Connecticut Texas Holdem Poker Rooms

Although the state of Connecticut only offers two poker rooms, they still
have a massive poker scene with thousands of players taking to the felt each
week. This is because one of these rooms is in the huge Foxwoods Casino, which
is known worldwide for its huge poker tournaments and a room that boasts just
fewer than 150 tables.

The lesser known Mohegan Sun poker room also offers 42 poker tables and has
an excellent reputation for taking care of regular players and welcoming new

These two poker rooms are in casinos located on native Indian reservations.
While some forms of gambling are permitted elsewhere in the state, including
horse racing, greyhound racing, jai alai, and lottery, you won’t find casinos on
state land with only these reservations being entitled to run game of chance
tables and machines.

While Texas holdem poker doesn’t really fall into this category, at least not
for the poker purists, it does mean the state has two great rooms which attract
players from across the country and around the world.

While the game of choice in Connecticut is no limit Texas holdem, there’s a
thriving stud and mixed game scene running as well, so you won’t be short on
choice if you want to change it up every now and then.

Limit holdem is also regularly available in both poker rooms which is a great
game for those who can’t stand the variance in the no limit game. You’ll find
plenty of tournament action with both rooms offering at least one event a day,
with up to four or five on weekends. This is great for the amateur player and
will ensure that new players are joining these poker rooms all the time.

Comps are also offered in the two poker rooms and you’ll get free alcoholic
drinks while you play like you would in Las Vegas. This is great for those that
enjoy a beer while they play poker and for the serious players, as many amateurs
will partake in some drinking which results in looser action on the tables. It’s
a win win situation for everyone.

The poker scene is alive and well in this state and won’t be going anywhere
soon. Although the fall of online poker has impacted every single live poker
room in the country, these two rooms are still doing well and attracting many
players. Massachusetts has recently allowed a few casinos to open to compete
with the Connecticut casinos and to ensure not too much tax revenue is being
lost, but this hasn’t impact these two poker arenas too much.

If you haven’t played poker at Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun before, it’s well
worth a visit if you’re in the area, or even if you live on the east coast.
These poker rooms really are a lot of fun and offer great value for solid

List of Texas Holdem Poker Rooms in Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino

  • Location: Mashantucket, Connecticut
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 147
  • Games: If you are looking for tournament play you will find a huge number of
    events at Foxwoods, ranging from standard weekly tournaments up to a World Poker
    Tour festival and World Series of Poker circuit event. Most days of the week
    you’ll find up to four tournaments with the game being no limit hold’em and the
    buy in ranging from $60 up to $400. During special events, you’ll find deep
    stack tournaments and other poker variants being played including pot limit
    Omaha, razz, stud and 2-7 draw games. Cash players will be in absolute paradise
    here with a huge number of games being offered. You’ll find $1 / $2, $2 / $5, $5
    / $10 and $10 / $25 no limit Texas holdem, $1 / $2 pot limit Omaha high, $1 / $2
    pot limit Omaha 8 or better, $2 / $4, $4 / $8, $5 / $10, $10 / $20, $20 / $40
    and $40 / $80 limit holdem, $1 / $3, $1 / $5 $5 / $10, $10 / $20, $20 / $40 and
    $75 / $150 stud, $5 / $10 limit Omaha 8 or better and $10 / $20, $75 / $150 and
    $150 / $300 mixed games.
  • Ambience: This poker room is a nice mix of modern decor and poker basics
    which makes for an excellent playing environment. You will immediately notice
    the blue waves on the high ceilings when you enter this non-smoking poker room,
    this is complimented by basic green felt tables with comfortable fabric chairs
    which are perfect for a long session. Flat screen TVs are strategically
    positioned around the room so you can stay up to date with the latest sports
    scores while you play. This area is mostly dedicated to cash games with another
    section opening upstairs when larger tournament fields are expected. Overall you
    won’t find a much better place to play poker, with Foxwoods being up there with
    some of the best in Las Vegas.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned while you play here at a rate of 1 to 2
    points per hour depending on the game and stakes you are playing. These points
    are collected through the Foxwoods Rewards program and points can be exchanged
    for dollar value at a rate of 2 points to $1. If you play for 75 days and 500
    hours you can get a Poker Black Card which earns you comps at double the
    standard rate. While playing here you will be served cocktails at the table
    including free alcohol for players, and they also run a series of promotions and
    jackpots to keep you coming back. This includes a hold’em and stud bad beat
    progressive jackpot. On top of this they also offer high hand prizes during
    certain times of the week. Be sure to ask the poker room manager upon arrival
    what bonuses are currently in play.
  • Players: This huge poker room attracts pretty much every type of poker player
    you will ever come across. A huge professional pool frequents the tables here
    during the week with more amateurs and weaker play gracing the table during the
    busier hours in the evenings and on weekends. This room is also home to a large
    stud cash game scene which is quite strong, so if you don’t play stud that well
    then you should hone your skills elsewhere before taking to the felt here. If
    hold’em is your game, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with a lot of tables
    always running with both high and low stakes of no limit and limit varieties.
    Staff, dealers and management go out of their way to make you feel welcome in
    this room and they truly try to make the place the ideal spot to play poker.
    Many players consider this to be the best option on the east coast, with the
    large tournaments being your best option to find a large edge.

Mohegan Sun

  • Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 42
  • Games: If you are looking for a tournament you will find at least one each
    day in the Mohegan Sun poker room. The game is usually no limit hold’em with
    the buy in ranging from $75 up to $150. Cash players will find $1 / $1, $1 / $2,
    $2 / $5 and $5 / $10 no limit Texas holdem, $2 / $4 limit Texas holdem and $1 /
    $5 stud tables running most days of the week.
  • Ambience: This no smoking poker room is open and spacious with blue felt
    tables against a golden decor. The room is well lit and the chairs are
    comfortable for long sessions. TVs hand from the ceiling to keep you entertained
    between hands and so you know what the average stack is in the tournament
    anytime that you need to. The room isn’t too cluttered, except for one or two
    exceptions, so you won’t be backing on to someone else whenever you try to stand
    up from the table.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned while you play cash at a rate of $1 per hour
    for the smaller stakes games. If you play at higher stakes you can earn more.
    One cool part of the rewards program is that you can use earned comp dollars to
    enter tournaments. They also run a high hand jackpot and a range of other
    promotions to keep you coming back for more. You will also receive cocktail and
    food service at the table while you play so you need never miss a hand.
  • Players: You’ll come across a good mix of players in this room with lots of
    regulars and amateurs battling it out on the felt. If you are a frequent player
    you will be looked after, but the room also strongly caters to amateur and new
    players so you will always be welcomed here. The overall vibe in the room is fun
    and relaxing with no one taking it too seriously, which is always a good thing
    in a poker room. Although Foxwoods has often taken the title as the best poker
    room in Connecticut, Mohegan Sun is fast catching up because of how they service


Home to one of the largest poker rooms in the US at Foxwoods, Connecticut is
a good state for Texas holdem players. Even the other poker room at Mohegan Sun
is larger than most rooms in other states. Even if you don’t live in Connecticut
it’s worth the trip to visit if you’re a serious Texas holdem player.