Top Utah Poker Sites for 2021

Just because the state of Utah isn’t a fan of poker rooms and casinos doesn’t mean you should miss out on one of the best games in the history of the world. Thankfully, online poker rooms in Utah are flourishing with tons of action around the clock and all year long. So, unless you feel like hoping on the I-15 and fighting traffic into Nevada, get ready to experience true convenience and excitement at the best Utah online poker sites.

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What’s the Poker Scene Like in Utah?

Utah Poker ChipIn person? Crickets. Unless you’re partaking in a local home game or making that drive to Nevada, you’re not getting much poker action in person. Online? Utah gambling sites with poker are taking off! The online poker scene in the state of Utah is booming, despite a lack of support on the brick and mortar front. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you can join Utah online casinos with poker right now.

A lot of this online growth is residual from being so close to Las Vegas. Now, we don’t want to toot Nevada’s horn any harder than we need to, but Las Vegas is clearly the place where big poker stars are made. And being a $60 Frontier flight away from Vegas has its benefits. You end up getting a lot of players who like to play online and like to play in person but don’t want to live in a crazy city like Las Vegas. Instead, they live a short hop away to double-dip on the benefits.

Could the poker scene in Utah be stronger? Absolutely. But thanks to the proximity to Vegas and the real money online poker in Utah, it ain’t half bad.

What Makes These the Best Utah Poker Rooms?

Laptop With Poker Room Example

  • Expect 24/7/365 Action – But wait, don’t people in Utah sleep? They do. However, these UT online poker sites link you with players all over the country and all around the world. This ensures you’ll have plenty of action at any point in time that you want to play.
  • Expect to Be Rewarded – Rewards? No, we’re not chasing an outlaw across the desert. What we’re talking about here are bonuses, promotions, and VIP perks for choosing to play poker online. The best Utah online poker sites offer new players and loyal patrons perks just for playing the game they love.
  • Expect to Be Served – Utah online poker rooms are businesses. However, they’re businesses that only survive if their players and customers are happy. Expect to be treated like royalty at these real money UT poker sites online. If you ever need anything or have a special request, leverage the customer service teams readily available at your disposal. Who says you can’t feel like a VIP in your own home?
  • Expect to Have Fun – Seriously, online poker is supposed to be fun. And even if you’re looking to become Utah’s next big money winner, you can still have a good time doing it. All of these places to play poker online in Utah are set up with features and promotions aimed at delivering entertainment.

The Top 5 All-Time Money Winning Poker Players from Utah

Rank Country Name Winnings
#1 USA Jared Friener $2,142,748
#2 USA Frank Stepuchin $1,159,056
#3 USA Devin Porter $1,024,156
#4 USA Dylan Hortin $1,006,831
#5 USA Kenneth Lind $682,108

While you may not know a lot of the names on this list, there are quite a few people from the state of Utah who have joined the seven-figure club. And unlike many other states in the country where a clear crusher has identified themselves, the throne is still open in Utah. Sure, some of these names are known within the poker community, but the top spot is still yours for the taking. Do you have what it takes?

Three Things to Enhance Your Online Utah Poker Experience

Test Your Internet Connection

Utah PostcardUnless you live in one of the major cities of Utah, the chances are high you live out in the sticks. And while it doesn’t take a crazy strong phone or internet connection to play online poker in Utah, you do need some reliability. Make sure you test the strength and reliability of your internet with play money tables before you jump into Utah online poker websites.

Ensure You Have a Cashout Method You Like

Everybody makes sure there is a good deposit option available when they join a Utah online poker site. Why? Because you can’t get into the game if you don’t! However, a lot of people neglect to check if they have a cashout option that works for them before they make a deposit. This can lead to headaches worse than the construction on the I-15 down the line. Take 10 seconds and make sure you’ve got an option you like.

Ask Questions

Utah men and women are all about the individual life. And while we can respect the heck out of that, there are times when asking for help is fruitful. If there is something you don’t understand, no matter how silly you think it is, ask. The customer service teams at these real money online Utah poker sites are there to answer those questions. And if you’re embarrassed about the question, don’t worry. Most of the teams live out of the country, so you won’t run into them at the local grocery store.

Closest Live Poker Rooms to Utah

As you may be guessing from the title of this section, there are no brick and mortar poker rooms in the state of Utah. Instead, your only options for in-person play involve a drive down the road to Nevada or over to Colorado.

  • If you live in the northern part of the state, the Nugget Casino in Wendover, NV, is your closest option.
  • If you live in the southeastern part of the state, the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel in Colorado is your closest option.
  • If you live in the southwestern part of the state, you’ll need to jump on the I-15 and head into Primm, Nevada, or head a few more miles down to Las Vegas.

Get Playing Now

Now that we’ve shared where to play poker online Utah and how to get started, what are you waiting for? Again, unless you really feel like driving or hopping on a flight to Nevada, online casinos are pretty much your only option for playing poker in Utah. And guess what? It isn’t second fiddle. The conveniences, bonuses, perks, and all-around fun-factor make playing poker online in Utah a much more rewarding experience than you’ll get in any online card room.

Real Money Utah Poker Sites FAQ

Are There Any Brick and Mortar Poker Rooms in the State of Utah?

No, there are currently no brick and mortar poker rooms in the state of Utah. If you want to transition into online rooms, our list at the top of this page is the best online poker sites for Utah residents.

Are Home Games in Utah Safe to Play for Real Money?

While home games can be fun, they’re a lot more dangerous than people give them credit for. The number of robberies at home games across the country has been skyrocketing over the past decade. Additionally, home games where a rake or entry fee is being taken are generally illegal and subject to potential raids from the federal government. We’d advise steering clear.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Poker Online in Utah?

Yes! The best Utah online poker rooms offer a real chance to make money playing against players all around the world. And since poker isn’t a game where you play against the house, you can gain a real edge with skill and win money at Utah poker sites against the right opponents.

Does It Take a Long Time to Sign up for an Online Poker Site in Utah?

Nope! It takes about five minutes to get your account created with any of the top real money Utah poker rooms listed in this guide. From there, it takes about another five minutes to get your account funded, and then you’re ready to start playing!

Can I Play on Nevada’s Online Poker Sites?

If you’re talking about the online poker sites in your neighboring state run by the brick and mortar casinos, no. You have to be physically in Nevada to play on those sites. However, if you are wanting to play with players from the state, the online poker room options we’ve outlined here are open to players all over the country and the world.