iPad and iPod Texas Holdem

The iPad and iPod are two of the most successful products in
Apple history.

The iPod started as a music player, but has evolved to offer
everything from internet browsing to texting. The iPad is a
tablet computer that gives users the ability to do nearly
anything with this device.

Both the iPod and iPad have become popular ways to play
online Texas holdem due to their versatility and portability.
And what’s nice is that you can find a large variety of poker
apps for both devices.

Let’s discuss everything that you need to know about playing
Texas holdem through these devices by covering how they work,
how their poker experiences compare, and some of the best apps
for each device.

Basics of an iPad

The iPad wasn’t a big leap for Apple because they’ve been in
the tablet space since 1993.

But iPad’s launch in 2010 is another great milestone in the
company’s history, improving upon the screen size, video
quality, storage, and battery life of their previous efforts.

Considering that iPads can offer up to a 12.9 inch screen
iPad Pro, some people have completely replaced their PC/Mac with
this handheld device.

Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about an iPad
outside of its poker playing function.

What Can You Do with an iPad?

The iPad can do just about anything that a PC or Mac can do,
including browsing the web, taking pictures, using social media,
playing games, watching TV shows, reading books, and printing

With all the functions that an iPad can perform, it’s become
a more convenient option for those who want the features of a PC
with better convenience/portability.

The iPad is especially good for games – whether you’re
playing Texas Holdem or something else – due to the large screen
and interface.

What Are the iPad’s Hardware Features?

Screen size for iPads ranges anywhere form 7.9 inches for an
iPad mini to 12.9 inches for an iPad Pro. The screen features
ambient light sensors to adjust brightness and sense when the
iPad should adjust from landscape to portrait mode.

These devices have two internal speakers, with a volume
switch on the right side of the unit. You’ll also find a
microphone that can be used to record your voice.

The Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR interface allows you to use wireless
headphones and keyboards with your iPad. The keyboard is great
for having lengthy Facebook chats or using word processors.

You can also use an iPad for Google Maps thanks to the WiFi
network trilateration, which provides information to satellites.

How Does the iPad Differ from a Mac?

Comparing an iPad Pro to MacBook Air, the latter offers more
computing power. If you have a job that requires extensive
documents and/or spreadsheets, the MacBook Air is a better
option since it performs these tasks faster.

The iPad has a longer battery life, a camera, and is easier
to transport than the larger Mac laptops.

Basics of an iPod

The iPod was launched in 2001 as a way to improve upon the
lackluster portable MP3 players of the 1990s. Despite widespread
skepticism about a computer company jumping into the music
player market, the late Steve Jobs proved critics wrong since
the iPod revolutionized MP3 players.

Today, there are two main types of iPods in the Touch and

The iPod Touch features a larger screen at 4 inches, while
the iPod Nano has a smaller 2.5 inch screen.

The iPod Nano is irrelevant for our purposes because it only
offers a limited number of games that are made specifically for
the Nano.

That said, let’s focus on important aspects of the iPod Touch
since this is the version that you can play Texas holdem apps

What Can You Do with an iPod?

The iPod is the world’s most popular MP3 player because it
offers so much more than just music.

Running on the iOS operating system – the same as the iPhone
and iPad – this device acts as a web browser, video player,
communication device, game system, and of course an MP3 player.

The game system is especially crucial to us because of the
many Texas holdem apps that this product can support.

The iPod is often called an “iPhone without the phone”
because it offers many of the same capabilities as an advanced

This wasn’t always the case because the first and second
generation iPods offered very few capabilities beyond the
ability to play MP3s.

But at the time of this writing, the sixth generation iPod is
the latest version and offers most of the same hardware features
as the iPhone 6 does.

What Are the Hardware Features of an iPod?

The latest iPod Touch offers a 4 inch, high resolution screen
that’s the same version used in the iPhone 5. This screen gives
users the ability to zoom in and out just like an iPhone.

The iPod Touch also offers WiFi, which gives you the ability
to browse the web like you would with a smartphone, tablet, PC,
or Mac.

The sixth generation iPod features two cameras: a low
resolution unit for FaceTime chats and a high resolution camera
for photography.

You’ll find a dock connector on the bottom of iPod Touches
that allows you to sync them with a computer. This is helpful
for transferring data and files between an iPod and Mac.

One more important feature is the accelerometer, which uses
sensors to allow your iPod to respond to how it’s held. This is
useful when it comes to games and controlling the action.

How Does the iPod Differ from an iPhone?

The main difference between an iPod and iPhone is that the
latter can be used as a standalone phone and FaceTime app.
Unlike the iPod, an iPhone is not dependent on WiFi to make or
receive calls.

You can only answer calls with an iPod if it’s on the same
WiFi network as your iPhone and they’re under the same Apple ID.

Other differences between the two include that the iPhone has
a larger screen, offers a fingerprint sensor, and has a longer
battery life.

The big advantage of the iPod is that it’s cheaper, costing
$200 compared to $650 for the iPhone 7.

How to Play Poker Through an iPad and iPod

Finding Texas Holdem Through the App Store

Considering that iPads and iPods are both Apple products with
similar hardware, they involve the same process when playing
Texas holdem.

When looking for any type of poker app, you need to visit the
App Store through your iPad or iPod. The App Store will be one
of the first icons listed on your mobile device, provided you
haven’t switched everything around.

The App Store immediately presents you with a number of
recommended apps. In order to find Texas holdem apps, click on
the Categories or Search feature at the bottom.

You can type ‘Texas holdem’ or ‘poker’ into the search engine
to bring up a variety of poker games.

You click Get App to begin installing a Texas holdem game
that you’re interested in. Once installation process is
complete, you may be asked to allow notifications or access to
certain aspect of your device.

Some apps also prompt you to buy chips and invite friends
from Facebook. You need to put a credit card or other payment
method on file to purchase chips, and nothing will be charged
until you verify chip purchases.

Real Money iPad, iPod Poker Apps

Playing at real money poker sites through your iPad or iPod
is relatively the same, as you search the App Store and download
the desired poker app.

The main difference is that you make deposits directly
through poker sites to obtain real money funds – not play money chips.

Most online poker rooms have more deposit options than what
you’ll see available through the social poker apps. This helps
serve a broader range of players who can’t use certain payment
methods in their area.

In Browser Play

Some real money poker rooms not only offer apps, but also the
ability to play through a web browser. Unfortunately, iPad and
iPod users have more difficulty accessing in browser play with

This is because you need an Adobe Flash program to use in
browser play. And since Apple and Adobe have a long standing
feud dating back to 2010, Flash isn’t readily available to iPad
and iPod users.

You can get around this problem, though, by downloading
standalone apps through the App Store, like Puffin Browser and
Photon Flash Player.

How Do I Find the Best iPad and iPod Poker Apps?

The App Store makes it easy to find good Texas holdem games
by offering ratings next to each one. These ratings consist of 1
to 5 stars, with most apps having between 4 and 5 stars.

When you click Get App, you’ll have the option to read more
detailed reviews by customers who’ve used them.

Another option includes googling each app and looking for
detailed reviews. You won’t find every app reviewed, but some of
the most popular Texas holdem apps are covered on different

One more route includes downloading apps, trying them, and
keeping/deleting them. This is more time consuming, but it also
provides a nice hands on way to finding good poker apps.

iPad vs iPod Texas Holdem

The differences between iPad and iPod poker aren’t
significant, but they do exist. Here are a few of the most
notable differences that you’ll find between the two.

Screen Size

If you want to see the avatars, cards, tables, and
backgrounds up close, then you’ll want to play Texas holdem with
your iPad.

As mentioned earlier, the iPad Pro offers a 12.9 inch screen,
which is much larger than the iPod Touch’s 4 inch screen. An
iPod is mainly good for recreational poker players who just want
to enjoy hands here and there.

Multi Tabling

Another benefit of the iPad is that you can multi table –
a.k.a. playing multiple poker tables simultaneously.

An iPad’s screen is bigger, which allows you to fit more
tables onscreen.

While some iPod poker apps allow for multi tabling, it’s much
harder when you’re doing so on a tiny screen.


You can’t beat the portability of an iPod Touch, considering
that it’s smaller than a smartphone and feels like you’re
sticking a pack of gum in your pocket/purse.

While iPads are smaller than the average PC, they still
aren’t pocket sized by any means. If you play a lot of poker on
the go, the iPod is a superior choice.

Usage Purposes

One more factor to consider is what you primarily use your
mobile device. If it’s music, then the iPod is handy for
listening to your favorite songs while playing a few poker

If you’re watching movies, creating spreadsheets, and
browsing the web, an iPad allows you to multi task in between
poker hands.

Best iPad and iPod Poker Apps

Dozens of quality poker apps have sprung up, with some
dedicated purely to recreational players while others cater to
serious poker players.

If you want to cut down on the time needed to look at a bunch
of different apps, check out some of our favorites below.

888poker iPad Only

With how large 888poker is, we’re surprise that they’re not
optimized for iPods. But if you have an iPad, it’s definitely
worth checking out this real money poker site.

For one thing, 888poker usually offers free money upfront to
try their real money tables. Now they’re offering $88 in cash
game funds and tournament tickets.

You can also look forward to a wide range of freerolls and
other promotions at 888.

Our one complaint about 888poker is that the VIP rewards and
rake aren’t as favorable as what you’ll find at other mobile
poker sites.

Fresh Deck Poker

This game is good for social players who like customizing
their avatar and chatting with others. The avatar customization
features are among the best in the business.

Another benefit to Fresh Deck Poker is that you can start
games on your iPad and finish them through an iPod or iPhone.

The downside to Fresh Deck is that it only offers the bare
minimum with regard to poker action and game selection.

Governor of Poker 3

Governor of Poker is so popular that it has become a trilogy,
with the third game now offering multiplier action.

Governor of Poker 3 offers a fun Wild West theme, and the
goal is to play your way to the high stakes saloons. This makes
for a role playing element that keeps you wanting to play for

The chat box is also livelier on Governor of Poker than other
apps due to the heavy social gaming crowd that it draws.

This definitely isn’t a game that’s going to push your poker
skills to the limit because the competition is weak. But you can
still have a great time thanks to the RPG and Wild West


If you want to play real money poker on your iPad and iPod,
then PokerStars has a lot to offer.

For starters, they’re the world’s largest real money poker
room, giving you a huge selection of cash games and tournaments.

PokerStars doesn’t have the type of free money offers that
888 does, but they’re the best poker site in terms of loyalty

The only problem with PokerStars is that it features a
serious online setting with no room for fun avatars and table

Texas Holdem Poker Offline 2

As the name implies, Texas Holdem Poker lets you enjoy games
online and offline. The latter is great for those times when you
just want to play a few hands when no WiFi is available.

Texas Holdem Poker Offline 2 offers multi tabling – something
that’s rare for a social gaming app. You can also look forward
to anime style avatars and unique table backgrounds.

Drawbacks include no chat function and slow gameplay. This is
a relatively new app, so hopefully these problems are worked out
in the future.

World Series of Poker

Developed by EA, the World Series of Poker WSOP app does a
solid job of mimicking the experience of the real WSOP.

This game sees you accumulate WSOP gold bracelets and circuit
rings as you win tournaments. The WSOP app has even offered
prize packages to live WSOP events!

Another benefit to WSOP is the game selection because you can
look forward to Texas holdem, Omaha, and pot limit Omaha cash

But keep in mind that this app doesn’t offer much in the way
of stylish backgrounds and avatars.

Zynga Poker

Along with the WSOP and PokerStars, Zynga has instant
recognition around the globe.

Zynga Poker has millions of users, which makes finding cash
games and tournaments a breeze.

They also offer several different formats, including Jump,
Shootout, sit and go, and multi table tournaments.

Jump is a fast fold variant that gives you a new hand
immediately after your action in the current hand is finished.
While many real money poker rooms offer fast fold variants, it’s
rare for a social gaming app to do so.

The only thing that we wish Zynga would do differently is run
less spam and prompts to buy more chips.

Unibet Poker iPad Only

Unibet offers another real money poker option for iPad users.

What makes Unibet Poker stand out is that it combines real
money poker with all of the entertaining aspects that you find
in social gaming apps.

You can choose from over 100 avatars, complete missions, and
earn over 40 achievements.

Unibet also offers safeguards to protect recreational players
from sharks, including the ability to change your screen name
every 3 days and automatic seating.

The one problem with Unibet Poker is that it’s not as big as
most other poker apps in this list, making it harder to find
large tournaments and full cash tables.

On the other hand, this site isn’t so small that you’ll have
to wait for 15 20 minutes just to play.


The apps above only represent a fraction of the exciting and
unique poker experiences that you can enjoy through an iPad or

If you visit the App Store, you’ll find dozens of quality
apps that you can play at any time, whether you’re sitting
around the house or taking a work break.

As for what device you use to play mobile poker on, this is
largely solved by what device you own. If you own both an iPad
and iPod, then it’s important to note the advantages of each

Generally, iPod poker is good if you’re looking for supreme
portability and/or music is really important to you.

An iPad offers a larger screen and is compatible with more
real money poker sites. You can also better perform basic
computing tasks on an iPad, such as creating spreadsheets and

But regardless of which device you choose, you’ll be able to
enjoy entertaining poker action on a variety of apps.