Online Poker Sites in Ohio for 2021

For many years, gambling options in Ohio were very scarce. Lawmakers here seemed uninterested in changing this until 2009, when commercial casinos were legalized. Since that time, online gambling has grown significantly more popular here. Today, our team of gambling experts is going to explain how you can find the best Ohio poker sites currently operating.

Some readers want to skip over this information and get straight to playing poker online for real money. No problem! Below are some of the best online poker sites in Ohio operating right now. Feel free to check them out!

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As many already know, there are some fantastic options for poker online available here. Choosing which site to join can seem a little difficult. We’ll help out by going over some of the most important features to look for.

Many still have questions about the legality of real money online poker in Ohio. Like many states, Ohio sets somewhat ambiguous regulations on this industry. Later on down this page, our team will break down the current laws to let you know what is allowed and what is not.

Ohio might not be thought of as a gambling destination. That’s beginning to change. This page should help poker fans understand which options are currently available and help you find where to play poker online in Ohio.

Here’s What to Look for in Ohio Poker Sites

There are a huge number of great Ohio online poker sites operating right now. Those who are new to this form of gambling may find it a little daunting trying to decide which one to join. That’s completely understandable.

Below are four features that you’ll want to look for in online Ohio poker rooms.

Safe and Easy Cashier System

Most people’s primary concern when getting into online gambling is about how safe their money will be. The US online gambling industry has come a long way over the years, and most Ohio poker sites work extremely hard to protect their members’ cash. Those caught doing anything shady are almost instantly blacklisted.

Before joining any OH poker sites, make sure it offers great deposit and withdrawal options. Head over to our gambling site reviews page and look at our breakdown of the site you’re interested in. We’ll offer information on all the different payment options available!

Helpful Customer Support Options

It’s unfortunate to see how many gamblers join a site without making sure it offers solid support options. This is an easy mistake to avoid. Just about all modern poker sites in Ohio clearly list which customer service features are offered.

We highly recommend that you join one offering a 24/7 live chat feature. This allows you to speak directly with a website representative over text. It’s best to stay away from the poker sites that only provide email support, as it can take a long time to answer your questions.

Ohio Seal

Poker Games You Want to Play

There are many different variations of poker being offered nowadays. Some online poker sites in Ohio are known to offer more poker games than others. It’s always a good idea to spend time looking at exactly which games are available.

If you want to play Texas Hold’em, for example, make sure you join a site that actually offers it! Most Ohio poker sites make it extremely easy to find the list of available games. Don’t overlook this step!

Great Promotional Offers

Promotions, for those who are unaware, are bonus offers that gambling sites offer to their members. Most promotions can help to increase the amount of money you have in your account. We recommend you find an online OH poker website that offers great promotional offers for new and existing members.

The most common promotional offer you will come across is a welcome bonus. This will add a certain percentage onto whatever you first deposit into your account. Look for promotions that are easy to use and don’t come with massive rollover requirements.

You may have found a few real money online poker sites in Ohio that provide these four features. Great! Now, simply choose which one you like the most.

Poker Sites in Ohio Continue to Grow More Popular

Casino gambling in Ohio has grown considerably more popular over the past decade. That’s not entirely surprising. Prior to 2009, there were no land-based gambling venues operating in the state. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Interestingly, online gambling—especially online poker gambling—is also growing much more popular throughout the state. And there are a couple of reasons why.

More people here are beginning to realize how convenient Ohio poker sites really are. They allow you to make wagers from anywhere in the state with an internet connection! Many prefer this, rather than making the drive to a brick-and-mortar gaming venue.

Nowadays, almost all real money poker sites in Ohio also provide fantastic mobile gambling options. This makes it easy to play your favorite poker games using just your phone.

It’s incredible to see how many different games online poker rooms in Ohio offer nowadays. In some cases, the sites here provide more poker options than the top land-based venues in the state. Every site is different, though.

Online poker gambling grows more popular around the country every single year. Many feel that, in time, Ohio will choose to regulate this industry.

List of Land-Based Poker Venues in Ohio

Many people still prefer to play poker in person. There’s something special about playing poker inside a real venue with other gamblers. With that in mind, we’re providing the names and locations of the four venues in the state that offer poker.

  • Hollywood Casino Columbus: Columbus
  • Hollywood Casino Toledo: Toledo
  • Jack Cincinnati Casino: Cincinnati
  • Jack Cleveland Casino: Cuyahoga

Each of these casinos have gained massive fan bases in the state. They help to provide valuable revenue to the local economies. Some analysts believe that in time, lawmakers in Ohio will approve measures to increase the number of casinos operating here.

If you’re in any of the cities above, make sure to check out the local casino!

Legality of Online Poker Gambling in Ohio

Real money online gambling, as a whole industry, is still very new in the US. To make things more complicated, regulations towards specific kinds of online gambling differ from state to state. Fortunately, Ohio is very lenient with its internet gambling laws.

In 2009, lawmakers in the state approved a measure to legalize commercial casinos. Calls to regulate the state’s internet poker industry followed shortly afterward. As of June 2020, however, this has not yet been accomplished.

This industry remains unregulated in the state. That doesn’t make it illegal. In fact, there are no laws here that indicate internet poker gambling is not allowed. For that reason, a huge number of people now play at Ohio poker sites on a regular basis.

Section 2915-01 of the State Statutes gives their definition of gambling.

“Bet means the hazarding of anything of value upon the result of an event, undertaking, or contingency, but does not include a bona fide business risk.”

One section of this text also describes what the state considers to be “games of chance.”

“Game of chance means poker, craps, roulette, or other game in which a player gives anything of value in the hope of gain, the outcome of which is determined largely by chance, but does not include bingo.”

Some are surprised to find that poker isn’t listed under the “game of chance” category. Interestingly, there are no laws here that specifically prohibit online poker gaming. In fact, there have been several recent attempts to formally legalize and regulate this industry.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Gambling Through Poker Sites in Ohio?

It’s extremely unlikely. Lawmakers in this state have been embracing the gambling industry, rather than pushing against it. No laws here prohibit online poker gambling. In time, it’s highly likely that this industry will become state-regulated.

*We are not lawyers. Please reach out to a legal professional for more information about the specific online poker laws in Ohio.*

Tips to Stay Safe Playing at Ohio Online Poker Sites

Safety is always priority number-one when getting into online gambling. The great thing is that the vast majority of Ohio poker sites currently operating work hard to keep their members safe. Most internet poker gamblers will never come across any issues.

Below are five easy steps that you can follow to ensure that your online gambling experience is nothing but fun!


Choose Reputable Online Poker Sites in Ohio

This is the easiest way to stay completely safe when playing poker online. A reputable site will always protect your money. The best ones will also provide you with a range of direct and simple customer support options.

Only Bet What You Can Afford

One of the most common mistakes that gamblers make is wagering more money than they should. It’s an easy one to make, as poker is just so fun! One of the best ways to avoid this mistake is keeping track of exactly how much you are gambling. If you see things getting out of hand, take a break from using any Ohio poker sites for a while.

Read Into the Promotional Offers

Promotions are fantastic tools to boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. All real money Ohio poker sites offer their members different bonuses. Make sure to always understand how these promotions work. You can then decide whether or not you want to use them!

Utilize the Customer Support Tool When You Need It

There’s a good chance that you will never come across an issue while playing poker online. If, however, you find a problem, it’s important that you utilize the site’s customer support tools. The best online poker sites in Ohio will always be available to answer your questions.

Keep Your Online Poker Account Information Private

Last, but not least, we recommend that you should always keep your poker account information private. This goes without saying, but those with access to your username and password can collect your winnings without you knowing about it! It’s also recommended that you change your account’s password from time to time.

As long as you follow these steps, your online poker experience should be an absolute blast!

Ohio Online Poker Sites FAQ

Is There a Limit to How Much Money I Can Win Playing at OH Poker Sites?

No. Your ability to win just depends on your poker skills! Many professional players are able to win a significant amount of money on a monthly basis. Not many Ohio poker sites actually set limits on the amount of money you can win.

What Are the Best Poker Sites in Ohio Operating Right Now?

It seems as though everyone has their own opinion on this. But there are a lot of well-rated online poker options currently available here. Our team of experts highly recommend and Ignition Poker. They’re both modern, safe sites with a wide range of different poker gambling options. Check them out today!

Will Poker Sites in Ohio Ever Become State-Regulated?

It seems highly likely that at some point, online poker gambling will become regulated by the state. It’s clear that lawmakers are beginning to embrace this industry. If you’d like to learn about any updates on the legal situation in this state, take a look at our gambling news page.

What Poker Games Are the Best for Beginners?

There are a huge number of different poker games available today. Many experts believe that Texas Hold’em is the best game for beginners. It’s fairly easy to learn and is available from nearly all Ohio poker sites operating today.

Do Ohio Online Poker Sites Offer Other Casino Gambling Options?

Some do, and some do not. This depends on whether or not you join an Ohio poker site dedicated specifically to poker gambling. There are a huge number of fantastic online casino sites operating here that offer everything from poker to slots. Do some research on the site you are interested in joining to see exactly what it offers.

Conclusion on Ohio Poker Sites

It’s been a little over a decade since Ohio legalized land-based casinos. Since that time, the gambling industry in the state has exploded in popularity. Many are now choosing to play at online poker sites in Ohio thanks to the convenience that they offer.

Reach out to out gambling experts with any additional questions you have. Good luck playing real money poker online in Ohio!