Best South Carolina Online Poker Sites

When it comes to playing poker in South Carolina, your options are limited to home games or driving to a neighboring state. But what you may not know is there is another option! The best online poker rooms for South Carolina residents give players the chance to hit the virtual felt and win real money. Whether you’re looking for exciting tournament action, inviting cash games, or sit and gos of all shapes and sizes, you’ve got options.

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BetOnline Poker
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Bovada Poker
100% Up To $500 Visit Site
SB Poker
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Ignition Poker
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Why We Love These South Carolina Poker Sites

  • Attractive Bonuses and Rewards
  • User-Friendly Tables and Lobbies
  • Exciting Tournament Action
  • Smooth Animations

Attractive Bonuses and Rewards

South Carolina State Seal in Poker ChipThe number one thing people look for when figuring out where to play online poker in South Carolina is a big bonus. Guess what? We don’t blame you! One of the more unique perks of playing online is the ability to cash in on bigger and better bonuses.

During our review process, we look for the best real money online poker bonuses available. Bear in mind, this doesn’t always mean the biggest dollar amount. The best bonuses are large (yes), but they’re also easy to clear, simple to understand, and available to all.

User-Friendly Tables and Lobbies

Could you imagine playing at a live poker table where it was hard to figure out how to bet? It would be impossible to focus on winning! We think the same is true when it comes to online poker. The best South Carolina poker sites have user-friendly tables, easy to navigate lobbies, and give you the freedom to focus on strategy.

Exciting Tournament Action

Chances are that a lot of you here love to play tournaments. There’s just something exciting about winning a ton of money for a smaller-sized investment. Because of this, our review team looks for real money South Carolina poker sites that have stellar tournament action. Generally, the team looks for South Carolina gambling sites with poker that have a healthy mix of daily tournaments, weekly events, and scheduled major series opportunities.

Smooth Animations

If you know much about us, we’re usually less concerned with how a site looks. However, when it comes to poker sites, it becomes more important. When we test online South Carolina poker sites, we look for poker rooms with nice graphics and smooth animations. Why? It can be incredibly tilting if the software is jumpy or glitchy. Again, you don’t want to be distracted from focusing on winning.

How to Stay Safe Playing at South Carolina Poker Sites

  • Provide accurate personal information.
  • Follow the best safety practices for your password.
  • Don’t stray from reputable South Carolina poker sites.
  • Stay apprised of any gambling law changes.
  • Don’t let anyone else use your poker account.

Provide Accurate Information

When you sign up to play real money online poker in South Carolina, you need to give as accurate information as possible. This may seem like common sense, but it’s a bit more than that. Sometimes, people choose to give incorrect names or addresses that don’t match where they live. While this might serve some ulterior motive, it can cause problems with cashouts and the integrity of your account. No matter what, give accurate information when signing up.

Follow Basic Password Best Practices

  • Use a strong password consisting of numbers, characters, and special characters.
  • Change your password regularly (every 60 to 120 days).
  • Don’t save your password on your computer or around your computer.
  • Don’t use words or numbers that can easily be tied to your personal life.
  • Refrain from logging into your account from a shared computer or device.

Don’t Stray From Reputable South Carolina Poker Sites

The reason we spend so much time working on our South Carolina poker sites recommendations is because it’s critical to your safety. You can follow all of the safety and security guidelines you want, but if you’re at a sketchy poker room, it can all be for nothing. While we’d love to give every poker room our nod of approval, we have to be critical to keep you safe.

Stay Updated on Any Gambling Law Changes

The gambling and poker legal landscape is one that’s always changing. The general trend across the country is a movement towards more acceptance! That all being said, you’ll want to do your best to stay on top of any changes in gambling and poker laws.

Please Note:

You don’t have to head off to law school or scour the web every day. Still, please don’t put your head in the sand. An excellent place to start is our US gambling laws page, where we breakdown gambling laws throughout the United States.

Don’t Let Anyone Else Use Your Poker Account

If you let someone else use your account, you run the risk of getting banned and your money confiscated. Think it doesn’t happen? Think again. A quick Google search shows you that the best real money poker sites in South Carolina put a lot of weight into site integrity. Over the past decade, hundreds of accounts have been frozen and the money confiscated for what many claim is harmless.

South Carolina Online Poker FAQ

Why Is Online Poker Becoming So Popular in South Carolina?

People from the South have loved the game of poker for decades. The state saw a huge jump in poker interest in the early 2000s when an account from Tennessee (Chris Moneymaker) won the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Since then, the growth has continued with no real stop in sight! As we see the technology increase at South Carolina online poker rooms, we expect the growth on the virtual felt to continue.

Can I Join Multiple Real Money Poker Sites in South Carolina?

Yes, you certainly can join and play real money online poker in South Carolina at multiple sites. In fact, for a lot of people, this might be advised! Multiple sites give you the opportunity to cash in on multiple bonuses and tap into multiple player pools. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to join multiple sites, and you can utilize them both at the same time if you’re multi-tabling!

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid When You Play Online Poker in South Carolina for Real Money?

On average, it can take anywhere from a few hours to about a week when you win money at South Carolina poker sites to get your payout. The exact time depends on a whole host of factors, including the quality of the site, the cashout method you choose, the amount you’re cashing out, the day you request the cashout, and whether it’s your first cashout or not.

Are South Carolina Poker Sites Trustworthy?

The good news is that most real money SC poker sites are on the up and up. However, this doesn’t mean that 100% of them are. If you want to stay safe, stick with the trustworthy South Carolina online poker sites we’ve recommended in this guide. Our teams are experts in determining the quality and trustworthiness of the available options of USA poker sites.

Can You Make Real Money When You Play Poker Online in South Carolina?

Yes! South Carolina online poker websites give players the chance to win real money in cash games, tournaments, and sit and gos. The amount you can make depends on the stakes you play, how good you are, and how much time you play.

Are There Any Land-Based Poker Rooms in South Carolina?

Currently, there are no land-based poker rooms in the state of SC. If you’re looking to play live, you’ll need to hop on a plane or drive to North Carolina or Georgia.

Conclusion on Real Money South Carolina Poker Sites

When it comes to poker in SC, your only option is to play online. Thankfully, you’ve got a lot of great options to choose from. If you’re ready to get started, head on over to one of the South Carolina poker sites recommended at the top of the guide. It should only take you a few minutes to get your account set up and funded. You can be dealt into your first pot within minutes!