Best Washington Poker Sites

With a population of 7.6 million people, Washington seems like a state that could develop a large and successful online gambling industry. Unfortunately, state leaders here have implemented very tough regulations towards this industry. Despite the best efforts by state officials, a huge number of online poker options are still available here. Today, our team of gambling experts is going to offer up-to-date information on the Washington poker sites operating today.

As we just mentioned, there are many online poker sites in Washington. It seems that these sites grow more popular every single year. We’ve listed where to play poker online in Washington below.

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Internet gambling is popular in every state around the country. That’s even true in Washington, which has some of the harshest laws towards this industry. We’ll go over some of the steps that residents here can take to find a reliable poker website.

Many have questions about the specific laws for the gambling industry. Several lawmakers here have discussed ways to change the current regulations here. We’ll go over exactly what is allowed and what isn’t.

Washington isn’t a great state to be a real money poker fan in, but that could certainly change in the future. Find out how to choose a Washington poker site below.

Four Steps to Finding the Best Washington Poker Sites

It’s clear that lawmakers in Washington don’t want its residents to gamble online. If you’re reading this, however, there’s a good chance you plan on making a few wagers anyway. The popularity of this industry continues to grow.

Below are just a few easy steps that everyone can follow to ensure they find a good, reliable internet poker site to play through.

Check out Site Reviews From Trusted Sources

One of the best and easiest ways to ensure the poker website you decide to join is safe is by reading what other people say about it! That might seem like a complete no-brainer. Some, unfortunately, take a poker website at face value and forget to read reviews about it.

Spend a little time looking at reviews from trusted sources. Our gambling site reviews page, for example, dives deep into the payment options, customer support system, and overall design of different gambling platforms. We’ll be the first to let you know whether or not one of these online poker sites in Washington is worth playing at.

Explore the Design and User Interface of Different Sites

There are a huge number of different real money Washington poker sites operating right now. The designs of these sites vary greatly. It’s a great idea to spend time checking through a few different poker site designs and user interfaces to see which ones you enjoy the most.

This is easy to do. All you need to do is narrow down a few different WA poker sites, and then scroll through some of their pages! It should only take a few minutes to see whether or not it’s a gambling website you enjoy.


Take a Look at Which Poker Games Are Available

Poker is really a broad term for a huge number of different games. There are many poker variations, some that are more popular than others. We recommend that you take a good look at some of the different poker games being offered by different Washington online poker sites.

There’s nothing worse than finding a site, deposing some money, and realizing the games you want to play aren’t available. Fortunately, most WA online poker sites clearly list the available games on their homepages. Don’t forget this easy step!

Make Sure Easy Payment Options Are Provided

When looking for a poker website to join, there’s nothing more important than knowing your money will be protected. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to spend some time making sure the payment options you plan on using are accepted. Some online Washington poker rooms offer different cashier options.

The majority of online poker sites in Washington operating today will allow deposits to be made using all major debit cards including Visa and Mastercard. Many still only permit withdrawals to be made using Bitcoin. All poker sites in Washington are different. Don’t forget to check and see which payment options are available to you.

By following these four steps, there’s a good chance that the poker website you decide to join is fantastic.

Poker Sites in Washington Grow More Popular Every Year

In many ways, the entire country’s laws towards gambling are a little antiquated. Fortunately, some states are beginning to legalize and regulate various forms of gambling. This is not the case in Washington, where online gambling remains taboo in the eyes of lawmakers.

It’s unusual, as this industry is growing more popular every single year. More people here are beginning to realize how fun this form of gambling really is. Of course, it seems to be the convenience of these Washington poker rooms that’s really helping the industry to grow.

As you may already know, Washington poker sites allow you to make wagers from anywhere with an internet connection. Forget long drives to a land-based gaming venue. These websites make playing poker as easy as possible.

You don’t even need a computer. Nowadays, the majority of poker sites in Washington provide fantastic mobile casino gambling platforms. That makes it easy to play your favorite games using just a smartphone. Both iOS and Android users should have no issues playing their favorite poker games online.

Many analysts also believe the huge number of poker variations has helped this industry to grow so quickly. Some of the Washington poker sites currently operating provide more games than some of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

No one expects this to slow down anytime soon. In fact, most believe these online poker sites in Washington will continue to grow more popular as time goes on.

List of Land-Based Real Money Poker Venues in Washington

Washington seems a little confused about how to best approach the gaming industry. At the moment, 35 different land-based casinos are operating here. The majority of them offer poker gambling options.

Below are the names and locations of the 10 best venues to play poker in Washington.

  • Emerald Downs Casino: Auburn
  • 7 Cedars Casino: Sequim
  • Tulalip Casino: Marysville
  • Swinomish Casino and Lodge: Anacortes
  • Angel of the Winds Casino Resort: Arlington
  • Little Creek Casino: Shelton
  • Snoqualmie Casino: Snoqualmie
  • Clearwater Casino Resort: Suquamish
  • Silver Reef Casino Resort: Ferndale
  • Quinault Beach Casino: Ocean Shores

Washington has slowly developed a successful land-based casino industry. These venues are known for offering some great poker gambling options. If you’re in any of the cities above, make sure to check the local gaming spot!

Legality of Online Poker Gambling in Washington

We’ve been touching on the legality of poker sites in Washington throughout this page. Now, it’s time to get into specifics. Unlike most states around the country, Washington has a set of laws that actually prohibits all forms of online gambling.

There is one key piece of legislation here that clearly indicates online gambling is prohibited. That is Section 9.46.240 of the State Statutes. Check out the text below.

“Whoever knowingly transmits or receives gambling information by telephone, telegraph, radio, semaphore, the internet, a telecommunications transmission system, or similar means, or knowingly installs or maintains equipment for the transmission or receipt of gambling information shall be guilty of a class C felony…”

Poker is widely considered to be a skill game. Unfortunately, even “games of skill” like poker cannot be played online. The state sets a blanket ban on all forms of internet gambling. Many feel this will change soon, though.

There have been several bills presented over the years to legalize and regulate internet poker gambling. All have failed to make it past the legislative session.

Since 2018, several states have completely started allowing online gambling. Most of these states are earning a huge amount of revenue by taking this industry. Lawmakers in Washington are beginning to take notice.

It seems likely that, within a few years, all online Washington poker sites will become legal and regulated. For now, this industry remains banned in the eyes of the law.

Will I Get in Trouble for Playing at Poker Sites in WA?

It’s possible, yet unlikely. As we just mentioned, Washington is one of the only states in the US with laws that explicitly prohibit all forms of internet gambling. With that being said, it’s highly unlikely to face any legal repercussions for making wagers online. Our team has not come across any issues of residents being prosecuted for playing through WA poker sites.

*We are not lawyers. Reach out to a law professional for more information about the specific online poker laws in Washington.*

Tips to Stay Safe Playing at Washington Poker Sites

At this point, you can probably make up your own mind on playing poker online here. Those that still want to play this game may have a few concerns about safety. That’s understandable, yet the vast majority of internet poker players never come across any issues.

Below are five easy tips to keep in mind before you jump into online poker.

Make Sure to Join a Reputable Poker Site

It seems like each year, more Washington poker sites begin operating. Before joining any of these online Washington poker rooms, make sure that it’s safe and reliable. Those that aren’t are usually blacklisted quickly. Unfortunately, there are still some real money online poker websites operating today that have been known to pull some shady moves.

Keep Track of How Much You Win and Lose

MoneyOnline poker gambling is extremely fun. It can be easy to get lost in time and forget how much you’ve won and lost. We always recommend that you keep a daily toll of your winnings and losses. If you begin to see a heavy downward trend, it may be best to take a break for a little while.

Stay on Top of Changes to Laws

According to lawmakers, all poker sites in Washington are banned. That is likely to change soon. Stay on top of changes to the laws here by following our gambling news page. We’ll be the first to report on any updates to the online gambling regulations in the state.

Understand How All Promotions Work

If you’ve already taken a look at a few online poker sites in WA, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a promotion. Essentially, these are bonus offers that gambling websites offer to their members to boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. It’s important to know how every promotion works before you decide to use it. This will save you from any headaches in the future.

Keep Your Account Information Secure

Finally, we always feel it’s a good idea to keep your online poker account information secure. Don’t give your username or password to any strangers. Those with this information can steal your winnings! It can be smart to change your account password from time to time as well.

Most people never come across any issues when gambling online. By keeping these tips in mind, there’s a great chance your online poker experience will be nothing but fun.

Washington Poker Sites FAQ

What Are the Best Washington Poker Sites Operating Right Now?

This likely comes down to your own individual preference. There are many fantastic internet poker platforms available in this state. Most of them are great. Our team highly recommends both Bovada and BetOnline. They’re safe and offer a range of different poker options.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing Poker Online?

It depends on your poker skill! Many of the world’s best players choose to hone their craft online. Some are able to win a huge amount of money on a regular basis. Not many of the poker sites in Washington set limits on the amount of money you’re able to win.

Will Washington Ever Regulate Online Poker?

It’s difficult to say. At the moment, Washington is one of the least gambling-friendly states in the country. With that being said, several lawmakers have recently stated that this should change. It seems likely that regulations toward this industry, including Washing poker sites, will change within the next few years.

Do Online Poker Sites in Washington Offer Other Casino Options?

Many of the real money Washington online poker sites operating today offer a wide range of different casino gambling options. Some focus specifically on their poker games. If you want to play more than just poker, do some research and make sure the site you’re interested in joining actually offers it!

What Is the Easiest Poker Game for Beginners?

Most agree that Texas Hold’em is the best game for beginners to play. It’s the most popular poker variation in the world and is the most commonly played game during major tournaments. As time goes on, you can begin to expand to other games such as Three-Card Poker and Omaha.

Conclusion on Washington Online Poker Sites

If you’re in Washington, you may want to consider holding off playing poker online right now. Some may want to take the risk and do it anyway. Those individuals still have access to some fantastic real money online poker websites, despite the state’s stance towards this industry.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see laws change here soon. Stay tuned for updates and feel free to reach out to our team with any additional questions. Good luck placing your bets!