Maine Texas Holdem

You don’t have many clearly legal options playing Texas holdem poker in
Maine. The entire state only has one poker room offering four tables.

That being said, this poker room is great and offers a weekly tournament as
well as no limit Texas holdem cash game action whenever they’re open. You’ll be
treated like you would in any other poker room in the country, except for maybe
the Las Vegas rooms, and the staff and management are excellent.

The state has only been recently opened to gaming with legislation being
passed in 2012 to allow poker and table games. Previously the Hollywood casino
only offered slots, yet they expanded into poker and other table games like
blackjack and roulette once this was legalised.

Although this is the only room offering poker now, more casinos are opening
in the state and it’s likely that once the game starts growing in popularity
these venues will also offer poker rooms.

Although this will mean some competition for the Hollywood, it’s great for
the game and poker economy in Maine. It’ll mean more amateurs players, better
value in cash games, and larger scores for those lucky enough to ride out the
natural variance and do well in tournaments.

Other Gambling Games

In general, you can gamble on most things in Maine at the state licensed
casinos, and they also allow off track betting on horse and dog racing at tracks
that are regulated by the Maine State Harness Racing Commission.

The state also offers the lottery and you’ll be able to play in charity based
games of chance and luck such as bingo and raffles. Even though there are
multiple native Indian tribes and lands in the state they aren’t currently
permitted to operate casinos, which is kind of strange considering that this is
the only place casinos can run in most other states.

Some attempts to get legislation passed to allow for native Indian
reservations to open casinos have been attempted, but these have so far been
unsuccessful. This may change soon which would be a good thing as it would mean
more Texas holdem poker options for players in this state.

Online Poker

Online poker is not yet regulated in the state of Maine and therefore you
can’t play on a local online licensed poker room. We’ve heard some reports of
players playing poker on offshore poker sites from within Maine, however this is
a bit of a grey area legally and you could end up in quite a bit of trouble if
you do this. We certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

Most of the larger online poker sites have a blanket ban on US players,
unless they operate a state based site, so you would also be breaking terms and
conditions of the poker operator if you were to play on their site from Maine.
It’s likely that the state will regulate online poker within the next five to 10
years, which is a great thing for players. The big tipping point in this
happening will be if New York regulates online play. Being a large state and
close to Maine this will certainly have a knock-on effect in the region. So,
you’ll be able to see plenty of light at the end of the tunnel if you want to
play online and live in Maine.

Home Games

Like most states in the US you can find private and home games in Maine. You
need to use common sense and be smart, but if you know where to look and who to
ask finding a safe game isn’t too hard.

Start by asking other Texas holdem players you know and check at your local

Local Options

If you live in Maine, you at least have one decent option in Bangor to play
some poker. If you’re in the southern part of the state, you can always skip
over into New Hampshire to play poker as well.

In the north and west you can also enter Canada to play poker, including
online poker, which is always a good thing. So even though there’s only one room
in the state you should still have plenty of options available to be playing
some live or online poker quite quickly.

The state has a generally decent approach to gaming so more options should
open up soon, and online play should eventually be available. It’s just a bit of
a waiting game at the moment in this respect.

In the meantime, enjoy live poker action in Bangor, and make sure you spread
the word about the great poker games that are available there. Together, we can
make sure that poker continues to thrive here and in the rest of the United

List of Maine Poker Rooms

Here is our compiled list of all the poker rooms you can find in the state of

Hollywood Casino Bangor

  • Location: Bangor, Maine
  • Hours: Open daily from 8am until 3am
  • Tables: 4
  • Games: This poker room runs a weekly no limit Texas holdem tournament on
    Saturday at 7pm with a buy in of $90. If you’re looking for a cash game, you’ll
    find $1 / $2 and $2 / $5 no limit Texas holdem tables running. Sometimes if
    there’s player demand they run limit Texas holdem or Omaha cash games.
  • Ambience: The colors in this poker room will really smack you in the face
    when you first arrive. The beige felt tables and walls are nice and modern, but
    what stands out and adds to the room is the colorful carpets which are
    predominantly red and match with the chairs in the room. The room itself is
    completely no smoking and they have TVs placed around so you can stay up to date
    with all the latest sports scores while you play.
  • Hospitality: You’ll receive cocktail and food service while you play in this
    poker room so you need never miss a hand. On top of this they offer comps for
    players through the Marquee Rewards program and run a series of jackpots and
    promotions including a progressive bonus prize when you a four of a kind,
    straight flush or royal flush.
  • Players: You’ll come across a good mix of players in this poker room with the
    standard of play being quite good. Poker is lacking in Maine and this is the
    only option for live play so there will be some solid regulars at the table most
    of the time. If you want the best and softest action, visit on a weekend
    evening. Things will be at their best action wise on Saturday nights when the
    weekly no limit Texas holdem tournament is running. From all reports the staff
    and dealers are great in this room and the overall vibe is fun and welcoming.


While Maine only has one licensed poker room, you can travel into Canada or
to a southern state to play Texas holdem as well. You can also find local
private games in many cities in the state so the nearest Texas holdem game isn’t
far away.