North Dakota Texas Holdem Poker Room Reviews

You have four main options in respect to Texas holdem poker rooms in
the Peace Garden state. These rooms
offer cash games with three also offering tournaments. All tournaments are no
limit Texas holdem, except for a no limit Omaha 8 weekly event at the Dakota
Magic Casino.

Cash game wise you won’t find any no limit games due to the states gambling
laws which restrict the pots going past $300. As such, most of the games are
either limit or spread limit holdem, which can still generate quite large pots
from time to time. But you won’t strike it super rich in a single hand like you
can at a $2 / $5 no limit Texas holdem table in other states.

The standard of play in North Dakota is decent, with most players at all the
poker rooms being regulars. You’ll still find a lot of amateurs taking to the
felt though, which is great for the game and the poker economy at the same time.
From all reports, all poker rooms have a friendly and welcoming vibe, which is
also great for the game.

All the casinos that house poker rooms are on native Indian reservations as
this is all that’s allowed under state legislation. Aside from these casinos you
can also gamble on horse and dog racing, some other games of skill and you can
also purchase tickets in the North Dakota lottery.

The lottery features the major national draws like Powerball and Mega
Millions as well as other smaller draws and instant win games. All proceeds from
the lottery go to the state government who then pass this on to important
projects and provide support for those dealing with drug issues and gambling

On top of the four rooms listed below, the Vegas Motel in Minot also opens
for a series of poker events in December. This is known as the Annual North
Dakota Texas Holdem Championship Event which attracts huge fields all in the
name of charity.

The games are great and offer great value for the player and they raise a ton
of money for the local university so that they can provide scholarships to those
in need who want an education. This is a great initiative and really improves
the overall visibility of the game in North Dakota.

While the state doesn’t boast rooms that would rival Las Vegas, they do well
in offering up some great games within the state laws. This means if you’re a
local in North Dakota you should be able to find a good game that will ease that
poker itch.

If you’re travelling the country looking for the best poker games, then it’s
probably not worth a special visit to North Dakota as you can find much better
action, games, and rooms in other states. Still, North Dakota does well when it
comes to Texas holdem poker.

List of North Dakota Rooms

Here is our compiled list of all the poker rooms you can find
in the state of North Dakota:

4 Bears Casino & Lodge

4 Bears

  • Location: New Town, North Dakota
  • Hours: Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm, Friday from 6pm, and Saturday
    and Sunday from 2pm. The room is closed on Monday and Tuesday
  • Tables: 6
  • Games: You’ll find no limit holdem tournaments in this room on each of the
    days they are open. The buy in will either be $20 or $30. On top of this they
    spread $5 / $10 and $10 / $20 limit holdem and $2 / $10 and $2 / $50 spread
    limit holdem cash games.
  • Ambience: This no smoking poker room is clean and well maintained with TVs
    across the walls to keep you entertained while you play and a modern decor to
    make you feel comfortable. The play will be fast given they have automatic
    shufflers in all their tables.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned and redeemed through the 4 Bears Player’s
    Club and you’ll also receive food and cocktail service at the table while you
  • Players: You’ll come across a random group of players in this poker room,
    made up with some local regulars and amateurs. The play will be decent standard
    without being great so you should be able to do quite well just by playing some
    basic ABC poker.

Dakota Magic Casino Resort

Dakota Magic

  • Location: Hankinson, North Dakota
  • Hours: Wednesday and Sunday from 3pm, Thursday and Friday from 6pm and
    Saturday from 2pm. The room is closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tables: 7
  • Games: For the cash players, they spread $2 / $10 and $5 / $20 spread limit
    holdem as well as $2 / $10 dealer’s choice. If you are a tournament specialist
    you will find no limit holdem and Omaha events on some days of the week with the
    buy in ranging from $20 to $65.
  • Ambience: TVs are placed strategically around this poker room so you can keep
    yourself entertained while you play. On top of this they provide clean and well
    maintained felt tables and leather chairs so you will be comfortable while you
    play. The room is partially separate from the rest of the casino and no smoking
    is permitted at all.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned and redeem through the Magic Player’s Club
    and you’ll also get food and cocktail service at the table when you play so you
    need never miss a hand. Discounts are also available in the hotel for poker
    players who play a minimum number of hours.
  • Players: If you’re looking for a soft game visit on the weekend evenings when
    the drinks are flowing and the amateurs take to the tables, at other times
    you’ll come across tables mostly filled with regulars which will mean the
    standard of play will be vastly improved. Staff and dealers here are good and
    will make sure you are looked after when you play.

Sky Dancer Casino & Resort

Sky Dancer

  • Location: Belcort, North Dakota
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday open from 4pm, Saturday and Sunday
    from 12pm. The room is closed on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Tables: 5
  • Games: No limit Texas holdem tournaments are offered each day they are open
    either at 5pm or 7pm with a buy in of $20. If you are looking for a cash game
    you will find $3 / $6 limit holdem and $3 / $15 dealer’s choice.
  • Ambience: This no smoking poker room is located just off the main casino and
    features clean and well maintained tables and chairs amongst a modern and
    colorful decor. Smoking is permitted in the rest of the casino so this may
    impact you if you are sensitive to smoke. Thankfully it’s not permitted at the
    table or in the poker room. To keep you entertained between hands they have
    plenty of flat-screen TVs on the walls.
  • Hospitality: Cocktail and food service is provided for players at the table
    here while you play. If you are playing you will get drinks for free. On top of
    this they also run a series of jackpots and promotions and offer comps through
    the Northern Lights Players Club.
  • Players: The atmosphere in this room is great and the staff and dealer’s will
    make sure you are looked after when you play, more so if you become a regular.
    The standard of play will be decent here with a lot of regulars dominating the
    games. This isn’t such a bad thing as they will look to exploit you if you are
    visiting and you can use this to your advantage.

Spirit Lake Casino

Spirit Lake

  • Location: St. Michael, North Dakota
  • Hours: Wednesday to Friday from 5.45pm and Saturday and Sunday from
    1pm. The room is closed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tables: 5
  • Games: No tournaments are offered in this poker room and they only spread $5
    / $20 dealer’s choice cash games.
  • Ambience: This poker room is spacious, well-lit and features TVs around the
    walls so you can stay up to date with all the latest sports scores. The room is
    completely non-smoking for your comfort and is partially separate from the rest
    of the casino so ambient noise shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
  • Hospitality: Comps can be earned while playing cash through the Spirit Lake
    Player’s Club. On top of this you’ll be served cocktails at the table while you
    play so you need never miss a hand.
  • Players: You’ll come across a good mix of local regulars, amateurs and
    visitors in this poker room with the play being quite good during the day and
    loosening up in the evenings. The overall vibe is good and you’ll feel welcomed
    by dealers and stuff. Everyone here is trying to have fun while playing poker,
    so the vibe in the room isn’t too serious which is always a good thing.


While North Dakota isn’t the Texas holdem capital of the world, the state
does offer many opportunities to play. Use this handy guide to find the
tournament or cash game closest to you.