Illinois Texas Holdem Poker Rooms

If you’re looking for a Texas holdem poker game in Illinois
your best bet is to be close to Chicago. Most of the rooms are
in casinos around this major city. No limit Texas holdem is the
main game played in Illnois with every casino offering cash
games in this variant.

You won’t find a lot of tournament play in this state,
however, they do run some WSOP circuit events here from time to
time and the odd World Poker Tour event. This is probably
because two casinos are run by Harrah’s, the owner of WSOP.
Until recently both casinos had poker rooms, but now only
Harrah’s Joilet remains.

Poker is in demand in this state, so we don’t anticipate any
other rooms closing soon, which is a good thing for the game.

List of Illinois Poker Rooms

Here is our compiled list of all the poker rooms you can find
in the state of Illinois:

Grand Victoria Casino

  • Location: Elgin, IL
  • Hours: Open daily from 8:30am to 6am
  • Tables: 12
  • Games: No limit holdem tournaments are held on Wednesday and
    Sunday at 12.30pm with a buy in of $115 and $170 respectively.
    For the cash players, they spread $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit
    holdem all the time with $5 / $10 tables opening up when it’s
  • Ambience: This basic poker room features brown and beige
    décor with bright green table felt. TV’s are placed along the
    walls and are viewable from most tables. The room is non-smoking
    and brightly lit for player comfort.
  • Hospitality: Comps are earned here at a rate of 50 cents per
    hour through the Club GVC player rewards program. They also run
    a bad beat jackpot and a high hand bonus.
  • Players: Most tables feature talkative and friendly regulars
    which makes for an enjoyable poker experience. The play will be
    solid, although this sometimes means you get paid in spots where
    lesser players would fold or call you down with crazy draws.
    Sometimes it’s nice to just play poker with other experience
    players, and this is what you’ll find here.

Harrah’s Joliet

  • Location: Joilet, IL
  • Hours: Open daily from 9am to 6am
  • Tables: 8
  • Games: This poker room offers a range of no limit holdem
    tournaments with the buy in being $100 or $125. The schedule
    varies week to week so call ahead to check what they have
    running. If you are looking for cash games, you’ll find $1 / $2
    and $2 / $5 no limit holdem all the time. Sometimes they will
    open up higher stakes and Omaha and Limit holdem tables if
    there’s demand.
  • Ambience: This poker room features dark brown and wooden
    tones in a cozy and intimate poker environment. The room is
    entirely non-smoking and the tables and chairs are well
    maintained. TV’s are strategically positioned to keep you
    entertained between hands.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned playing poker here at a rate
    of 50 cents per hour through the Total Rewards program. On top
    of this you can get food and cocktails at the table. They also
    run a splash the pot promotion here on Sunday, Monday and
  • Players: You’ll find the standard regulars here with some
    weaker amateur players at times. The $2 / $5 game will feature
    more regulars and the $1 / $2 game will be a lot softer with
    some crazy play. The dealers and staff ensure everyone is having
    a great time, which adds well to the overall playing

Hollywood Casino Aurora

  • Location: Aurora, IL
  • Hours: Open daily from 9:30am to 6am
  • Tables: 15
  • Games: Only one no limit holdem tournament is held here each
    week on Wednesday. The game is no limit holdem and the buy in is
    $120. Cash games are spread all the time with the main games
    being $1 / $2 no limit holdem, $10 / $20 and $20 / $40 limit
    holdem and $10 / $20 limit Omaha 8s or better.
  • Ambience: This non-smoking poker room is spacious and decked
    out with brown and yellow patterned carpets against checkered
    walls with light brown table felt. It’s a nice and warm
    environment to play poker. TVs are positioned on the walls to
    keep you entertained when the guy in the hijack tanks on every
  • Hospitality: Food can be ordered from the table in this poker
    room and they also offer cocktail service. Comps can be earned
    at 50 cents per hour through the Marquee rewards program. A bad
    beat jackpot is also offered.
  • Players: You’ll find a lot of regulars in this poker room
    with weaker players joining the tables on weekend evenings. The
    staff and management here are welcoming to new players and try
    to make them feel included which is a good thing and makes for a
    friendlier environment.

Hollywood Casino Joilet

  • Location: Joilet, IL
  • Hours: Open daily from 10am to 6am
  • Tables: 5
  • Games: This room doesn’t offer any tournaments, but cash
    games are always running when they are open. You’ll find only $1
    / $2 no limit holdem tables.
  • Ambience: Two TV’s are viewable from the table in this
    non-smoking poker room. Tables have automatic shufflers to keep
    the game moving along quickly. The green table felt and brown
    chairs go nicely with the light brown and beige décor in this
    well maintained and spacious room.
  • Hospitality: You can get cocktails from the table while you
    play here. If you want food, you’ll need to go elsewhere in the
    casino to get it. They also offer jackpots and promotions and
    comps can be earnt at 50 cents per hour through the Club
    Hollywood rewards program.
  • Players: Generally, this room will feature mostly regulars
    with some weaker amateurs arriving at the table later in the
    day. The play will be weaker in the evening so this may be the
    best time for you to visit and capitalize.

Jumer’s Casino

  • Location: Rock Island, IL
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from midday to 5am, Sunday from
    11am to 5am
  • Tables: 6
  • Games: The poker room at Jumer’s offers a daily no limit
    holdem tournament with the buy in ranging from $40 up to $100.
    On top of this they spread $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit holdem,
    $1 / $2 and $10 / $20 mixed and $5 / $10 limit Omaha 8s or
  • Ambience: This non-smoking room has TVs on the walls and
    automatic shufflers to keep play moving. The earthy tones and
    browns, oranges and reds used on the floors, tables and walls
    make this poker room nice on the eye. The tables and chairs are
    comfortable and well-maintained.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned here while playing at 50
    cents per hour through the Image Player’s Club. They also serve
    players cocktails and food at the table.
  • Players: You’ll find some good action in this poker with a
    great vibe and atmosphere. Staff are friendly and the players
    are welcoming. Everyone wants to have a good time while playing
    here and doesn’t take it too seriously, which is always a good
    thing. Overall, this is a nice place to play.

Par-a-Dice Casino

  • Location: East Peoria, IL
  • Hours: Open daily 9am to 6am
  • Tables: 5
  • Games: You will find two no limit holdem tournaments in this
    poker room on Sunday’s. The buy in is $125 for the 11am event
    and $95 for the 7pm event. For cash players, they spread $1 /
    $2, $1 / $3 and $2 / $5 no limit holdem as well as $1 / $2 pot
    limit Omaha 8s or better.
  • Ambience: This poker room is not that well-lit or maintained.
    It won’t be comfortable for a long session. It does have TV’s
    around the place and is non-smoking.
  • Hospitality: No comps can be earned here while playing, which
    is a real shame. They do serve cocktails and food at the table
    and have a series of promotions and jackpots running which makes
    up for it a little bit. Finally, they also have free soda at a
    drinks station for players.
  • Players: You’ll find a mix of players here with some regulars
    and weaker amateurs. It’s the only place to play poker in the
    immediate area which means it may be a necessity for you to play
    here. If you aren’t in the area, it’s not worth a special visit.


Finding a game of Texas holdem in Illinois boils down to
whether you’re willing to play in a private game or have to play
in a public poker room and casino. Private and home Texas holdem
games thrive around a city like Chicago, but if you want a
public game you need to visit one of the rooms listed above or
venture to a neighboring state if you’re close to a border.