Wisconsin Online Poker Sites

Home to poker greats like Phil Hellmuth and Marc Kroon, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that residents and guests of Wisconsin love to play poker. And thanks to the favorable stance of the state towards gambling and poker, you’ve got a lot of quality options to get the cards in the air—both in person and virtually. While options abound in the Badger State, online Wisconsin poker sites still deliver the most flexibility, convenience, and opportunities to cash in big.

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Why These Are the Best Wisconsin Poker Sites

  • Action, Action, Action!
  • Bonuses and VIP Rewards
  • Security and Trust
  • Customer Support
  • Flexible Banking Options

Action, Action, Action!

Action, action, action, could easily be rewritten as options, options, options! When we’re choosing the best Wisconsin poker sites to recommend to you, we want as many choices as possible when it comes to stakes, game variations, and busy times. Some of the major questions we ask include the following:

  • Does the poker site offer action at different stake levels? Low levels for beginners? Higher levels for grinders and serious players? Adequate increments for slowly moving up stakes?
  • Is there action across all of the popular poker variations? Texas Hold’em? Omaha? Stud? Draw?
  • Does the poker room offer cash games, tournaments, sit and gos, and heads-up play?
  • What times of the day are the tables full? Just at primetime? Only on the weekends? All-day long?

Bonuses and VIP Rewards

Thanks to the competitive nature of the top Wisconsin poker sites, resourceful players can cash in on some serious bonuses just for choosing a particular site. When we’re racking and stacking the WI options available, we look at what bonuses are available. Yes, we’re looking for size, but we’re also looking for variety and the ease at which you can cash in.

Some Wisconsin online poker rooms offer huge bonuses, but the terms of the bonus are predatory or impossible to clear. Additionally, some poker rooms in the state that don’t have their act together use bonuses to cover up bigger problems. That’s where we shine. Our team is masterful at evaluating the quality of an online poker bonus. You’re not going to see bonuses recommended here that fit any of these negative descriptions.

Security and Trust

WisconsinSpeaking of less than savory Wisconsin poker sites, security and trust are the two most important factors assessed during our ranking process. Why? If you can’t trust that your money is safe, the games are fair, and your personal information isn’t getting leaked to the highest bidder, what’s the point? You could crush on the felt, but if your money magically vanishes from your account because of a security issue, again, what’s the point?

All of the best real money poker sites in Wisconsin recommended here are safe, secure, and operate like you’d hope a trustworthy business would. What that means for you is you can focus on having fun, running huge bluffs, and picking off your opponent’s stacks.

Customer Support

The best online poker sites for Wisconsin residents know how to take care of their customers. While this is easy when everything is going right, the real winners shine when customers need help or are having an issue. Before we give our signature of approval for a WI poker site, we take a long look at the quality of the customer support team.

  • Are they available 24/7/365?
  • Can you get in touch with an agent instantly?
  • Is the customer service team fluent in English?
  • Are the agents equipped with the resources they need to help you out?
  • How many different options are available to get in touch with someone? Email? Chat? Contact form? Phone? Social media?
  • Did the poker room take the time to create FAQs to answer common questions?

Flexible Banking Options

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of criteria to choose the best places to play poker online in Wisconsin is banking. How easy (or difficult) is it for you to move your money on and off the site? Can you get your account funded instantly? When you win money at Wisconsin poker sites, can you withdraw all of your winnings in a reasonable time frame? These are just a few of the questions we ask when picking out our favorite Wisconsin poker sites.

Why Poker Is Growing in Popularity in Wisconsin

Wisconsin StateThere are quite a few reasons why poker continues to explode in popularity in the state of Wisconsin. First, the state is home to some of the most successful players and biggest personalities in the game. When you talk action poker and electric emotions, the names Phil Hellmuth and Marc Kroon generally headline the conversation. It’s no secret that people get inspired to emulate the best in any industry, especially when they come from the same home state.

Second, poker continues to explode in popularity across the entire United States. Real money Wisconsin poker sites are a result of the Moneymaker Boom that began in the early 2000s (and continues to drive action today). That famous accountant that started it all is from Tennessee, only two states south of WI. Because many of the best real money poker sites in Wisconsin are connected with players across the US, collective gains bring benefits to players within the state.

The final nod for spurring growth in the Badger State goes to technology. It wasn’t many years ago that your only option for playing poker for real money in the state was to drive to a casino or poker room. While it’s nice the option exists, it still required a lengthy drive, fighting with traffic, and sitting on a waiting list.

As online Wisconsin poker sites continue to improve the quality of the player experience, the popularity of the game continues to grow with a direct relationship.

List of Land-Based Poker Rooms in Wisconsin

No matter how much you love to play poker online in Wisconsin, there are days where you want to stare your opponents in the eyes. We get it, and that’s okay. The choice between online poker and live poker isn’t a zero-sum game. If you’re feeling the urge to pull up an actual seat to a game, you do have several options for live poker rooms in Wisconsin.

  • Bad River Lodge and Casino (Odanah, WI)
  • Lake of the Torches Casino (Lac Du Flambeau, WI)
  • Oneida Casino (Green Bay, WI)
  • Potawatomi Hotel and Casino (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Sevenwinds Casino (Hayward, WI)
  • St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake (Turtle Lake, WI)

How to Stay Safe Playing at Wisconsin Poker Sites

  • Stay up to Speed on the Laws
  • Be Deliberate in Your Site Selections
  • Practice Safe Internet Behavior
  • Don’t Ignore Update and Anti-Virus Notifications
  • Ask Questions

Stay up to Speed on the Laws

In general, the state of WI has favorable views towards gambling and poker. Additionally, the country as a whole continues to move more and more toward total acceptance of the game. With that being said, you still need to check on the legislation in the state every so often. Governments can be unpredictable, and you want to be on top of any changes that might affect your ability to play.

Be Deliberate in Your Site Selections

When determining where to play online poker in Wisconsin for real money, it’s imperative that you’re deliberate in your selections. Choosing an inadequate site could lead to profit losses or, worse, stolen personal data. It’s far too easy to just Google a few Wisconsin poker sites and sign up with the one that has the flashiest graphics. While this might get the cards in the air a few minutes faster, it leaves you vulnerable.

Take a few minutes to choose the right real money Wisconsin poker sites for you. A minute invested now can save you from weeks of headaches later.

Practice Safe Internet Behavior

Choosing the safest Wisconsin poker sites is step one of the process. Step two of the process involves you doing your part to stay safe. Take the same internet safety habits you use with our email and banking accounts and apply it to your online poker accounts. Use strong passwords, change them regularly, and never log into your account from a public computer or device. By pairing great WI poker sites with solid safety habits, you can ensure a secure online poker experience.

Don’t Ignore Updates and Anti-Virus Notifications

If we’re being honest, we’re guilty of this, too. We’re talking about ignoring those computer notifications to upgrade our expired anti-virus or shut down the computer to install new updates. While it can be annoying to take a break from what you’re doing, these updates are critical. Computer companies don’t do this just to annoy you; they do it because there’s been a vulnerability identified that needs patching.
Keep your anti-virus and computer up to date, and you’ll set yourself up for safety success.

Ask Questions

The worst thing you can do at Wisconsin online casinos with poker is staying quiet when there’s something you don’t understand. If something seems off or doesn’t make sense to you, be proactive. There’s a reason we only recommend Wisconsin poker sites with exceptional customer service teams. No matter how silly you think the question is—ask. It’s infinitely better to know what’s going on or catch something before the fact than to wait and try and clean up a mess later.

Wisconsin Poker Sites FAQ

Can I Make More Money If I Play Poker Online in Wisconsin Instead of at the Casino?

It depends. Two reasons you may be able to make more money playing poker online in Wisconsin are the fact you can multi-table and access to higher stakes games around the world. But it all really comes down to which environment is more suitable for your play style.

How Are Online Wisconsin Poker Sites Different Than Playing at the Casino?

There are a lot of differences between playing poker online at a US poker site and playing in person. Some of the most notable advantages you’ll find online include the ability to multi-table, more variety in stake levels, access to players around the world, and the convenience of being able to play without leaving the house. Additionally, most players report better bonuses and VIP perks when playing online. The obvious drawback, though, is you can’t see your opponents, which is a turnoff for some players.

Am I Allowed to Join Multiple Wisconsin Poker Sites?

Yes! In fact, many players find this optimal to get the right mix or levels of action they’re looking for. There are no additional costs to join multiple Wisconsin gambling sites with poker, and you can play more than one at the same time. Additionally, this may give you the ability to cash in on multiple bonuses at the same time!

How Long Does It Take to Get an Account Set up to Play Poker Online in Wisconsin?

Generally, it shouldn’t take you more than about two minutes to get your account set up and another five minutes to get your account funded. Most players report being in the action in under about 10 minutes.

Are There a Lot of Players at the Best Wisconsin Poker Sites?

One of the criteria we look at when choosing the best Wisconsin online poker rooms is how large the player pool is. While “large” is not always the best, we do want to see an adequate number of players to sustain action. The best part about many of these real money online poker sites in Wisconsin is they connect you with players around the state, country, and world. What this means is that even if poker slows down in WI, you can still get action!

Final Words on Playing Poker Online in Wisconsin

It’s always exciting to cover a state in the US that has options for its residents and guests. For those living in Wisconsin, you’ve got your fair share of brick and mortar options, as well as WI online poker sites. If you’re ready to get into the action right now, you’re only minutes away from pulling up a chair to the virtual felt. Players from all over the state, country, and world are ready to accept your challenge and give you the action you’ve been looking for!