Texas Holdem for Dummies

Like the title suggests, this page is designed to take a
person who knows nothing about Texas holdem and walk them step
by step through the game so they can start playing without
embarrassing themselves. The title should really say Texas
holdem for the ignorant because not knowing about something is
ignorance, not a matter of being dumb. But for dummies is much
more catchy so we went with it.

Just understand that what you don’t know about Texas holdem
doesn’t rank you with the dummies of the population, and after
reading this page you’ll have graduated to a level far above the
dummies stage. If you really study and learn from the details
below you’ll probably advance past the bottom 25% of the poker
population immediately.

Where else can you get a jump on a quarter of the population
by simply reading a page?

One of the best ways to learn how to play a new game is by
watching other players, but if you don’t understand the terms
the players are using and don’t understand the rules it can take
a long time to pick up on the fine points of the game.

It’s somewhat like trying to learn a new language by moving
to a new country without taking any language lessons.

This page starts with the basics by covering the important
terms you’ll hear at the table and then goes over the possible
poker hands and their strengths. Then you’ll learn the exact
step by step way a game of Texas holdem is set up and how a hand
is played, and as a bonus we’ve included a basic strategy

If your goal is to be able to start playing Texas holdem as
quickly as possible without looking like you’re inexperienced or
don’t know what you’re doing this page will prepare you like no
other resource.

Basic Terms

In order to understand a game at the most basic level you
have to learn some of the common terms. Like many games, Texas
holdem players use a specialized language with terms that aren’t
used in normal conversation or terms that mean something
different than you’re used to.

Here’s a list of common terms used at the Texas holdem table.

  • Hole Cards

    The two cards dealt face down to each
    player. Your two card starting hand is your hole cards.

  • Burn Card

    The dealer places a card in the discard
    pile, also called the muck, before dealing the flop, turn,
    and river. This card is called a burn card. The phrase burn
    and turn refers to burning a card and turning over the next
    community card.

  • Community Cards

    The community cards are cards placed
    face up in the center of the poker table. These cards are
    used in combination with your hole cards to make the best
    possible five card poker hand. Every player uses the
    community cards. The community cards are made up of the
    flop, turn, and river. Some players call the community cards
    the board.

  • Flop

    The flop is the first set of community cards
    dealt after the first betting round. Three cards are dealt
    face up.

  • Turn

    The turn is a single community card dealt
    following the betting round conducted after the flop.

  • River

    The final community card is called the river and
    it is dealt after the betting round following the turn.

  • Showdown

    After all of the community cards are dealt
    and all of the betting rounds have been completed all of the
    remaining players show their hole cards and the winning
    player receives the pot. When the players show their cards
    it’s called the showdown.

  • Fold

    When you fold you turn your cards in to the
    dealer face down instead of calling the current bet.

  • Call

    If you decide to remain in the hand you must call
    any bet that has been made earlier in the round. This
    includes the big blind on the first round of betting.

  • Raise

    A raise is when you not only call the current
    bet but decide to place a larger bet. This is all done at
    one time, unlike what you often see on television. You don’t
    say I’ll call and raise. You simply state that you’re
    raising and push the amount of chips forward to cover the
    call and the raise. If you say I call and raise it’s a
    string bet and this isn’t allowed in poker rooms.

  • Check

    When there hasn’t been a bet on the current
    round of betting you may check to the next person. You can’t
    check on the first round unless you’re in the big blind and
    no one has raised. You must call, raise, or fold on the
    first round in any position other than the big blind.

  • All In

    In a no limit Texas holdem game you can push
    all of your chips into the pot whenever it’s your turn to
    place a bet. When you bet all of your chips it’s called all
    in. You can say I’m all in.

  • Limit Holdem

    Limit Texas holdem has a strict bet and
    raise limit on each round of betting. The first two betting
    rounds are the same size as the big blind and the last two
    rounds are played at double this amount. If the big blind is
    $40, the small blind will be $20, the first two betting
    rounds will be $40 per bet and the last two will be
    conducted at $80 per bet. This means that when you bet you
    have to bet the amount for the current round. When you arise
    you can only raise the current limit. On the first betting
    round of the example above, you can fold, call the $40 big
    blind, or raise to a total of $80, which is your call of $40
    and a raise of $40. A limit game with the above limits is
    called a $40 / $80 game.

  • No Limit Holdem

    No limit Texas holdem has a small and
    big blind like limit holdem but you can raise any amount up
    to the size of your stack of chips. The only restriction is
    if you raise you have to raise at least an amount equal to
    the last bet of the round. If the last bet was $20 you have
    to raise at least $20. If no one has made a bet on the
    current round you can raise any amount.

  • Big Blind

    The big blind is a forced bet that a player
    must make on every hand of Texas holdem. It’s also the name
    of the position for the player who’s forced to make the bet.
    The big blind is two seats to the left of the player in the
    dealer position. After each hand the big blind moves one
    seat to the left. In limit Texas holdem the big blind is
    equal to the smaller of the two betting limits. In a $20 /
    $40 game the big blind is $20. In a no limit game the size
    of the big blind is determined by the house.

  • Small Blind

    The small blind is a forced bet that is
    made on each hand of Texas holdem. It also refers to the
    position of the player making this forced bet. The small
    blind is between the player in the dealer or button position
    and the big blind. The amount of the small blind is almost
    always half the amount of the big blind. If the big blind is
    $20 the small blind is $10. Occasionally you may see a table
    with a small blind that is a different amount, but it’s
    rare. The small blind rotates one seat to the left after
    each hand.

  • Dealer or Button

    The dealer or button is the player
    who is the last person to act on every round except the
    first one. This player usually has a small round disc in
    front of them that looks somewhat like a button. In a poker
    room the casino personnel who deal the cards is called a
    dealer, but when you hear someone refer to the dealer
    position or button they mean the player, not the person
    dealing the cards. The dealer button is passed to the next
    player to the left after each hand.

  • Under the Gun

    Under the gun refers to the position who
    is first to act on the first betting round. This player is
    seated immediately to the left of the big blind.

  • Chips

    Chips, or poker chips, are the round things,
    usually made of clay, you receive in exchange for your cash.
    You use the chips to make bets and when you’re done you
    exchange the chips back for cash in the cashier cage area.

  • Stack

    Your stack is your collection of poker chips at
    the poker table you use to place bets with.

  • Position

    Position is a term used to describe where
    you’re seated at a table in relation to the other players.
    Your position changes as the dealer button is passed around
    the table. Early position is when you have to act first or
    second in the hand and late position is when you have to act
    in the last two positions of the hand. Middle position is in
    between early and late position.

  • Nuts

    The nuts is a term used to describe the absolute
    best possible poker hand in the current situation. If the
    best possible hand is an ace high flush, if a person holds
    an ace high flush he has the nuts. If you have the nuts
    after the river you can’t lose the hand unless you fold.
    Many players incorrectly use this term when they have a very
    strong hand but not the absolute best possible hand.

  • Rake

    In real money Texas holdem games the casino or
    poker room makes money by taking a small amount from each
    pot. This is called the rake. Both land based and online
    poker rooms take rake.

  • Ring Game

    A ring game is a Texas holdem game that has
    players join and leave as they run out of chips or decide to
    stop playing. You bring chips to the table and leave with
    whatever chips you have left or have won. If you run out of
    chips you can buy more and keep playing if you wish. If you
    walk into a local poker room or log into an online poker
    room and join a game in progress it’s a ring game.

  • Sit and Go Tournament

    A sit and go tournament is a
    small tournament, usually with nine or 10 players. You pay a
    set buy in and the final three players win prize money.
    First place usually receives 50% of the prize pool; second
    place gets 30%, and third place receives 20%. When you run
    out of chips you’re eliminated from the tournament. A few
    online poker rooms run two or three table sit and go
    tournaments, but traditionally they’re single table events.

  • Multi Table Tournaments

    Multi table tournaments make
    up every other tournament. The events at the World Series of
    Poker are multi table events and many online poker rooms run
    big events. You pay a fee, receive a set number of chips,
    and play until you win all of the chips in play or run out
    of chips. Usually somewhere around the top 8 to 12% of the
    tournament entrants finish in the money. A few tournaments,
    called re-buy tournaments, allow players to buy back into
    the tournament for a limited time if they lose all of their
    chips. Most tournaments don’t offer re-buy opportunities so
    if you lose all of your chips you’re eliminated.

Hand Values

Each game of Texas holdem is dealt using a standard playing
card deck of 52 cards. Each deck has four suits made up of 13
cards per suit. The four suits are spades, hearts, clubs, and
diamonds. In Texas holdem each suit is equal in value.

The ranks of card in each suit from lowest to highest are 2,
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jack, queen, king, and ace.

The following hand values are ranked from highest value to
lowest. Go down the list until you find the value of your
highest possible hand. Then do the same for your opponent’s
hand. Whoever has the highest hand on the list wins the hand.

  • Royal Flush

    A royal flush consists of the top five
    cards all in the same suit. The ace, king, queen, jack, and
    10 of hearts make up one of the four possible royal flush
    hands. The same five cards, all in spades, or all in
    diamonds, or all in clubs is also a royal flush.

  • Straight Flush

    A straight flush is five cards in
    order, all of the same suit. The 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 all of clubs
    is a straight flush.

  • Four of a Kind

    Four of a kind is a hand with four
    cards of the same rank. A hand that has the 10 of clubs, 10
    of hearts, 10 of spades, and 10 of diamonds has a four of a
    kind in 10’s. In the case of two players each having four of
    a kind, the player with the higher ranked four of a kind
    wins the hand. If the board has four of a kind the player
    with the highest other card wins the hand. If the board has
    four of a kind and a higher fifth card than any remaining
    player the pot is split between all remaining players.

  • Full House

    A full house has three cards of the same
    rank and two cards of the same rank that don’t match the
    first three cards. If you have three aces and two kings, you
    have a full house. If you hear a player say they have a full
    house with aces full of kings, the three of a kind is stated
    first and the pair is stated second. If two or more players
    each have a full house the player with the highest ranked
    three of a kind wins the hand. If the three of a kind is the
    same the player with the highest pair wins the hand.

  • Flush

    A flush is a hand with all five cards of the
    same suit. If two or more players have a flush, the one with
    the highest ranked card wins the hand. If two or more
    players have the same highest ranked card they compare their
    next highest ranked card and so on until one player has a
    card of higher rank than the other players.

  • Straight

    A straight is five cards in sequential order
    but not all of the same suit. For the purposes of a straight
    an ace can be used as the card above a king or below a two.
    An example of a straight is 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 with at least
    two different suits. If two or more players have a straight
    the one with the highest card in their straight is the

  • Three of a Kind

    Three of a kind is three cards of the
    same rank. If you have the 8 of diamonds, 8 of clubs, and 8
    of spades you have three of a kind of 8’s. If two players
    have the same three of a kind their next highest card
    decides the winner. If two players have different three of a
    kind hands the one with the highest ranked three of a kind
    is the winner. If a player has a pair in their hole cards
    and the board makes them a three of a kid hand it’s called a
    set. If the board has two matching cards and you match them
    with one of your cards it’s called trips.

  • Two Pair

    Two pair is two cards of the same rank and
    another two cards of the same rank that aren’t the same rank
    as the first pair. If you have a 7 of spades and a 7 of
    hearts and an 8 of hearts and an 8 of diamonds you have two
    pair. If two or more players have two pair the player with
    the highest ranked pair is the winner.

  • Pair

    A pair of cards is two cards of the same rank.
    Two aces or two threes both count as a pair. If two or more
    players have a pair the player with the highest ranked pair
    is the winner. If two players have the same ranked pair the
    player with the next highest ranked card wins.

  • High Card

    If no players have a pair or better the
    player with the highest ranked card is declared the winner.
    If they have the same highest ranked card their next highest
    ranked cards are compared. This continues until one player
    has a higher ranked card than their opponent. If all five
    cards are the same rank the pot is split.

How to Play

Texas holdem games are available in ring games and
tournaments, but the same basic rules govern how to play both
types of games. If you follow the step by step details below
you’ll be able to play in any type of Texas holdem game.

Joining or Starting a Game

If you join a ring game in progress the dealer and blind
positions will be set from the previous hand. Depending on the
house rules you may have to wait for the big blind to come
around to where you’re seated before you can start playing. Some
places let you post a bet equal to the big blind to start
playing right away.

If you’re seated at the beginning of a tournament or when a
ring game starts the dealer shuffles the cards and then deals
one card face up to each player at the table. The player who
receives the highest card is awarded the dealer button for the
first hand.

Dealing & the Blinds

The first player to the left of the dealer button places the
small blind and the next player to the left places the big
blind. Then the person dealing the cards deals two cards to each
player at the table, one at a time starting with the small blind
and going to the left, finishing once the button player has
received her second card.

Initial Betting Round

At this time the first player to the left of the big blind
folds, calls the big blind, or raises. Play continues to the
left with each player either calling the current bet or blind if
no one has raised, folding, or raising. Play continues until
each player has called the last bet or folded. In a limit game
all bets and raises are the amount of the smaller limit on this
round and the next betting round.

If no one raises the small blind can call the half bet,
called completing the bet, and the big blind has the choice to
check if the pot hasn’t been raised, or fold.

The Flop

After all of the betting action has been completed on the
first round of betting the dealer burns the card on top of the
deck and then turns the next three cards face up in the center
of the table. These three cards are the first of the five
community cards and called the flop.

Each player uses their two hole cards in combination with the
five board cards to make their best possible five card hand. You
can use both of your hole cards with three of the community
cards, one of your hole cards with four of the community cards,
or all five of the community cards and neither of your hole

After the flop the first person to the left of the dealer
button remaining in the hand can check or bet. In a limit game
the bet must be the smaller limit amount. In a no limit game the
bet can be any amount up to and including the amount of chips
the player has in front of them.

Play continues to the left. Each player may check if no bet
has been made, call if a bet has been made, bet if a bet hasn;t
been made, or raise if a bet has been made. Play continues to
the left until each player has checked or each player has called
the most recent bet or folded.

The Turn

The dealer burns the top card and deals the next card face up
with the other community cards. This is called the turn. In
limit Texas holdem all bets on the turn and river are at the
higher limit.

After the turn card is dealt the first player to the left of
the dealer button remaining in the hand either checks or bets.
Play continues to the left like it did on the flop with each
player checking, calling, betting, or raising depending on what
has happened before on this betting round.

The River & Showdown

When all of the betting has been completed on the turn the
dealer burns a final card and places the fifth and final
community card face up. A betting round identical to the one on
the turn is completed. After the river betting round all of the
remaining players turn their cards over and the player with the
best hand wins the pot. If more than one player has the exact
same winning hand the pot is split between the players with the
tied best hand.

After the dealer gives the pot to the winning player the
dealer button is passed one place to the left and the blinds
move one place to the left. Once the two blinds pay their forced
bets the next hand starts.

Basic Strategy

It;s one thing to be able to play Texas holdem, but it;s
another thing to be able to do it without losing all of your
money quickly. If you want to not only play your first Texas
holdem game but want to have a decent chance to break even
here;s a few tips to help you get started.

You should know that winning Texas holdem players have been
playing and studying for years in most cases. While you can
learn a few thing that can help you be competitive quickly, this
represents a small part of strategy. If you want to learn more
or become competitive faster you need to check out our strategy

  • Play at the smallest limits available. This keeps your
    initial investment as low as possible and will keep you from
    losing too much as you make mistakes while you’re learning.
  • Play at the limit Texas holdem tables at first instead
    of the no limit tables. While you can still lose money
    quickly, a single mistake usually won’t cost you your entire
    stack like it can at the no limit tables.
  • If you can find tables with other new or inexperienced
    players it can give you the best chance to win.
  • Learn about pot odds and start using them to make
    decisions at the table. We have an extensive page on them so
    you can quickly learn more.
  • At the most basic level you need to focus on only
    playing with your best starting hands. When you start with a
    better hand than your opponents you’ll end up with a better
    hand more often than they will. Most players play too many
    hands, so focus on playing fewer hands and remain patient.
  • Don’t bluff. If you watch poker on television you see
    many players bluffing. As you’re learning how to play forget
    about bluffing. When you have a good hand bet and raise and
    when you have a poor hand check and fold. You can worry
    about bluffing once you become a better player.
  • A full house is a monster hand and rarely loses in a
    Texas holdem game. Flushes are the next most powerful hand,
    followed by three of a kind. When you have one of these
    three hands you’ll usually win the pot. Many pots are won
    with a high pair or a two pair hand, but both of these hands
    are vulnerable to better hands.
  • You can practice playing online at the free money
    tables, but the play is so bad it’s difficult to get better
    from a strategy standpoint. You still need to try to play
    using the best strategy but until you start playing for real
    money it can be hard to see if your decisions are right or
  • Instead of playing at the free money tables take a seat
    at the micro limit tables. Many online sites have limit
    Texas holdem tables as low as .05 /.10. Even though you’re
    only playing with nickels and dimes the play is much more
    realistic at these levels and you can work on improving your
  • Always focus on playing the best game possible. Even if
    you’re playing for free or small stakes treat each game and
    hand like it’s for thousands of dollars. If you want to be
    the best player possible you need to concentrate every time
    you play poker.
  • The best position at the table is the dealer button. You
    get to see how the other players play the hand before you
    have to play. The blinds and under the gun are the worst
    positions. Play fewer hands from the poor positions and more
    hands from the best positions.
  • Always pay attention while playing Texas holdem. Watch
    the other players even when you fold your hand. See if you
    can figure out which ones are good and which ones aren’t.
    You can often learn things about other players by watching
    that you can use to make more money against them in the

How to Get Started

The quickest way to get started is by signing up for an
online poker room. Your options depend a great deal on where you
live. If you live in the United States you’ll only find a few
poker rooms available, unless you live in one of the states with
specific laws allowing online play. If you live in the UK or
many other places around the world you’ll have more options.


Once you find a poker room sign up for a free account and
head over to the cashier area. Make a deposit and claim a bonus
if the poker room is offering a sign up bonus. Most bonuses
aren’t placed in your account right away. You have to play a
certain amount of real money hands before the bonus is released,
usually in small increments of $10 or so.

To make a deposit you can use a credit card, a bank wire, or
one of the popular online wallet accounts, depending on where
you live. The cashier area will have additional details about
the methods available to players where you live.

If you just want to play for free you don’t have to make a
deposit, but you should still sign up for a place that lets you
play for real money. This way all you have to do is make a
deposit to switch from play money to real money play.

If you want to play at a local casino or poker room walk in
and find the registration desk in the poker area. Tell them
which game you’d like to play, your name, and ask them where to
buy chips. Most poker rooms want you to buy chips at the cage,
but a few let you buy them at the table.

Most rooms have a list of available games, but if they don’t
ask what the lowest Texas holdem limit game is they’re currently
spreading. If they have a seat available they’ll point you in
the right direction and if not they’ll put you on the list and
call for you when a seat opens up.

Once you get seated simply follow the directions of the
dealer. When the big blind comes around to you place your bet in
front of you and get ready to start playing. If the dealer asks
if you want to play or wait for your big blind you can do
whatever you prefer. If you decide to play slide an amount equal
to the big blind out. Some rooms let you start playing right
away without placing a bet on your first hand.

Don’t worry about not knowing these things.

No one knows the house rules the first time they play, and
they vary from room to room. If you play online the software
takes care of everything so all you have to do is click the
button when the software asks about the blinds.

The main thing to keep in mind is that everyone was a
beginning Texas holdem player at one point. If you don’t know
something simply ask. Casino and poker room personnel are there
to help you and most poker players are friendly enough to help
new players. If you run into a grumpy player just ignore them
and ask someone else.

Even the most seasoned pros make mistakes, so don’t worry
about the ones you’re going to make. Simply understanding that
it’s not the end of the world if you do something wrong can make
your experience more enjoyable. You’ll see players with years of
experience play out of turn, forget to do something like place
the blinds, or get lost in thought. Just correct your mistake
and move onto the next hand.


Many new players are afraid they’ll do something that makes
them look stupid or foolish at the table. They try to hide the
fact that they’re new to the game from the other players.
While you can do whatever you feel is best, have you
considered just telling the other players that you’re new to the
game? Almost universally, poker players are happy to have new
players at their table. New players usually make mistakes, which
are good for the other players, so most players go out of their
way to make newbies feel welcome.

If you have questions about something ask the dealer. She’s
there to run the game smoothly, and part of that job is helping
the players.

Another option for your first time playing is going to a
local poker room with someone you know who is an experienced
player. Your friend can help you get signed up for a table, buy
chips, and get started.

Of course if you want to play online you’ll be operating
behind a screen name so no one will know who you are, but you
can start playing at the free money tables so even if you make
mistakes it won’t cost you more than your time.