.

Four Easy Steps to Finding the Best Nevada Poker Sites

In Nevada, finding a great site to play online poker is easier than it is in many other parts of the country. Just about every major US poker site currently operates here. There are even some that are exclusive to Nevada residents.

Finding a great poker website to play shouldn’t take long. There are a few steps that everyone can take to ensure the site they choose to play at is safe and fun. Check them out below!

Look at Reviews From Trustworthy Sources

Nevada Flag Inside Nevada
Perhaps the easiest way to learn about whether or not a site is legitimate is by reading reviews on it. Nowadays, there are many reviews out there for almost all of the best online poker sites in the country. We highly recommend that you check out reviews from trustworthy sources before joining any real money Nevada poker sites.

Feel free to head over to our gambling site reviews page today. We provide a wide range of information about the different features of internet poker websites. Essentially, we’ll let you know whether or not they are actually worth playing at.

Check out Which Payment Options Are Available

There are a lot of important features to review at gambling websites. But none are more important than the site’s payment options. You always want to know that the money you’re gambling with is safe.

It’s a great idea to look at different sites to see the different payment options available. The best ones allow deposits to be made using debit and credit cards. Most offer Bitcoin withdrawals. Fees for deposits and withdrawals should be low. The important thing is knowing you can always collect your winnings!

Look at Which Games Are Being Provided

As you probably know, there are many different forms of poker out there. Some Nevada poker sites are known for offering more variations of poker than others. Always look at what games the site you are interested in is offering.

Some individuals make the mistake of joining a poker website before knowing the game they want to play is available. This is easy to avoid. Almost all poker sites in Nevada list the available options on their homepages for everyone to see.

Make Sure Good Customer Support Options Are Available

Another extremely important feature that all Nevada poker websites should offer is a solid customer support system. This is the system set in place to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. It’s important to only join a poker site that offers direct support options 24/7.

We generally recommend that you avoid the NV online poker sites that only offer email support. As many already know, this support option can take a long time to actually help you. Look for the ones offering live chat and phone line support.

As long as you follow these four steps, it’s almost guaranteed that the Nevada poker website you decide to join is fantastic.

The Best Nevada Poker Sites Continue to Become More Popular

Nevada, like many states around the country, is seeing a huge rise in its number of online poker players. It seems like, every month, more individuals here decide to play poker games online. There seem to be several reasons why this is.

Vegas Cards

Most believe that the convenience of these Nevada online poker sites is a key reason. NV poker sites allow you to make real money poker bets from the comfort of home. In fact, they allow you to play poker from anywhere in the state with an internet connection!

Of course, Nevada is home to many incredible land-based casinos that have poker rooms. Many residents in the state enjoy frequenting these casinos to place their bets. The convenience of playing from home is still a major factor for the growth of these websites, though.

We’ll get more into the legality of online poker here later. It’s important to note that the state’s embrace of the gambling industry has helped it to grow tremendously.

Most poker sites in Nevada also offer many different poker gambling options. In some cases, there are more options available than in some of the state’s biggest gambling venues. This has also helped these websites gain popularity.

Everyone has their own reasons for playing poker online in Nevada. There are some analysts that believe in time, the online poker industry will grow larger than the land-based one.

Take a look at some of the best Nevada online poker sites that we listed at the top of this page. Checking these websites out should provide some insight into why they’re growing in popularity.

List of Land-Based Poker Rooms in Nevada

Some of the world’s best casino resorts are located in Nevada. Many of these cost billions of dollars to construct. Obviously, these poker rooms are hugely popular with poker players from around the world.

Below are the names and locations of the 10 best land-based poker rooms currently operating in Nevada.

  • Wynn Las Vegas Casino: Las Vegas
  • Palazzo Casino Resort: Las Vegas
  • Bellagio Casino and Resort: Las Vegas
  • Peppermill Reno: Reno
  • The Cosmopolitan Casino: Las Vegas
  • Harrah’s Lake Tahoe Resort and Casino: Stateline
  • Grand Sierra Resort and Casino: Reno
  • Casino at Aria Resort: Las Vegas
  • Red Rock Casino and Resort: Las Vegas
  • The Mirage Casino and Resort: Las Vegas

As you can see, the majority of these NV poker rooms are located in Las Vegas. It’s not surprising, considering how much money this city earns from its gambling industry. If you’re in any of the cities above, make sure to check out the local casinos!

Legality of Online Poker Sites in Nevada

You can’t discuss the history of Nevada without bringing up its booming gambling industry. In many ways, the state relies on most of its revenue from this industry. Lawmakers here are known for their openness to new forms of gambling.

Nevada has been a trailblazer for many forms of gambling. Back in 2013, state officials decided to approve a bill to officially make NV online poker legal. Assembly Bill 114 officially allows the state’s casinos to offer internet poker gambling options.

This was a huge decision. In most parts of the country, the industry remains completely unregulated. Nevada realized that through regulation, the state can earn revenue from these real money poker sites.

Section 463-0152 of the State Statutes offers a description of “illegal gambling games.”

“Game” or “gambling game” means any game played with cards, dice, equipment or any mechanical, electromechanical or electronic device or machine for money, property, checks, credit or any representative of value, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, faro, monte, roulette, keno, bingo, fan-tan, twenty-one, blackjack, seven-and-a-half, big injun, klondike, craps, poker, chuck-a-luck, Chinese chuck-a-luck (dai shu), wheel of fortune, chemin de fer, baccarat, pai gow, beat the banker, panguingui, slot machine, any banking or percentage game or any other game or device approved by the commission…”

Of course, these games are only illegal when not playing through a state-regulated system.

This makes the legality of playing poker through unregulated sites a little confusing. It would seem the state bans these websites from operating. Fortunately, there seems to be no real attempt to crackdown on poker sites in Nevada not regulated by the state.

Please Note:

We are not lawyers. Reach out to a law professional for more information about the specific online casino laws in Nevada or head on over to our United States gambling laws page for up-to-date information on US gambling laws.

Here’s How to Stay Safe Playing at Nevada Online Poker Sites

For many people, the online poker industry is still new and a little intimidating. Many are completely unfamiliar with how it even works. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to stay completely safe when making real money poker bets online.

Most people that play poker games online in Nevada never come across any issues. Here are just a few simple tips that will help to protect you.

Choose Reputable Nevada Online Poker Sites

Nevada State Seal in Poker Chip
This is definitely the easiest way to remain safe when playing NV online poker. Reputable poker sites in Nevada will always work hard to protect their players. The ones caught doing anything shady are usually blacklisted very quickly.

Stay on Top of State Regulations

At the moment, real money online poker is completely legal in Nevada. Lawmakers seem to turn an eye towards playing through unregulated sites, too. Laws towards this industry can change fast, though. Make sure to stay updated on the regulations!

Keep Track of How Much Money You Use

One of the most common issues that online gamblers come across is wagering more money than they should. Don’t make this mistake. We highly recommend that you track exactly how much money you are betting at all times. If you begin to see things are getting out of hand, take a break for a little while.

Understand How Different Promotions Work

Promotions can be fantastic tools to boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. Some of them, however, have terms and conditions set in place that can cause some issues. Make sure to read the details of every promotion before you decide to use them.

Keep Your Nevada Online Poker Account Information Private

As we’ve already said, the majority of Nevada poker sites are very safe and offer solid customer support options. It’s still important to always keep your account’s username and password private, though. Anyone with access to this information can collect your money without you knowing about it.

FAQ About Nevada Online Poker Sites

How Much Can I Win Playing at Online Poker Sites in Nevada?

The sky’s the limit. Experienced poker players in NV are able to win a huge amount of money every single month. Your chances of winning will increase when starting slow and wagering on games you understand. Not many Nevada online poker websites set specific limits on how much money their players can win.

What Are the Best Online Poker Sites Operating in Nevada Right Now?

Residents of Nevada have access to a huge number of amazing poker gambling sites. Our team highly recommends both Bovada and BetOnline. They’re safe and offer many different gambling options.

Is Online Poker Easier Than Land-Based Poker?

That all depends on what you mean. In terms of convenience, these sites are significantly easier. The ability to win, however, is exactly the same as it would be playing inside of a real casino.

Do Online Nevada Poker Sites Offer Other Casino Gambling Options?

Some of them do, and others do not. Poker-only sites are common. There are also many full Nevada online casinos operating here that offer poker, along with all other traditional casino gambling options.

Why Should I Play Poker Games Online for Real Money?

That choice is always yours! Most agree that online poker is the easiest option available. Of course, there are plenty of fantastic land-based poker rooms in Nevada as well. Take a look at some Nevada online poker sites to see for yourself why they’re growing so popular.

Conclusion on Real Money Poker Sites in Nevada

There’s no better state to be a poker fan in than Nevada. Here, finding a great land-based venue and a site to play poker in is extremely simple. More poker sites will likely begin operating here as time goes on.

Lawmakers here are always coming up with new regulations towards the Nevada online gambling industry. Feel free to follow our gambling news page for constant updates on the state’s legal situation as it changes.

Make sure to reach out to our team with any more questions you have. Good luck placing your bets!