Delaware Texas Holdem

Delaware is one of the three states in the US that allows territory locked
online poker. Because of this there’s a small poker scene which is doing very
well. Recently, they’ve gone even further and now allow online players to play
across state lines with people in Nevada.

Each live poker venue has their own online poker room also, allowing players
to transition between the two, which is cool.

Gambling is legal in the state and they’ve certainly taken a common sense
approach to how they allow it. It’s highly regulated and licenses are required,
which is always a good thing. This makes it much safer to play.

Due to the small population of the state, at just under 1 million, they only
have three casinos which offer poker. These are Delaware Park, Dover Downs, and
Harrington. These all have casino table games, slots, and a race track at the
venue as well. This is a great thing as it attracts new players and amateurs to
the game which is vital for the poker economy.

On top of poker and the casino games we’ve just mentioned, you can also play
bingo, lottery, and bet on sports in the state. They’ve also legalised online
casinos so you can play all of your favorite games such as roulette, blackjack,
and craps online.

The main poker variant in Delaware, like pretty much every other state, is no
limit Texas holdem. Most tournaments are holdem with a few small exceptions and
you’ll be able to find the odd Omaha cash game here and there. Some limit Texas
holdem is also played in the three poker rooms.

Delaware was a big travel destination for interstate poker players because of
their relaxed poker laws. However, this has now dried up a little bit because of
the legalisation of poker in other states and the fact a few larger rooms have
opened. The scene here is still good though, and it’s well worth a visit just to
play poker alone.

Delaware is a great example of poker done well. Poker rooms are in each of
the three major cities in the state and they also have online poker attached to
them. Because they link up with Nevada we can only hope that more states will
follow suit and regulate poker and allow players to link up across states. This
is what will bring online poker back from the dead in America, and Delaware is
leading the way in this respect.

List of Delaware Texas Holdem Poker Rooms

Delaware Park

  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 45
  • Games: For the cash players, they spread $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit Texas
    holdem, $1 / $ pot limit Omaha high, $2 / $4 and $4 / $8 limit Texas holdem and
    $4 / $8 limit Omaha 8 or better. If you are looking for a tournament you will
    find up to four each day with the main game being no limit hold’em. The buy in
    will fluctuate from $40 to $150. On top of these they also have free roll
    tournaments for frequent players or those who have bought in to other
    tournaments regularly.
  • Ambience: This old school poker room is decked out in brown and wooden tones
    with green, red and yellow pattern carpet and green felt tables. The room is
    spacious and is fully no smoking for your comfort. Aside from this the decor is
    quite plain with basic ceilings and not much in the way of decorations. It is
    well lit though and they have TVs fixed to the walls around the room to keep you
    entertained while you play.
  • Hospitality: You can earn comps while you play cash here through the Player
    Rewards Club at a rate of 40 cents per hour. On top of this they also offer food
    and cocktail service at the table so you’ll never miss a hand. To keep you
    coming back for more they also have a high hand prize during certain times.
  • Players: You’ll find good action in this poker room on most days of the week.
    The tables soften up in the evening and generally you’ll find one to two
    regulars at the table along with one to two weak players and the rest decent
    amateurs. The higher the stakes you play the tougher the tables will become for
    you. Overall the vibe is friendly and welcoming with dealers going out of their
    way to make you feel comfortable. This is mirrored by the regulars at the table
    which is great for the game and the poker economy.

Dover Downs Casino

  • Location: Dover, Delaware
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 18
  • Games: You’ll find up to three no limit hold’em tournaments in this room
    each day with the buy in ranging from $10 to $50. For the cash players, they
    spread $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit Texas holdem and $2 / $4 limit holdem.
  • Ambience: This no smoking poker room features green felt tables amongst a
    predominantly white decor. The room itself is open and spacious with TVs along
    the walls showing all the live sports games and the lighting in the room is
    adequate for longer sessions.
  • Hospitality: You will be served cocktails and food at the table here so you
    need never miss a hand. On top of this they also offer players comps at a rate
    of $1 per hour through the Capital Club rewards program. One nice bonus is this
    is available to players both in cash games and tournaments. Finally, they also
    run high hand, bad beat and royal flush promotions at certain times during the
  • Players: The cash games in this poker room are quite slow most of the time
    and as such you’ll find much better action in the tournaments. Dealers are a bit
    hit and miss here with some too busy chatting with regulars to focus on what
    they should be doing. This is rare though with most being great at their job.
    The fact a few other poker rooms have opened in nearby states has meant that you
    won’t find the action in this room that you used to.

Harrington Raceway & Casino

  • Location: Harrington, Delaware
  • Hours: 24 hours, 7 days
  • Tables: 10
  • Games: No limit Texas holdem tournaments are held on Wednesday, Thursday,
    Saturday and Sunday with the buy in ranging from $60 to $85. Cash wise you will
    find $1 / $2 no limit hold’em tables running most of the time.
  • Ambience: This no smoking poker room is in a race track complex, upstairs and
    away from the rest of the casino noise, and features clean felt tables amongst a
    basic and modern decor with colorful patterned carpets. The room is spacious,
    well-lit, and you’ll be able to see a TV from most spots on the table so you can
    keep yourself entertained while the guy in the hijack tanks.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned in this poker room while you play cash games
    at a rate of $1 per hour through the casino Players Club. On top of this they
    will service you cocktails and food at the table so you can keep your session
    running that little bit longer. You’ll also be in the running for a range of
    jackpots and promotional prizes while you play.
  • Players: You’ll come across mostly locals at the table in this poker room.
    The play will be a bit slow during the week and will improve when there’s racing
    on and on weekends. They run a series of tournaments which can provide some
    great value due to the soft play. If you are playing cash take your time and
    assess the table for a few orbits before making moves.


One of the few states that allow both live poker room and online Texas holdem
play, Delaware is a great place to live if you play poker. Visit one of the
three state licensed land based casinos or log in from home to get in a game
right away.